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Belen Mozo  • USC Alumni • LPGA Player• 🇪🇸• Live in 🇨🇴• My body is my temple• Fitness & Wellness

🎨Be creative & send your questions away 🎨All of you guys are amazeballs to me but I will try to gather the best ones. Can't wait! 🤹🏻‍♂️ by the way, wearing @palmaceaswimwear one piece 💖

De puro agradecimiento quiero intentar algo nuevo. Me gustaría hacer un vídeo contestando todas las preguntas que tengáis. Creatividad amigos y al lío! PS, bañador es de @palmaceaswimwear

🌚 My brain WAS completely fried yesterday 🌚 But I am no victim here, this is not easy and I am not the only one suffering defeat on competitive rounds. I love that I always wake up with a smile and take responsibilities for my actions. Bad week, risky move on this time a year, but whatever this leads me to I am ready to affront it. Thanks Dallas, you rock! 🎸 @navikagolf #simleyface
Honestamente, mi cerebro ha quedado frito después de tanto estrés en el campo. Necesito un par de días para diagnosticar que ha pasado e inyectarme adrenalina para seguir adelante! Pero miactitud y la manera de ver las cosas da para mucho! #paciencia #noteahogesenunvasodeagua

🚁 Me, My self & Heli{copter} 🚁 thank you @volunteers_of_america & @airbus @airbus_helicopters for the amazing experience! We are playing this week in Dallas at Las Colinas Golf Club, come by and chill with us.

Because pro-ams are always better with #beso #sangria #betterwithbeso @beso_sangria . Hit me up if interested in knowing where to buy it!

🌲Búnker practice 🌲@skechersperformance #GOGOLF shoes!

💥 BOOM 💥 @wanulife is selling at @sprouts nationwide. Give it a try if you happen to shop there and let me know what you think. It also sells in Gelsons and Bristol Farms in LA. #properhydration #zerosugar #vitamins #nutrients -
Notición! Wanu Water ya está vendiendo nacionalmente en supermercados Sprouts. Si hacen sus compras en Sprouts no se olviden de llevarse su sabor favorito a casa. Ya me contaréis! Ah, también venden local en Gelsons y Bristol Farms en LA!

Love working with @Keizer on this explosive rotational exercise. Here I am working on thoracic mobility and simulating the golf swing weight transfer and release with my lower body. It's my favorite exercise. @skechersperformance -
Este es mi ejercicio favorito que mejor me prepara para mi golf. Estoy trabajando la amplitud de giro y la explosividad de glúteos y caderas.

🌼🌸 Flower power 🌸🌼 @skechersperformance top. The aerodynamics of this new top makes you run faster! 🐲

🎀 Happy Anniversary to us 🎀 @robertfarah #8years #andcounting #nobu #🧀

Back in my hood ✌🏻ᏌᏚᏟ ✌🏻with my 2008 NCAA Champion Trophy! It doesn't get much better than this. Love being a Trojan for ever! #trojansforlife

💥D̥ͦḀͦN̥ͦC̥ͦE̥ͦ T̥ͦO̥ͦ Y̥ͦO̥ͦU̥ͦR̥ͦ O̥ͦW̥ͦN̥ͦ R̥ͦH̥ͦY̥ͦT̥ͦH̥ͦY̥ͦM̥ͦ 💥@skechersperformance 📸 @archangelphotostudio

✨M•O•M•E•N•T•S✨ @robertfarah #la #marinadelrey

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