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last tumble cycle round this ol' town. #pnw 👋🏾〰 come say bye to this lil one and i before we fly away north. 🕊

a place that always felt so wrong. a cathartic last hello and goodbye to our old hometown. we'd hop the fence behind my house, to get away from all the shit we didn't know how to denounce. that racist/homophobic bullshit always spitting out their mouths. internalizing instead of standing our ground. i never wanted to be here and I'm glad we got ourselves out. feels nice to come back n' let my 'black girl hair' hair fall down with my brown titties hanging out

call me the phlegm queen as i slowly de-throne kingdom influenza. almost home from long, lovely bubble of a trip through the south. see you soon, real world politics and emo-ceans.

To live and die in Waipio. #hautejungletreehaus

biankiki just tryinaa blend in

🔛bye bye, katja. 🔙see you in santa cruz, meeeeet ya in Portland🔜

fuck u 2016. gbye and gnite. #happygregoriannewyear

celebrating the life of our dreamy botanical princess. #bottery 💫

#kousin see u soon Bb

rare selfie, interp: when ya get a new phone that matches your hair and feel like u gotta update and show off to the gram-fam your sad/ cold boi yachty looks and feels

ITSNOTOKAYDEATHTOITALL. Note to y'all/ self*** I see the tears and fire in your eyes. Don't look the other way. Staying vigilante is hard (because life/the comforts of it), but this is too important. This will never be okay. Everything is so broken, but it doesn't have to be this way. When will THEY/we ever learn to love the earth and its inhabitants? Maybe never. But it's better to all die trying to make love pave the way, than to let hate rule our everyday. #fucktrump #notourpresident #fuckwhitesupremacy oh and #fuckclimatechangedennial ! To all my beautiful homies, may we stay sparked and lit and strong. Illustration brought to you by @jorbquan and @beeveetee

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