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Devon Bullock  I LOVE being Mrs. Kyle Bullock! Check out #StitchFix here: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/5070400

So incredibly blessed and overwhelmed by the wonderful shower my Quaker family threw for me and Levi today! Kyle, Levi and I are so thankful for the love we are so fortunate to receive from you all!

#beingmrsbullock #levithomas #babybullock #quakeraveCoC

Well that's one order of business taken care of!

#levithomas #beingmrsbullock #nesting

My husband is so handsome! Especially when he's working! His brains are so sexy! #smarthubby #beingmrsbullock #bullocksjewelry @kylerbullock

My life is rarely "together", but days like today fill my heart! A walk in the cool overcast morning with a little drizzle near the end to ease my sweatiness, fall decorations up in my home, a meal cooking in the crockpot (making it smell like I'm actually a homemaker when actually my wonderful husband taught me how to make it all!), my sweet pup curled up next to me everywhere I go, and my precious son kicking away in my belly!
This life may be hectic and unpredictable at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! #beingmrsbullock #itsfallyall @kylerbullock

I love my husband!! ❤️ ❤️ Not only does he work hard for our little family all day at the store, but he comes home and works even more! Our house is so close to being at a stopping point with projects and then we will be welcoming our new addition!
I love the life God has given me! #beingmrsbullock #handsomehusband #mybabydaddy #babyB @kylerbullock

I was sitting at choir meet 'n greet tonight and I realized that it was 3 years ago at the same event that I met this gem! I had no idea that day that she would become my best friend and that our families would become so close! Not only is she my sister in Christ, but she is my family by choice! I love you @summersouza
3 years, 2 vacations, 10 shows, countless family dinners, and soon to be 365 quotes later, it still hasn't gotten old and I don't think it ever will!
#familybychoice #sisters #theatreisfamily #churchfamily #superbullouza #therestofyourfamilyisoktoo

Sitting at choir meet n greet tonight and I realized that 3 years ago at the same event is when I met this gem!

I love my kitchen! The dishes may not all be put away; the surfaces may not all be squeaky clean (although my wonderful @kylerbullock did clean them this morning!); there may still be clutter sitting around, but I love this place! It represents home, family, love, and food (arguably the best of those 4 😉)! I am learning every day how much "perfect" doesn't matter because it is relative. This IS my perfect! My husband, my dog, and my soon-to-be child in this home. What could be better?!
I don't know if this counts as a #realstagram but it is my real and it is my #nofilter life! Thank you @rawbeautytalks and @kaitlynbristowe for choosing to inspire confidence in realness and not in "perfection"!

Date night my baby daddy! Love you @kylerbullock you're the sexiest dad I know! #beingmrsbullock #roswell #datenight #pregnantlife #hotdad

The mountains are like magic: instant relaxation. And I'm lucky to have my incredible husband with me! Isn't he handsome???

One of the many perks of spending all day on the floor with @kylerbullock (besides just getting to be with him and watch him be brilliant and savvy), are the free gifts vendors give me to woo him!

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