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Sometimes in stillness, there is this feeling of excitement, when the molecules of your body seem to move so fast, that any slight disturbance runs the risk of releasing them, as billions of scattering fireflies, back to the universe.
This may also occur with good coffee.

There is a time of year, when the temperature finds a certain degree. The sun slowly melts, and all clocks lose synchronicity. That's when the time machine really works, but with a catch. We don't go to other moments, they come to us.

Sometimes a wandering trip through nowhere is more fulfilling than a tread path to somewhere. The places whose pages are still blank, just waiting for a story.

There's a lot of nature and nurture to be grateful for.

For the past few weeks I've been traveling the northwest coast. Between a few surprisingly decent surf sessions, I've become fascinated with Sea Stacks. They have this magic quality of inaccessibility; fortressed Islands floating out of reach.

Sunrise at Mesa Arch can be quite a show with a cozy audience, don't forget the popcorn.

While taking in the view from the top of Whistler, (and this photo) I found myself in conversation with a guy who must have been in his mid seventies. By the size of his white beard, it was most likely Santa Clause on spring break. He raved about how good the skiing, and the partying was. I don't know what Elfin magic he was on, but I'm pretty sure it included a fair portion of stoke, the universal elixir.

Shot at 300mm on the magic stability machine: @getolympus e-m1 mark ii #capturingwhistler

Some of my favorite adventures have started with a general premise, like "let's go north." The serendipity of specifics unfold along the way.

I learned to draw lines with pencil on paper about the same time as skis on snow. Often the two feel interchangeable. The gravity of a curve, transitions and flow.

Shooting with the @getolympus e-m1 mark ii, image stabilization, and a 600mm (equivalent) lens, it was a joy to let the mind fly where feet could not.


We went into the dunes before dawn. Soft cool sand sifting quietly beneath bare feet. As the sun rose, it warmed the valley, and out of the hills came the wind; gathering grains tumbled and turned. At each dune crest, a shimmering layer of light appeared rolling to the horizon; whitecaps on the slowest of seas.

While the forecast called for clear skies, the mountains had other plans. Thanks to the intrepid snow cave builders and tent chillers of #WinterTribeMeetup for the warm vibes. Cheers to @moonmountainman for motivating a very cool event, and @adventurederrick for having such a well composed tent.

Kintsugi: The art of mending broken pottery with lacquer and gold; honoring the place of breaking as that of value... The Salt Flats were covered in a thin veil. From a distance others appeared to walk on clouds, yet beneath ones own feet was a cracked and broken surface. Sometimes the flaws revealed by closeness, also hold the beauty. Model: @jillyfish831 Dress: Goodwill

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