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Beirutiyat  |The Lebanese Momentum|Promoting and celebrating Lebanese heritage, creativity, traditions, and responsible citizenship #IamBeirutiyat

@beirutiyatlb proudly presents the "Chabeb des Beaux Arts" Exhibition, featuring works of art by the Lebanese University #FineArts Students & other private universities. Event organized by the Beirutiyat Fine Arts Committee under the patronage of Honorary Chairman MP. @fouad.makhzoumi.
"Every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up", Pablo Picasso.

"Plant a Cedar" hike by Beirutiyat is a mesmerizing experience at the #Tannourine #Cedar Forests to support one of the most beautiful natural reserves and promote the preservation of the cedar tree, the symbol of our nation. 2 cedars were planted by our volunteers followed by a long hike in the middle of the forest, then off to Arz Ehmej to chill.
Join our environmental committee and participate in events that contributes in protecting our nature.

A heart warming and hopeful scene at the @internationalcollegelb IC NGO Fair. Where students rallied to participate in all NGOs present choosing between causes and focus, showing awareness and responsibility. Welcome to all new Beirutiyat enrolls, joining our 5 pillars programs: #Sahem, #Kader, #Jiran, #Sawa, #Manara.
Together for the sustainable development of our city #Beirut.
#IamBeirutiyat #youth #Volunteer

The weekly Beirutiyat #youth meeting was special this week, as its Honorary Chairman MP. @fouad.makhzoumi and its President Mrs.@hudaustakaskas joined the discussion of the future vision and planing for the sustainable development of our city and upcoming events.
#IamBeirutiyat #Sahem

حضرت بيروتيات نقاش عام لجمعية @nahnooleb حول المساحات العامة في #طريق_الجديدة مع عرض لدراسة تشاركية للأبعاد الاجتماعية، المكانية، والسياسية لإرتيادها. إذ تأكد بيروتيات ضرورة تعزيز ثقافة الحفاظ على هذه المساحات مما يعكس تأثيراً مباشر على العيش المدني والتقارب الإجتماعي وشكل مدينة #بيروت.
Our impression of any city is mainly formed by the quality of its #PublicSpaces, since they show its social, economic, and environmental status and the efforts put in reaching a sustainable city.
#IamBeirutiyat #Sahem #SDG11 #Beirut

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"Gandhi proved that non-violence can change history. Let us be inspired by his courage and conviction as we continue our work to advance peace, sustainable development and human rights for all of the peoples of the world." UN Secretary-General António Guterres.
Let's stand together at the International Day of #NonViolence.

Today the world has lost the legendary French composer, actor and singer Charles Aznavour. Deepest condolences to his family, the French and Armenian citizens and his fans.
May his soul rest in peace.

"ديري بالك على حالك"... الكشف والعلاج المبكر لسرطان الثدي يعطيك فرص أفضل للتغلب على هذا المرض.
إفحصي نفسك دوريا لتحمي نفسك وعائلتك👨‍👩‍👧
Early detection practices of Breast Cancer remains of utmost importance to increase your chances at beating this disease. Save yourself and your family with regular check ups and tests.
Let's beat it together🎗
#IamBeirutiyat #BreastCancerAwareness

ضمان الشيخوخة حقنا، مش حق علينا.
On the #InternationalDayofOlderPersons, 1 October, we recognize their right for enhanced attention to their particular needs and challenges they face after retirement, while ensuring their role as functioning member of the society. Thus, celebrating their lifelong contributions by providing health, social, and financial guarantees that allows them decent living.

نفتخر بتكريم رئيسنا الفخري سعادة النائب فؤاد مخزومي من قبل غلوبل هوب لدعمه الريادي للنازحين السوريين في لبنان. مع كل التقدير لجميع أعماله على مدى عشرين سنة من أجل الوطن والمواطن اللبناني والبيروتي.
We are honored and proud of our Honorary Chairman and Mentor MP. @fouad.makhzoumi for being recognized and awarded by the Global Hope Coalition for his leadership in providing support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

مساحة #حرج_بيروت في تناقص مستمر، ففي أواخر القرن الثامن كانت الغابة تمتد من شواطئ لبنان حتى حدود الجبل. وفي القرن الثاني عشر ميلادي قدرت مساحته بحوالي ١٢ ميلاً مربعاً. أما اليوم وصلت مساحته الى ٠،١٢ ميلاً مربعاً ولا زال بحالة تناقص مستمرة.
Beirutiyat Environmental Committee urgently calls for the preservation of what remains of #HorshBeirut, the last natural green space in the city.
#IamBeirutiyat #Beirut