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Austin Burge  Son of God🙏🏻 22 San Antonio, Texas Classic Physique Major Muscle Athlete Beezyphysique@gmail.com 📩

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps! ❤️
Crazy arm pump today fueled by loads of supersets and the new @likeaprosupps Pre from @majormusclenutrition
(perfect for arm day)🔥😈
Here’s the full workout 👇🏻
1. Inclined Skull Crushers w/ EZ curl bar superset with EZ curl bar curls (4x15)
2. Tricep extensions w/ press down V bar superset w/ overhead curls on the lat pull downs w/ lat pull down bar (4x15)
3. Weighted Dips superset w/ hammer curls 5L, 5R, 5L, 5R rep scheme
4. Single arm preacher curls on inclined bench superset w/ single arm overhead dumbbell skull crushers (4x12)
5. Standing alternating dumbbell curls superset w/ dumbbell skull crushers on inclined bench
Try it out and lmk how ya like it 💪🏻😄

If you’re working for a goal give it all you have and take it serious. every rep, set, meal and cardio session. That is what separates good to great. Competitor to champion. It’s supposed to be hard and not easy.💪🏻
#SundayFunday #Obsessed #GorillaSquadSA

#TransformationTuesday 3 month progress
We’ve got more work to do! We’re just getting started🔥
#WiestBodies #MajorMuscleNutrition #GorillaSquadSA

7 years ago I remember I got my first gym membership at lifetime fitness. My buddy(@yungherc19)and I just finished up an arm sesh and flexed in the mirror. Then someone came up to us and said we’re not allowed to flex until we get arms like his. Ever since then I make sure I flex in every mirror I see haha! 🖕🏻 Keep killing it regardless of what haters say! 💪🏻

EZ bar rows🔥
Grab the outer bends of an EZ bar with a shoulder width apart, underhand grip with your palms facing up for lower lat activation🔥
On this exercise I ended up doing (5x10-12).
Last set was a rest pause set which means after I hit the 12 reps I rested for 30 seconds and went right back in till failure. Try it out! 👊🏻
#SideNote: I was going to add music but these metal plates sound so damn beautiful 😭

If you want something bad enough you won’t let anything stop you, stay focused, stay relentless and be a savage😈💪🏻
#SundayFunday #LetsWork

Killer chest day superset!🔥 Try it out!💪🏻😎

Excited to announce that I’m now a sponsored athlete for @majormusclenutrition. Its a blessing to be a part of a nutrition shop that recognizes our hero’s here in SA.👨‍✈️👨‍🚒 Also the BEST supplements and prices in town! 🔥🦍
#MajorMuscleNutrition #GorillaSquadSA

Finished off leg day with some drop sets🔥

I often get asked about what my tricep tattoo means so here’s a couple of fun facts.🤓
The writing on my tricep says Mikalakhakis in Greek which was my dads adopted name when he lived in Greece. He moved to San Antonio when he was adopted at 2 years old and later met my mom who was also born in Greece. I wanted to get this tattoo to honer the Greek side of my family. 🇬🇷😄 Definitely plan to visit one day!🙌🏻

Chipping away... ⚒
#14weeks #DailyGrind

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