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Frank Yang  Transformation of body and Consciousness. Aesthetics of Mind and Body. Offering mental/physical training, 10001 calorie meal plans. PM me for details.


My new sink

"Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you" - Carl Jung

I used to love Freud and never gave a shit about Jung. Now I like Jung. When he went to India he visited all the Holy Temples, and everyone told him to see the Enlightened being Ramana Maharshi who sat on his diaper and do nothing all day long. People told him "you study psychology and the self, this man will tell you who you really are". Jung's ego couldn't take it so he never went to see him. At least Jung made it to India, while Freud was still snorting coke and writing about penises.

If you know what you really are, it would be impossible to feel shame or guilt or unworthiness. It would be as absurd as thinking the sunrise and the whole universe is unworthy. Ps if you're wondering what the red mark is on my chest, I always have random wounds all over my body and I have no clue where they come from or where I've been physically. #imacock.

My first Instagram post can be found in the year book ads section. While everyone else posted pictures of their family or how much they will miss their friends, I made a collage of 10 different versions of myself. From an early age I subconsciously knew that the self is a collection of fragmented stories without a narrator. This should be my new Tinder profile. Swipe to see what my classmates say about me.

Scale went down as low as 149 lbs this week. The road to looking like Ronnie Coleman while weighing 3 grams continues as I fill my body with empty space. 5'9 #hologram#consciousness#weightasillusion
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Or eat it. New fronk yong fitness vid link in bio.

"How have you been? As you can see, I'm still doing weight training 4 times a week despite my injury. Sometimes I feel like I don't have a spine or a head, that I'm completely transparent and without organs, like a jelly fish contracting and expanding without purpose in the deep ocean. I hope your back is getting better. Take it easy on those Advil will ya? There's a trick I picked up from a book that's useful when you can't get up in the morning. Pretend you are a rocket ship, and count out loud "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!". Give it a shot. I hope to see you on the other side"

I just want to be a robot #AI#algorthim#exmachina#Her#lostinthewoods
Photo by @lilbeefyboi

"To cope with puberty, I played a character called stuntman George. I filmed myself performing various stunts using various household objects. My goal was to become a stuntman in Hollywood. My grandpa hates me. He wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer like everyone else in my family. He's the superego of the family. My dad was the ego and I was the Id. But I think he's just mad because I saw him lifting weights with his penis when I was 5. I've always had bad eyesights and the doctors told me to avoid all contact sports because there's a big possibility I would go blind. I would blind folded myself to rehearse the inevitable. I guess you could say I've always saw the world through my my mind's eyes rather than my eyes. Britney Spears was my first love. Eminem was the first person to mindfucked me. I was obsessed with his facial aesthetics - big blue eyes and blonde hair. I had my first spiritual awakening when I came to the realization that I did not look like Slim Shady because I had glasses. So I got my first pair of contacts in high school and dyed my hair. That marked my first transformation of aesthetics. Now I was confident to take my stunts to the next level". Excerpt from the first of my new installment, ORIGIN OF MADNESS FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO.

Awesome drawing of me making cosmic gains with VR chest flies by @timmarrr #youarenotyourbody

I need some book recommendations.

What are you doing this thanksgiving? I'm learning the drum to improve my film editing skills #chopsticks #turkeybreast

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