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@faisalkhan30 with @dattaatinaa on the sets of #KhatronKeKhiladi✨
They look so cuteee🌸❤

Stand up for what you believe in💙💫 Even if it means standing alone🙆#HERO❤
Do you miss galaxy edits? Have a look at them on @faisalkhan.galaxy! Will be restarting the account very soon🌸

Happiestttt birthday to the craziest fan alive!😍💙💖 YASHIKA❤❤❤
Aka humaari @crazy_fan_of_faisal 💕🎉 A complete package of a perfect person😌
Too emotional, but you know how to control yourself throughout a tough situation. A very calm and understanding person I have ever met! 💙
The one who always makes out a solution instead of thinking about the problem💖 MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY GIRL😁
May god bless you! And may you get all the happiness that you deserve😍💚💚
May Faisal come soooonnnerrrr to DELHI, so that You, I, and Jasmeet diii can meeet himmmm😩🌍❤
Tbh can't waittt for that day. Anywayssss, have a great day, great year, and a great life ahead🌸💋
Ps: This edit seems easyyy, but toook me hours. Created fake legs, toes and shoes😂 kyunki yashi, teri pic aadhi thi :P

Words are less to describe what I'm feeling right now. I never knew that I'll get my account back. Crying since morning, I almost gave up. But some special people in my life boosted me up, saying me that I'll get my account back. And so here I am, standing with the support of all of you. I cannot express with these mere words how special you all are to me! Thank you for reporting to insta, thank you for following those instructions, thank you for updating on your stories, thank you for posting about this account. Thank you for calling me, for those who did. Thank you to each one of you for helping me. Idk, what would I do without the support of you all. I love you all endlessly. Seriously, Faisalers, Jannatians, and all my mates, you are the best!! Thanks for the support.
Although my past 350+ posts got deleted, I am really happy to get my account back. Keep supporting <3
Ps: Emojis cannot express my feelings so let it be without them :)

For every body, it's just a name.
But for Faisalers, the name is an inspiration in itself. Inspiration to do something good in life. To always be on right path no matter what. And to be a better version of yourself.❤
You, your cuteness, your personality, your looks 🌸💙 every such good thing comes secondary.
You, your nature, your humbleness, you as a person💎 Is what has made you our gem❤✨ @faisalkhan30

Thank you thank youu princeee😍😍😍❤❤❤❤🌸🌸🌸
@faisalkhan30 😭💙
Thank you for liking my first ever try on making Fake Movie Poster.
Means reallyy a lot💎
I lovedd all your comments and the beautiful response on the poster. I'll be up with another one very soon😜❤

I don't care if the whole world is against you, teasing you, or saying that you're not gonna make it. Believe in yourself, no matter what. Just like the way WE BELIEVE IN YOU!❤
#LastLineAdded #likeMJlikeFK #LoveThem🔥
Anyone be against you, whenever you'll look around, you'll find us. FAISALERS💫 Standing by you, for you, with you💙 #NowAndForever

Starring FAISAL KHAN @faisalkhan30 💎💛
This is a fake movie poster.🙈
Fake in the sense there is no story line attached to it. It is just for fun😁 My very first try! ❤
If y'all like it, I'll make more like these. Please give your reviews.💙

When I came to know about you, I honestly didn't know that one day you were gonna be this important to me.
This much, that now not even I single hour passes, when I haven't talked about you❤🙈

Thank youu soo much😍😍💙💙💙
Your every single like = A blessing for us❤💫
Lovee you till no end🌍💕
#FaisalKhan #FaisalLiked💯

The two most beautiful dancers shaking their feet on blue eyes😍👀
@faisalkhan30 @vaishnavi_official_
#JhalakMemories #Finale #BlueEyes #MajorMissing

Can't take my eyes off this beautiful beautiful sketch❤ made by @yuvraj_m_art
@faisalkhan30 have a single look at this amazing creation🙌

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