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5.06pm February 20th - Sitting in the passenger seat of my boss' car on the way home after work, Dido's 'Thank You' comes on the radio (why is this on Gold FM?). I love this song. For some reason it reflects my day. The second verse really speaks to me today "...I've got bills to pay, my head just feels in pain... I'm late for work againAnd even if I'm there, they'll all imply that I might not last the day" It hasn't been the best day of my life, but it hasn't exactly been the worst. Been dealing with a lot of negative energy at work (peoples attitudes and talk of negativity), it has made me realise how I need to cleanse myself of said negativity and start a daily self care routine. I know it may sound odd and maybe a bit selfish, but I think I need to focus on my emotional/mental/spiritual health more so than my physical health. I see people complaining about all their bad luck, saying how good of a person they are, why them, but I also see them reflect such bad energy and negativity into the universe that karma is just catching up to them. I don't want to do the same. #2017blbnwdiary

2.35am February 19th - laying in bed, having trouble sleeping, not only is my knee still killing me but the only way I can lay to keep it comfortable has strained my shoulder. I have rubbed some lavender cream and massaged it but still a bit sore. About to take a couple of tablets for the pain. I have 'Be With You' by Atomic Kitten stuck in my head since I found the single whilst looking for my tablets. It is one of those nights/early mornings when I have to tear my bed apart and remake it because I just can't get comfortable. Thank god it is cool enough to be a two doona night! Guess who is going to buy some new pjs this week! Gonna curl up after taking my pills, listen to some true unsolvef crime stories and drift into what will probably be a restless sleep (the tablets always make me tired but they keep me awake). Luckily I won't need to get up and turn off my light, best $29 I ever spent on this globe! #2017blbnwdiary

9.55pm February 18th - It is cookie boy's unofficial birthday today! 5 years ago today he made a break for the open door at a pet shop and I knew he didn't want to be there any longer! He has had lots of kisses and cuddles today, including a kiss from his sister. I told pixie to wish her brother a happy birthday and she put her nose up to him in his cage (btw he lives his cage, we get him out and he stays out for a while but he always goes back himself, lol and this from the bird that tried to do a prison break from a pet shop). My cookie boy helped me a lot in the past year, especially the week Fonzie was at the vets and the weeks following his death. Sometimes he was the only thing that kept me going and put a smile on my face. I have spent most of the day in bed on painkillers from the test yesterday, still really hard to walk. But I definitely made time for my baby boy! We played and danced! When my dad said Ma was getting up before cookie made a whistling in my ear that sound like 'oh oh' lol. I can't get 'Baby, Now That I've Found You' by Allison Krauss out of my head, turned on the TV before and the castle was on. Love that movie! #2017blbnwdiary #cookieboy #budgie #bird #birdstagram #birdsofinstagram #budgiekisses #happybirthdaycookie

Meet some little birdies today! Look how colourful that little guy is! If you saw my story you would have seen him in action!

1.48pm February 17th - this was taken just before I went in for the second and longest part of my bone scan. During the whole almost hour long process I had 'I Should've Never Let You Go' by Bardot (blast from the past lol) stuck in my head, I had heard it in the toilet about 10/15 minutes before I went in and I had forgotten about the song until I heard it again. I can't get it out of my head now. The bone scan wasn't technically a painful scan, I was/am radioactive though lol, however having to have my legs straight out and my feet taped flat to a box for 15 minutes was like torture to my poor knee and ankles, having so much trouble walking now. Also discovered during that portion of the scan that the big toe on the left foot (the one I was in to have scanned) was going numb. Hopefully I will get the results early next week. #2017blbnwdiary #radioactivegirl #bonescan

6.53pm February 16th - John Lennon's 'Watching The Wheels' is playing on Smooth TV as pixie and I lay by the front door, waiting for my brother and father get home from dropping off my parents friend Helen and bring home dinner. Today was a day. Wasn't exactly a bad day, but it wasn't a particularly good day either. My last day of work for the week, worried that tomorrow will be a waste of time and nothing will show up on the scans. My foot has been killing me though, so I know there is definitely something not right about it. The good news is Pixie has blessed me with some amazing photos this evening. Love her! #2017blbnwdiary

12.05am February 15th - still feeling like I am coming down with something so I have been curled up in bed pretty much since I finished dinner last night. I am about to try to sleep for the night. Before I do though I am having a hot milo to help soothe the sore throat, am going to pop a couple of panadol to deal with the tooth pain, have a heat pack (unicorn) to settle stomach ache from the tablets, and I am enjoying some Beckie J Brown videos whilst I wind down. 'Hard To Say I'm Sorry' by Chicago is playing on my phone, I love that song but I prefer the cover by Shades of Yale. Going to try and wake up in a more positive mood. #2017blbnwdiary

4.30pm February 14th - Sitting at my desk at work, listening to 'Through The Rain' by Mariah Carey, counting down the minutes before I finish at 5. I should be updating our waiting list but instead I am scrolling through the Frankie mag site and reading blogs on Bloglovin. Technically it is Valentine's Day today but as a permanently single girl it's just another day. I couldn't care either way though honestly. Had a nice lunch with a coworker so that was my high point of the day. I am convinced I am coming down with something though. Have been running hot and cold all day, throat has been sore and scratchy, and honestly I just feel all urgh! Can't wait to get home and lay down! Today was the perfect weather to curl up in bed with a good book or movie. Hope I get over this thing soon, doesn't help my wisdom tooth is causing hell again. #2017blbnwdiary

9.49pm February 13th - went back to work today after another week of having Friday off, had to make an appointment to get a bone scan and do you know what the only day available was? Friday! It was so ridiculous I laughed my head of and had to go tell my boss. So Friday I get to spend some time at the hospital. Tonight has been pretty chill, both in what I have been doing and weather wise. I think I am coming down with something so had lots of cuddles with the puppy and laid in bed watching YouTube videos (lots of Liza, David, Zane, etc). When Pixie went to bed I played song pop for a bit with the mother my parents and I love 'What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted' by Jimmy Ruffin. It is one of those songs that we will all sing along to when it comes on. #2017blbnwdiary

9.10pm February 12th - Today was the definition of a lazy Sunday! Chilled in bed watching Unsolved Mystery videos, had lunch and snuggled with the puppy whilst watching Vera, back to bed to nap, dinner and more puppy snuggles whilst watching WILTY, and now I'm chilling out, doing my Sunday night pamper session with Britney's 'Lucky' playing on my Spotify. Face has been exfoliated, clay mask on, may put the hydro boost on after because I have been a bit dehydrated lately, and then I'll put on my moisturising socks and curl up in bed with another British crime show! #2017blbnwdiary