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I’d quite happily drink this all summer long. This is super soft and juicy with a great mouthfeel for the ABV. That touch of bitterness on the back end really compliments the beer nicely. Another quality drop from @deyabrewery. Just what I needed after spending the last 4 hours in the car.

This beer never fails to amaze me, the guys at @3fonteinen sure know their stuff. Just an amazingly complex and perfectly balanced Gueuze. Can’t say I can particularly pick out the difference in blend variations but this is full on lemon sherbet and green apple, incredibly sour but not too acidic. Perfect mouthfeel and carbonation. Don’t think Gueuze gets much better than this. This is A&G B1 standard.

@verdantbrew & @cloudwaterbrew - Swifts or Swallows. Found this an interesting beer, not a great deal in the way of big hitter juicy, tropical flavours but a more sweet dairy product. Agree with @northern_beergeek that this also has white chocolate flavours going on. I also found that it had a light smokiness to it as well. Seriously thick mouthfeel too.

Clean, refreshing, grassy, mild spices, banana, mild citrus and that true to character Fantôme funk. By a mile the best Fantôme I’ve had in a while. Carbonation is perfect to compliment the flavours.

Neo-Human Cannonball is a welcome addition to the annual cannonball centred release. Definitely something a little different whilst keeping up with the fashion trend. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s juicy, delicious and going down a treat. Really hope to see more beers like this from these guys.

Not had this little number it quite a while. 2013 Mariage Parfait, typical Boon green apple, orange and some burnt toffee. Still quite sweet for an Oude Geuze. Always buried under the hype lambic produces but top quality Gueuze.

Hump day beer courtesy of @trilliumbrewing. Another solid juicy offering bursting with flavour and a nice touch of bitterness. Dug that 2017 @hopcity glassware out the back of the cupboard.

#tuesdaytripel is definitely becoming a thing, at least in my household anyway. Another solid example of the style from @hetanker. Sweet candied sugar, mild spices with a big malty back bone and a warming booziness. Enjoyed my visit to this brewery back in 2015 and would love to go again (the food in the restaurant is👌)

The Fruit That Ate Itself from @foambrewers. Enjoyed everything I’ve tried by Foam and this was no exception. Big fruit, juicy and tropical but what seems to set this brewery aside from all the other juice mongers is the heavy bitterness that follows in their IPA, a well rounded and not overpowering bitterness that compliments the rest of the flavours really nicely. Thanks to @og.sippers for this one

Crisnza II from @brasseriedelasenne, this mixed fermented BA farmhouse ale is quite a surprise, it wasn’t quite the complex bomb I was expecting but none the less still a tasty beer. Lots of Saison funk with an oaky dryness from the barrel. Definitely one you need to swill around the mouth a bit to get the full effect of flavour.

Really enjoyed trying these experimental blends from @lindemansbeers. The GingerGueuze is very crisp and the ginger in no way overpowering. I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the Spontan Basil or Blossum Gueuze but it was still fun to try. Hopefully we’ll see more variants in the future.

V.Latte from @beardediris. So much freshly ground coffee on the the aroma. Flavours are of rich, dark chocolate and milky coffee with a touch of bitterness. Mouthfeel could be a bit fuller but this does exactly what it says on the tin. Could drink this any time of the day, really enjoyed it.

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