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  |-/ I TOUCHED TYLER AND JOSH'S HANDS 6/15/16 Spam(?):

I haven't posted in about 2 months but now that schools almost over I'm slowly getting back into here's a little something I made today
#artistsoninstagram #artists_magazine

Kinda misporportionate but the shading's okay and I haven't posted in 7 years so hereeeeee is a tired Tyler
Also I guess it's actually #fanartfriday lol

This was quick so it's not the best
I miss you I miss you I miss you. 1 year later and I still am wishing you never left

I was waiting until I gave it to her, but I drew this for a friend a couple weeks ago ❤❤❤

Just a quick kinda crappy ty bc I haven't had time to draw in foreverrrrrrr #cliqueart

Never posted this but this was the 3rd drawing for my project thing

Part 2. Looks a little weird and was harder to draw than the last one but I likey

Part of my final product thingy for the project thing I'm doing. Fun fun. Pretty much finished but I still have to fix a few things

Shitty drawings but josh dun is pretty much a 10/10 human being

Drew my horsie 😁
I haven't drawn much recently but I am doing a sort of long term art project right now and might post a few drawings from that I'm the next couple of weeks

This is the closest I've come to drawing in a while so take this. I redrew the painting "Knight Vanquishing Time, Death, and Monstrous Demons" with colored pencils for a school project.

THUG LIFE 😂 Also wow I finally drew something for once

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