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Maribel💋  24 | SJSU 💛💙 | Nevertheless, she persisted. 🌎🇲🇽💃🏻🌴🏋🏻✈️💋

I loved visiting this little town in Cuzco. The people were the sweetest! 🇵🇪 🌳 🌾

#Ruins #Ollantaytambo #Peru #Vacay #VisitPeru #Cuzco #Quechua #TravelBug #FreeSpirit

This is Natalia. I met her last year in Cuba when I was crying at the airport because I had lost all of my documents to get back in the US (freaking scare of my life). She was leaving Cuba to go back home (Peru) with her then bf and offered to help me by linking me up with some of her friends in Cuba. Long story short...we exchanged emails, then Facebook pages, and last month I had a “fuck it” moment and decided to visit her in her home country, Peru. I had the time of my life, and have zero regrets that I’ll now have to pull an all nighter to catch up on assignments. I’m blessed to have made a friend like her, so genuine, so loving, and so full of life. Te quiero mucho, Nat! 💕 👭

#Peru #Vacay #Rumba

Solita, sola. 🍷 ♥️ #Vacay #Peru #Rumba #NightOut #Lima

So blessed to have had the chance to visit a place that will soon be even more limited to tourism. It was definitely one hell of an experience, and I would do it again given the chance. Ignore the fact that I am taking 6 classes and decided to take an impulse 8 day trip three weeks into the semester. 😂 This is me living my best fucking life and I’m not waiting for anyone. 🤟🏼 🇵🇪 ⛰ ❤️ #MachuPicchu #OffMyBucketList #ImpulseTraveling #Incas #Peru #LiveFree

It took me several family parties before I decided I could trust my friends to behave and invite them over to meet my parents. Lol #Facts #CantTakeThemNowhere #MyFriendsPullUpWithAlabanzasToMyDriveway #MyFriendsAreBetterThanYours #Blessst #MiasClub

Hellowww 👋🏼 a veces si me peino.
#LatePost #Selfie #SundayFunday

Friend, ever since I met you, you’ve brought so much joy to my life. Here’s to 8 years of friendship, and many more. I can’t wait to visit you in #CDMX again! ♥️🤟🏼 #ElChilangoMasCool #SalsaChilanga #BailandoPorUnSueño

#TBT Can’t wait to start traveling again! 😭 🇨🇺 #Cuba #Art #Fusterlandia #JoseFuster #Havana

I felt like a strong ass independent woman in this outfit...until I fell in the pool.
#TurnDownForWhat #OsoDelAño #NoRagrets

This is the best I’ve felt in a really long time.
To think that I no longer wanted to live two weeks ago baffles me. It took me hitting rock bottom to realize the beautiful life I have and everyone, and everything in it. I’m especially thankful for my lovely friend @yo_day21 that was there for me ALWAYS and never did she complain (Te Quiero MIL 😘 ♥️).
I was hurt, broken, and confused. I did not understand what was going on at the moment but it‘s starting to all make sense now. This experience only helped my vision and goals grow bigger, and changed my perspective on a lot of things. It also made me realize how fucking blessed I am for having the friends that I do, and how much others are willing to do for me.
P.S. Ahora si invítenme a salir, ya no los voy a dejar en visto. 😜 🐸 ☕️ #LiveAndLoveLife #NoMoreWeakBitches #NewMaribelWhoDis #LivingMyBestLifeComingSoon

Hola, mi nombre es Maribel. Soy fresa y súper sensible. 🍓 🕶

Does this picture make me look like I’m fitness and nature-y? 🌳 💚🧐😆 okay pues no. #LimekilnFalls #ZenAF #Nature #Hiking

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