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40th Anniversary 5-cd box set
+ Reissue of their first ever single Shadow/Love Story on 7" green vinyl
Due out on 28 July via Beggars Arkive

Preorder link in profile!

Beggars Arkive is excited to release a 5-cd box set for pioneering British punk band The Lurkers. The Lurkers were the first ever band on Beggars Banquet, and the whole label history boils down to their existence. Formed in West London in 1976, they are one of the most notable bands of early UK punk and within eighteen months the band had 5 UK top 75 chart singles with appearances on Top Of The Pops. This 5-cd, 86 track box includes their two Beggars Banquet albums (Fulham Fallout and God’s Lonely Men), all of their singles and 9 demos, 21 BBC session tracks, and the Pete Stride / John Plain album New Guitars In Town (the first time on CD), due out on 28 July (excluding North America). Now cult icons, their early singles have been noted over the years as being punk classics. Henry Rollins included their debut album “Fulham Fallout” as one of his 20 favourite punk albums in LA Weekly, and Mojo included their “Just Thirteen” single in their list of the best punk rock singles of all time.

The early line-up consisted of Pete Stride on Guitar, Pete "Manic Esso" Haynes on drums, Howard Wall on vocals and Arturo Bassick on Bass (replaced after the first two singles by Nigel Moore). Their first single, released exactly 40 years ago, was the song “Shadow” b/w “Love Story”. Their biggest hit was 1978’s “Aint Got A Clue” which reached #45 on the UK singles chart. The band was a John Peel favourite, recording four sessions, and they played Top Of The Pops as well as other high profile UK shows. Disbanding after the release of their second album, they re-formed in 1982 with a new vocalist but broke up again in 1984. In the years since, the band has continued in various forms, notably with the three core members under the name The Lurkers God’s Lonely Men who most recently released an album titled The Future's Calling.
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Hey NYC! David J is playing tonight at Bowery Electric! #bauhaus #loveandrockets #beggarsbanquet

Did you stage dive at a Buffalo Tom show in London at ULU in 1992? If so, please let us know!

To celebrate the reissue of Buffalo Tom's 1992 classic album Let Me Come Over and their first ever live album, Buffalo Tom Live From London, ULU, 1992, Beggars Arkive will be making a documentary about Buffalo Tom, the album and the gig. The band are appealling to their fans to find out the identities of these stage divers from their ULU gig in 1992. You can view the photos here. If this is you, and you are available to be interviewed by the band in London on Saturday 10 June on about your experience at that show, Buffalo Tom and your life then and now, please contact or message us here!
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Out today! Buffalo Tom's Let Me Come Over 25th anniversary reissue! 2 LPs or 2 CDs. Second lp/cd includes the band's first ever live release from a 1992 London show!
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"The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste" is a documentary on Six. By Seven by director Alex Mannion-Jones. Please watch it! Just search the title on YouTube.
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Just a little haiku!

This is a photo of Eddie Vedder of @pearljam performing "Taillights Fade" with @billjanovitz of Buffalo Tom at the Hot Stove Cool Music charity concert in Boston a couple of days ago. See more gorgeous photos by Tim Bugbee @tinnitus_photo and read about the evening at
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News from @petermurphyofficial
Sending some healing vibes.👩🏼‍⚕️

Promo stickers for Peter Murphy's Cascade album! Unpeeled.
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Tellin' Stories is 20 years old today.

As the band said on their own Instagram today "Happy times, tragic times. We stuck together. We came through it. Sometimes it seems there's no light in the dark but you get through." @thecharlatans @ogenesisrecords

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The Blonde Redhead album 23 was released by 4AD 10 years ago today!
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