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Zee James  Playing dress up one character at a time! #GOODGIRLS #NBC #TOOOLDTODIEYOUNG #AMAZON #SNOWFALL #FX #STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTON Santa Monica, Ca

Thankful, thankful, thankful to see another day. Ive been battling a little cold or allergies for several days now and I have no idea which one it is since the smoke has made the air quality horrible; but Im just so grateful that I have strength to push and fight on.

Never take for granted that tomorrow will come. I know a lot of hearts are hurting and heavy today. Im sending my love and condolences to you all. May we grow stronger and better together. Let go of anything negative and get back to the center that is love. Love is infectious. Use it and make someone smile today!

If you arent where you want to be let that inspire you to fight harder! You got this. Mind over matter. Im sending you all a big viral hug. Xo 撾儭

Make room. Im coming all the way through!!!

Be the light that out shines darkness even on a cloudy day!!! 賤儭

Im so dramatic sometimes!!! 唐突
#BTS on
@lightasafeathertv on @hulu. Check it out!!!

Rising, shining and grateful for those who have served and are currently serving our country. We can never thank you enough but know that you are appreciated and loved.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! 綾賅

弘 You make me feel like dancing. Dancing the night away!!! 滕弘

Spending some good ole quality time before this one heads off to shoot for a bit!!!

We loved trying out @avrabeverlyhills tonight. The service and food was amazing. We almost felt like we were back in Greece!!! 突痰

Some things might get lost but quality time with loved ones are what matter most. Sending smiles, love and light to you all. Stay encouraged, especially our firefighters!!! 弘

Just in case you were looking for a reason to smile I got you covered!

Spread a lot of love, joy and happiness today. We all need it!!! 弘

Ready Set Go

The best is yet to come. Head up, shoulders back and fight on.

Dont operate out of fear. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

But faith leads to action. And action leads to success. We got this!!!

I voted at the polls for the first time in years. Ive always been an absentee ballot voter. Since I didnt receive mine in the mail this year I made voting today my first priority. I hate the state of our Country right now and I want to help change that. Do you? We owe it to those who fought and died on our behalf. Please take the time to care. And if not for yourself do it for those you will leave behind. 歹 #IVoted #Vote 喫綾賅

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