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JAY πŸ“·β›“ NSFW  A. Regan πŸ’• Even the most sadistic and destructive man is human, as human as the saint. DM to shoot πŸ“·

I just want to sit back and admire you, admire how beautiful every piece of you is, before I make you crawl to me like daddy's whore and do as I say. When I leave you covered with marks, it'll make things just that much more beautiful πŸ’•#begforjay .
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I move, your eyes follow.
I want to see how weak you get for me just in those eyes. Melt, princess πŸ’•
#begforjay .
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Bad kitty! β›“πŸ’•#begforjay .
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It's Friday! Wanna go hiking? πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»β›“

Little one, daddy's right here, he's not going anywhere. Don't you dare forget that β›“πŸŽ€πŸ’• #begforjay .
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When that door closed behind me; I expect you on all fours. I'll say it one last time; ALL FOURS. Crawl to me, daddy's little whore β›“πŸ’•#begforjay .
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BEING COLLARED : A collar symbolizes a relationship, (no, not always boyfriend and girlfriend)
Once a collar is placed on an individual, the person who places the collar states they are taking full responsibility and or ownership of the collared person, The person who allows themselves or accepts the collar, is saying that they give them self freely to their significant partner.
Collars are earned, and not passed out like candy. It takes time, you can have a collar and wait to earn the right to wear it. It is an official agreement The sub releases their body, heart and mind to the other unconditionally, to do with as they please. The collared person is now officially the Submissive, and the Dominant has now earned that title β›“#begforjay .
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Be ready for daddy's use always. Know everything that he likes, how he likes his coffee, his favorite movie, his routines.. all things down to when it's appropriate to get on your knees and open wide (which is majority of the time) when he's done using you, you thank him. Got it?
Now thank me, little one πŸ’•#begforjay .
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Dominance isn't about "come here and let me do as I please because I say so"
it's earned, it is built, trust and communication are Key πŸ”‘
So when it all comes down to it and she does all that I say, it is not because I'm some big bad cocky asshole that pounds on his chest. It's because I know when it's time to care for her, open her mind, let her pour her emotions out on me so I can help fix whatever she needs. Everyone asks, how do they let you do those things to them? How do you get away from with controlling them? Spitting on them? Doing as you fucking please? Because I earn it. I fucking earn it. #begforjay .
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Need some new faces for videos and photos! Let's set some stuff up β›“ Tag someone you want to see me work with or comment if you're down! Let's make some magic. πŸ’•

Edge play, yes it's a real thing. Items that fall into the category deemed as "not safe" (knife play, rape play, breath play) so little one, the best part is, knives or not, you're going to do exactly what I want #begforjay .

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