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Starbucks coffee – Love with Cappuccino at KL Sentral

Grand LeXis@$&% Company Coporate event@&$ At Port Dickson#&;=Enjoy and Sea side House$$¥ ownsome.

Holiday@&$KLIA2#a!&@Enjoy$x¥€ Ready to Singapore for Holiday$%& Garden of Wonder@%$Marina Park#$%€Great

Penang @&@Holiday@#@Enjoy@%@Cheah Kongsi@¥@Iland@=@ with someone

Sarawak@&€ gold weather@#&; UNIMAS. KATASAMARAHAN
@&Miraculous@@Natural power@=

ShangHai😃😄😜Hilton hotel👊👍🙏👏waiting for ShangHai F1 race@#@cheers

F1 race $@%$Sepang International Circuit @&@ KL&@&

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