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ツ Faisal Khan Fanclub ツ  FaisalKhanIsLife🌍 ➡Follow🌟@faisalkhan30🌟 Faisal L(107)C(6)ℜe℘ost(2)❤ DIDWinneℜ ℳℜ℘Leadℜole JDJ8Winneℜ Kkk7 ℘ℜeℳKahaniℳovie DanceCham℘ionFinalist✨


Super cute person with utmost handsome personality😍✨
@faisalkhan30 🌍❤

@faisalkhan30 ❤️❤️❤️

When can I see you both together?🙁
#FaiJan #BestFriends🖤

A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down🙃
@faisalkhan30 #HeroForLife💕

Favoriteeee picture of Favorite person🌍🌍❤️❤️❤️
Trying out new filters. Hope y'all like it💦
@faisalkhan30 💖

Happy Valentine's Day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

💙9th February 2018💙
The day in itself is the luckiest for the one who means a lot to me.💕 And to Faisal!!!🌍💕 Yes, yes! Aakansha Tha Sinha Di😭😍😎
Can't express how happy I am for you😭♥ Like everyone is saying, you're one of the most deserving person to get such a blissful chance!!!!!😍🌍❤
Heartiest congratulationssssss🙌🙌♥♥♥♥
Lucky are the people who get the courage to dream big.
Luckier are those who get a chance to chase their dreams.
Luckiest are the ones who get them fulfilled by earning every bit of it.💯
And yes, you are. You are the luckiestttt😭😍😍♥♥♥♥

Faisal Twin Edit❤💫
An edit after reallyyy long!
Hope you all like it :)
Inspired by @faisalkhan_fanclub1 🙌♥

Such a captivating smile😍🙈♥
@faisalkhan30 🌍❤

There exist really few people with whom one carries a belief that that person will never let you go.❤ Very few people carry a common level of understanding which spreads alot of positivity in your life.❤ Very few are the ones who develop such connection to have a right on you, of guiding you whenever you go wrong! ❤ Aur kuchh hi logon mein *SameMentalDisorderVaaleBestFriends* vaali baat hoti hai❤
Yes!! They are BestFriends or I can say More like a family💕
Yes. It's you. You have set a very big example of being such a great friend!💙
PARIIIIII. Naam se hi Pari hai.. fir kya shaq karna?
Princesses don't cry and so you won't❣
Realise your worth and you'll automatically get to know what you deserve💚
Happyyy birthday once again🌍💙 Stay the same!! Don't let people change this beautiful beautiful smile on your face. And jab Faisal hai hi, jeene ki vajah hai🙈🌍💕 SO STAY HAPPPYYY NOW AND FOREVER✨

The intensity that he carries in his deep brown eyes,
'Is he perfect?', such doubt of people straightly dies.
He is the exemplary combination of fire as well as ice,
When it comes to doing anything for him, it's needless to think even twice.
Because dear, in him we see our paradise.♥
@faisalkhan30 🌍❤
Ps: Are you able to make out what have I edited in this picture?😛

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