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5.01pm June 28th - Exactly 2 months today until I turn thirty. Today was a hectic day. The last official settlement program which should make life easier for the staff (having every single student in one centre is a little insane), the last real day for the term (no class Friday and an excursion tomorrow for most of the classes), and I am rushing to get things done for an upload tomorrow. To top it all off I need to leave early tomorrow to go to the doctor and get my jaw check out. So sore. There was also an incident with a rodent when I got home that lead me to tears. Cute story of the day Pixie begged for her bows to be put back on, one at a time, putting the paw of the side she wanted it on and turning her head, twice, both sides. Cookie scared both himself and me by flying around the lounge room erratically tonight, landing in a weird spot on the couch. Also got stuck in occasional care for a bit and noticed a worrying picture one of the kids had drawn. I am so exhausted and in so much pain. Song of the day is 'Unchained Melody' by the Righteous Brothers, again a song played in the car on the way home. #2017blbnwdiary

8.27am June 27th - In the back of the taxi on the way to work I received a message this morning. It was from my friend/coworker. It was a photo of her son and dog, taken Saturday, in the car, on the way to the vet to have her put to sleep. I almost burst into tears then and there. I tested up at work when I spoke to her and showed the photo to other people at work. It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Crying with her has been painful but also like a sort of therapy that I needed a year after fonzie passed. And next month is the anniversary of our dog Benji passing. 10 years for him. It is always hard. Luckily it was a pretty easy day at work. I did some fun bet searching to make labels for childcare's costume rack, got my shredding done while the boss was out so he couldn't see that I had a box overflowing with it (a box that originally held wine bottles) and I had to empty the shredding bin twice. Had the not so fun job of going through a box of paperwork that had just been discovered... a box of paperwork that got wet in the flood... the flood we had back in late December. It was slightly mouldy... I felt dirty and needed to sanitise my hands thoroughly afterwards. Unfortunately it needed to be done and we had to keep quite a bit of it to scan for legal reasons. My jaw did a weird thing today, a thing it has been doing a bit lately. I will be in the middle of talking and it feels like my lower jaw slips to the side. Not sure if it is dislocating and popping back in to place but that is what it feels like. I need to call my doctor. Got home tonight and played song pop with the mother, played with Pixie for a while, we ended up just laying on the floor snuggling. Song of the day is 'Shape Of My Heart' by Sting which was in my boss' car on the way home, haven't heard it in years. #2017blbnwdiary

12.41pm June 26th - Work Today. So much printing for one teacher. My legs still aren't the best, in fact I could barely walk over to the shop at lunch time and was on the verge of throwing up. Picked up some nurofen heat patches and that has seemed to help with most of the pain but it is not fun to be walking around a community centre like an old woman. Had questions from star and students asking if I was ok. Cried this morning, not through pain but with the coworker that had her dog put to sleep. It's hard but she is no longer in any pain. Had to approach the manager as well in regards to his treatment of some of the staff. Not exactly nasty but just needed a reminder that people have feelings. Also had a couple of high school work experience kids in. They kept calling me miss, makes me feel old. Had to break it to one that not everyone gets holidays when the schools are not in session, she seemed slightly horrified. Been a slow night at home, dinner, unsolved mysteries and napping on the couch. Song of the day is 'Don't Know Why' by Norah Jones which the boss was listening to in the car on the way home. #2017blbnwdiary

Such a little poser! He also loves dancing to the Unsolved Mysteries theme #cookieegan

Go home Pixie you're drunk! (Btw despite what it looks like that is not a giant spider under her bed, it is a shirt she has torn to shreds) I tried fixing her up with her cushion under her head but she just put herself back in this position. #pixieegan

9.43pm June 25th - Laid out on the couch resting my legs since my arthritis is still bad in my ankles and my knees. Been resting all day so that means I have gotten through a few eps of Unsolved Mysteries (Robert Stack is bae) and had quite a few naps... also beauty break has been on replay today. The good news is that my neighbour has shown up alive and well a week after we called the police to check on him. Apparently he had told my father months ago that he was planning a trip to Cambodia to play golf but hadn't informed my dad that he was actually going. He found it funny that the police had to break in. Also today Pixie girl cried until I put her bow on her, she is such a little girly girl! Had a nice relaxing bath tonight, was a full in pamper session that involved hair, legs, body scrub, and face scrub and 2 face masks. This is how all Sundays should be (except for the fact Carlton lost and the arthritis pain). Quite sleepy now! Song of the day is 'Soulmate # 9' by Tina Arena which I forgot even existed until I turned on smooth this afternoon and it was on. #2017blbnwdiary

