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Good morning friends, register for this songwriting course starting next week @ogbomoso
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In order to learn how sounds are produced it is essential to become familiar with the articulators. This will help us to take charge when we sing and also helps us to sing better and produce good sounds.
It is very true that all the sounds we make when we speak are the result of muscles contracting. The muscles in the chest that we use for breathing produce the flow of air that is needed for almost all speech sounds.
I will be talking about three of the articulators they are ; your lips(upper and lower), your teeth(upper and lower) and the(tongue)tip of your tongue. You can't sound well if you can't master this three.

For example; you can't say a word without these three even though you make use of other articulators too. (try it!) by saying this (lips, teeth and tip of the tongue) *smile* say it repeatedly non-stop for a minute without rest.

Now so many/some of us swallow our articulations when we sing. We swallow our words by not opening our mouth to produce the sounds well enough and this sabotages our performance.
Sometimes we also care more about how unpleasant we might look when we sing some notes;
So because we don't want to look awful or funny or we don't want people to make fun of us, some of us would rather not sing some notes correctly. And this could sabotage our performance. ...tip for mastering the articulators; fine get a mirror and say the lips teeth, tip of the tongue 10x in a row... if you haven't gotten it the first time pay attention to it and do it slowly first. #intentionally.
Also use your lips to shape the words..
For example; the lips are pressed together when we produce sounds like letter p and b. The lips are brought in contact with the teeth when we produce sounds like letter f and v. And rounded to produce sounds for vowels like letter U.
So do not swallow your articulations because it gets in the way of resonance, tone quality, and other singing mechanism.
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This week you are blessed and highly favoured in Jesus name. Amen @begetmusic @begetmusicacademy

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