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Marsha  Living w/cancer & autoimmune diseases!everyday can be good standing strong & conquering My 2 boys hv my illness We're our own support group w/Jw.org

Carson giving a bible reading last week #14goingon30 #proudmom he makes my heart smile

Life is full of lessons to be learned lol 😬 I’m slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things with my exercise #standingstrongandconqouring #autoimmuewarrior #cancer

Carsons infusion today didn't go so well with his blood pressure 😳 #autoimmunewarrior #anklyosingspondylitisfighter #crohnsdisease

Roasted a turkey for dinner tomorrow 😀👍🏼😀Gonna make pumpkin pie too 👊🏽#justbecausewecan

Dinner last night #healthyfood salmon sautéed kale grape tomatoes and bell peppers and mashed garlic cauliflower #cleaneating #cancerdiet #antiinflammatorydiet since I can't really exercise right now clean eating is sustaining me #standingstrongandconqouring

Thought I would share a part of my day today 😀 warning ❗️❗️ I'm an over sharer ❤️😬 #myinfusion #autoimmunewarrior #cancer

Interesting article I read what's funny is I have 4 out of the 5 chronic pains listed lol 😳 honestly though proper diet and exercise works for me❗️I don't use anything except hospital strength ibuprofen on the reg. In a bad flare I MIGHT use stronger Med but not usually. I can't say enough how important diet and exercise are👊🏽#chronicpain #chronicillness #autoimmunewarrior #cancer Ps: the one I don't have is fibromyalgia 😬

Zeke helping me get a shot today his little puppy face says "what are they doing with that mom" #assistancedog #workingdog #autoimunewarrior #cancer

I am back at it 👍🏼FINALLY #backatsquareone I had my pelvic surgery August 22nd was on bed rest most of my recovery and very very restricted the rest of the time I did a small workout Saturday and this one Sunday #startingoveragain I don't know how many times in my life I've had to start all over building muscle and getting my body stamina back up it's a #mentalchallenge I am THRILLED to get to workout again😀 gotta start slow but I am starting that's what counts #cancer #autoimmunewarrior

Had to share how precious carson and Bess's bond is #workingdog #companiondog #bestfriends

Stitches came out Tuesday I have to keep it bandaged at least through the rest of this week then I should be able to GET BACK TO THE GYM❗️ I'm going crazy and loosing muscle thanks to my #degenerativemuscledisease and #autoimmunediseases it's still infected and the stitches burrowed into my flesh creating tiny tiger claw rips along the top of the infusion 🤢 I'm ready to start working out again❗️❗️❗️my body though need a little more time 😧

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