8.40pm June 24th - curled up in bed with my cozy new pjs, watching Tangled for the first time, colouring in a Disney princess colouring book, drinking water from a pink unicorn bottle... oh yeah and I am in a blanket fort. Sometimes you just need to relive your childhood. It has been a day full of nostalgia, signed up for Amazon Prime so I could watch Robert Stack's Unsolved Mysteries (which are still as creepy as I remembered) with my mother, Yowie's and their toys are just as good as I remember, and nothing beats the taste of the strawberry nerds. Today has been a bit weird, my arthritis has been bad and I could barely walk, and I have been a bit sad knowing what my friend/coworker and her family went through this afternoon. At the time she was sadly putting her dog to sleep, I was laying on the dining room floor laughing my head off to the point of tears and choking because my pixie girl was mauling me with kisses and tickling me with nips. I guess that's the way life goes though, someone is always laughing whilst someone somewhere else is crying. Song of the day is 'I See The Light' Performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. #2017blbnwdiary #childatheart #relivingmychildhood #somuchnostalgia

8.28am June 23rd - in the taxi on the way to work, if I didn't have so much to do today or had had so many days off lately then I probably would have taken a mental health day. Last night was bad. My charger for my phone died and while I was trying to fix it I knocked a cup over and it spilt on me and all over my bed. Two frames then fell off of my wall and onto my bed as I was about to fall asleep. Then all night I was having nightmares about bugs and rodents, and that is when I could sleep. I just couldn't get comfortable and I was having the most horrendous arthritis pain in my bad ankle and the psoriasis in my ears was intense and seeping. Was grumpy when I woke up and snapped at both my father and poor pixie. Mostly my father. Work actually wasn't too bad, I had a donut I bought myself yesterday which I had for breakfast, a coworker had bought in some bread pudding which I had a small bit of for morning tea, and another coworker bought me in a scone with jam and cream which I had for afternoon tea. The only downside was when I went out to the shop at lunch it was so cold that the arthritis in my bad knee flared up and stayed with me for the rest of the day. Still aching a bit. Had lots of cuddles with my pixie when I got home because I know that my friend/coworker is having her dog put to sleep tomorrow. Song of the day (and don't ask me why apart from I may have watched a few too many episodes) is 'Make It Shine' which is the Victorious theme. #2017blbnwdiary

9.30pm June 22nd - It's BLANKET FORT DAY!! My favourite day of the year! @vamperstein and I came up with the idea a few years back. Even though I turn 30 in just over 2 months I need it more than ever. There has been so much adulting happening around me lately, and whilst most of it is good and happy, some of the adulting is just plain shit. I spent a good portion of today, in my office crying, because a coworker made the appointment to get her dog put down, it needs to be done but that is just one of the most ducky parts about being an adult. Also paying bills sucks and I paid a big one today. Add on to that the fact my face is aching since I have come of the tablets, I need to act like a child. I feel like I am on the verge of tears and I know it has to do with the situation the friend from work is in plus too much coffee. I'm gonna hide out here for a while though, and I am going to spend most of the weekend in here, being a child again. This year my fort has no added roof because of reasons and the star lamp I picked up a week or two ago is perfect. Song of the day is either 'Forever Young' by Alphaville which I have been listening to, or 'Stressed Out' by Twenty-One Pilots because that is how I feel. #2017blbnwdiary #blanketfortdone #donewithadulting #almost30 #childatheart #dontwannagrowup #sorrynotsorry #ifyouneedmeillbeinmyblanketfortcoloring

9.58pm June 21st - I am so tired I am fighting off sleep to write this.another typical day. Saw a couple of kangaroos and a car accident (not related) before I got to work, boss is shot cranky, had to deal with the coworker and he dying dog, as well as trying to find a course for a student, a place to go for my 30th birthday, grumpy staff, and the organisation of my desk. Got home and spent ages playing with Pixie and then went on a random shopping adventure where I spent too much on items I did and did not need including a bunch of bras, the yowie and some new pjs, as well as a dog bed, stuffed warthog and some hair bows for Pixie girl. All of which she loved. Also spent an insane amount of time sitting in the passage with my bra on my head pretending to be a fly... don't ask. Song of the day is 'Heart break hotel' by elvis which we were singing to pixie when I got home from work. #2017blbnwdiary

5.20pm June 20th - was an insane day at work today, had a settlement program which meant all the ESL students were in at our centre, 2 of the main admin staff were at a meeting, and I barely had a chance to sit down. Luckily I did get a lunch break, where I went a bit ott on nostalgia and brought a crap tonne of stuff for Blanket Fort Day. It is amazing how much stuff from your childhood you can find at the shopping centre near my work. Fell asleep on the recliner after dinner and woke up freezing. As soon as I got up Pixie girl got up. We had cuddles and then it was time for her bedtime. Now the father and I are chilled out on the recliners (he is possibly asleep) under blankets, watching Fringe. Song of the day is 'Email My Heart' by Britney #2017blbnwdiary

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