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Can’t say the days are getting easier because once you think you’ve got it, it all changes! Progress is what I strive for and that’s what I tell my challengers. There is no such thing as perfection. As long as you are putting in the work, you’ll see the rewards soon enough! #havecourage #neveragoodtimetostart #taketheleapoffaith #trusttheprocess #stongertogether #fitnesslifestyle #believeyoucan #progressnotperfection

These pictures are a month and a half a part...real results on a program I truly believe in. It changed my life in the way I look at health and taking care of my body.

I wasn’t on a diet, I didn’t have crazy restrictions or starve myself to get these results. I just focused on myself for 30 min a day.
I was in a point in my life where something needed to change. I put others first, which isn’t a bad thing, especially when you’re a mom, but I neglected myself resulting in weight gain and depression. I hated the way I looked and felt about my body. You wouldn’t know it though because I never let any know. There is NEVER A GOOD TIME TO START...But I had to do something. I decided To put myself first and it was worth it!
This program not only totally changed my mindset, but the way I looked at food and exercise in the best way possible. I am worth it, I deserve to live a healthy and happy life, and I deserve some me time to take care of myself.
Mamas are usually the ones holding everything together for the family and when we’re not happy or healthy, that usually results in the family not functioning well. Not always, but most likely the case.
If you are looking to get yourself back to a happier healthier place in life, I ask you to join one of our health challenges. I ask that you put your trust in our process for 30 days and see how you feel. You have nothing to loose except a few pounds and gain some confidence!
I’ve opened up my March Health Challenge! Contact me to learn more!💪🏽🤚🏽#getfit #healthfirst #takecareofyourself #metime #fitnessjourney #fitmom #fitmomoftwo #believeinthedream #loveyourself #mindsetiskey #strongertogether #supportoneanother

First family hike of 2018! 43 degrees in the trees and loved it! Throw in a little wind and mist❤️ #gooutside #hikingadventures #familytime #littleadventure #sundayvibes #sundayfunday

Here’s to my first class. Loved it. Could have stayed all day. Thank you @jhuening30 for the invite! Keep me posted on other projects! #calligraphy #learningnewthings

Gonna get my Calligraphy on tomorrow. Gonna learn how to write purdy 😉👍🏽🖋 Maybe I’ll fashion a letter! Remember when we’d write letters to one another? 🤔 #calligraphy #learningnewthings

Thank you Ron Burgundy for the inspiration today 💪🏽 🌞 #funnymemes #laughter #whysoserious #sweatylife #inspiration #funny #workingout #feelingood

Today’s workout! 💪🏽 just for the record...I hate cardio...but it’s done! 😉👍🏽 #sweatylife #inspiration #stayfit #staystrong #cardio #fitmom #fitforlife #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle

“I’ll never be that fit”🏃🏽‍♀️
“I’ll never have toned arms”💪🏽
“I don’t have enough time” ⏰
“I can’t afford it” 💴
Any of these ring a bell!? Well ALL OF THEM did for me!
Once I came face to face with my excuses I decided to loose them and choose a new path. A year later, I’ve never been on a diet, I don’t stress over exercise and I’ve GAIN more time, more ENERGY, a new lease on LIFE!! WIN WIN!
Faith Over Fear #faithoverfear This is my focus going into 2018!
I’m determined to make my own path and succeed. I’m determined to get up and take action because you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. I don’t want another year to go by wishing I would have or could have.
If you are ready for a change, ready to create your path to success with health, and ready to make 2018 your best year yet, take action and join us!!! 🙌🏽💪🏽 #determined #strongerthanyesterday #faith #takeaction #staystrong #StaythePath #mindset #health #faithoverfear #sweatylife #inspiration #doitforyou

@believethedream17 Here I am, one year apart. When I look at these pictures I remember how I felt….will my leap of faith help change me? Change my body? Can I actually achieve a body I’M proud of? 👏🏼👊🏼 When I lost all of my excuses and found my reasons for investing in myself, I found a new way of living. It wasn’t that hard. Why wouldn’t I want to get myself into a healthier state? Gain more energy, gain confidence and a whole new wardrobe! I DESERVE to be the best possible version of me! 🎉win win!! I couldn’t do this alone, I had a group of people that helped support me in my journey. When I was down or doubting myself, they helped lift me up. They gave me the courage and the desire to keep going. I needed that accountability, because left to my own devices, I would have started up with my old excuse for not doing my workout or eating right. Sound familiar??🤔 I am asking you to join me, and trust me for the next 30 days! If you trust me, trust the process, I can promise you, you’ll find the better version of you at the end of this. I’m looking for men and women who know what giving up feels like and want to see what happens if you don’t!
You’ll be a part of a great group of people with the same goals and support one another! We strive for progress, not perfection.
If you're interested, drop and emoji💪🏽 below to save your spot! Excited to have you on board!!

Don’t get me wrong, love where I live, but looking forward to some warm 🌞weather. See you soon SoCal! #norcalweather #socaltrip

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