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Marsha  Living w/cancer & autoimmune diseases!everyday can be good standing strong & conquering My 2 boys hv my illness We're our own support group w/

Someone's telling us he is puppy hungry ❤️Zeke (short for Ezekiel) #assistancedog #autoimmunewarrior #standingstrongandconquering #cancer

Zeke (Ezekiel) at the gym today #assistancedog #autoimmunewarrior #cancer Monday I had biopsies yesterday I had a procedure for my kidney today I had scans all the way around not good news #needsurgery #standingstrongandconquering

This was when carson was 10 yrs old (yes I still would hold him from time to time) carson decided he wanted to hold me too❤️ now this young fella can pick me up 😱 he just turned 14 #proudmom #loveyourfamily #jw

#lovemyguys @soonerdustin @scruffy_like_a_lamp @corbinbginger @inhale_antimatter the oldest son loves da bass my poor phone speaker couldn't pick up how loud it was. Corbin had to drive us because someone (not naming names... ok it was Dustin) spilled a gas can of gas in the mini van 😨🤤😕😬👍🏼 lol

Friday's concert was amazing great time great show with awesome friends #garthbrooks #garthbrooksconcert2017 #enjoythegooddays #autoimmunewarrior

CAN HE BE MORE DRASTIC from one extreme to another a pre and post chemo carson is very different #stillablastthough he is a joy no matter what #autoimmunewarrior #remicadeinfusion

We got caught in a pretty bad storm yesterday 😳🚤🙏🏼 thankfully we all survived 👏 @corbinbginger and I stayed on the boat to trailer it and we received the beat down of our lives 😣right after we let everyone off the boat it started to hail and rain so hard the temperature dropped drastically horrible winds created water swells like ocean waves 💨🌊 Corbin used our deflated tube to shelter us but I still couldn't see finally it's our turn to trailer the boat and my glasses broke Corbin took over the wheel for I was now BLIND from rain pelting me in my eyeballs 👀 Corbin trailered that boat like a pro🏆❗️ some of the windows on our tent back at camp were open so my bedding became Lake Marsha lol #stillablastthough #enjoylife #family #friends #standingstrongandconquering

Some of the great people I got to see this week my nephew Tyson our friend Blaine from Kansas our nephew Justin and boys best buds Brandon and Trevor #enjoylife #family #gottogetmykidneyfixed #kidneydisease #liverfunction are my current ailment it's nice to have encouraging distractions

Nephew is out of surgery and doing well he should get to go home soon #degeorgesyndrome he has been through so much in his 6 years

These are cards the hubby and kids hid in different spots in my luggage for me to find on my trip #family #proudmom #lovemyhubby first 2 are from the hubby last one was from hubby and kids #enjoylife

@sunshine_nessa1 made crepes filled with some kind of amazing meat and veggie stuff for dinner this is absolute heaven on a plate 🤤bout to go into food coma thank you Vanessa ❤️

Selfies anyone❓lol my sister and I indulged in a few during our trip together making lasting memories #enjoythegooddays #standingstrongandconquering #bonding #family #sisterlylove #autoimmunewarrior #cancer our health can come and go but memories get us through rough spots

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