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Oh North skies,
My heart sings with warmth,
Wearing three parkas

“Paddle to the Sea” is a kids book written in 1941. It tells the story of a young woodcarver who sets his model canoe on a journey to the sea. An original copy traveled through our family and arrived well loved on my lap when I was three. I’m sure my mom read it to me over a hundred times. (Thanks Mom : ) The last page shows the grown woodcarver paddling beside his model canoe in front of an oversized sun. On some level, that final image always hit me. He had become his carving. As a kid it was inspiring, but a closed loop... As an adult, I like to think the woodcarver never stopped carving and becoming.

“In nature everything is always right: the structure is right, the proportions are good, the colours fit the forms. If you imitate that in painting, it becomes false.”
~ Gerhard Richter

I like to think we share a simple truth with trees. If you spend your life leaning into the weather, you’re bound to develop a little character.

Moon, Mountain, Man, with Jake Moon, also known as @moonmountainman.

I try and wait a while before editing photos from a trip. Even though time may fade specific thoughts, distance shines clarity on feelings. This day with @moderndayhawaiian and @tmats808 was one of the best. Thanks for the rad adventure guys.

There is a wonderful moment when soft flakes begin to fall, and by force of number refuse to melt on arrival. At 70mph and 4 days north of Seattle, I was slightly less enthralled than usual, but still happy to be there for natures tricks. #mavicpro @djiglobal

For all the incredible sights my drone gets to see up there, I sure hope his little mechanical heart feels the gravity, and how fortunate he is to transcend it. If nothing else, gratitude might extend battery life, it sure does for me.
#mavicpro @djiglobal

To feel so much life in a place with so little living, always gives me pause about what it is to be alive.

I like the future to feel like a misty day. If it’s too clear, there’s no mystery; if it’s too thick with fog, it’s easy to feel lost. But just the right amount of clingy clouds and patchy sun? Hello serendipity. I’m back home in the San Juan Islands after a long drive from Alaska. I didn’t expect to be back so soon, and certainly didn’t expect to make the 2,500 mile trip as a late season cannonball run, but you don’t always get to choose the weather. Literally or metaphorically.
Closed eyes currently reveal dashed yellow lines and blurred boreal pines, so while I catch up on a backlog of edits, this is one of my favorites from the Alaska highway a few years back.

I'm beyond stoked to announce this photo has been selected amongst the finalists of the Hasselblad Masters competition. Check out the awesome work there, I'd appreciate your vote!

On my last trip to Hawaii, I played with ditching the tripod. Aside from being fun to loosen up and run around chasing swirls of foam and form without regard for sharpness, it helped create a little distance from the sentimentality of the typically amazing sunset. Scenes so easily kitsch, can be a dangerous subject if you hope to have an abstract conversation. What is the oceans edge but a blurring of borders.

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