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Being Libertarian  Personal freedom and economic liberty are paramount to a prosperous society. @voluntaryisminaction

Ah yes, the beauty of competitive capitalism.
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A letter from Trump to Speaker Pelosi. No matter how much you disagree with Trump on policy, one cannot deny he is a savage at trolling and at the very least his presidency has been entertaining.
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“A firefighter protesting with France’s Yellow Vest movement has suffered a serious brain injury after being shot in the head by a police officer, it has been reported.” Anddddd this is why you don’t let your government disarm you.
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That’s a whole lot of infringements.

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@voluntaryisminaction is 10% of the way there in their latest campaign!

But muh representation!

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Any other advocates of vigilantism over a bureaucratic justice system?

Taxed from @thinkliberty

People underestimate the power of a simple statement. That being said, want to do more than posting rhetoric? Put your principles into action? Help @voluntaryisminaction with their latest campaign!

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Crony capitalism has given free market capitalism a bad name. It is vital people do not conflate the two.

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Unless of course, you are a communist in power.
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