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Beesponsible  We love bees and all they do for us. We speak up for these fuzzy, buzzy pollinators and share ways to help keep them a thriving part of our lives. πŸπŸ’›

Do #bumblebees make honey? πŸ€”πŸŒΌπŸ― Well, sort of. They bring back #nectar and regurgitate it into wax "honey pots" in their nests (although they don't dehydrate the nectar like honeybees do). The queen uses this stored honey to feed herself and her developing brood during spring and summer. But because only new queens hibernate through the winter, bumblebees don't need to hoard provisions like a honeybee colony which stays active. πŸβ €
β €
Check out the #linkinbio to learn more about how #bumblebee queens prepare for winter.

The pros and cons of drone life:β €
β €
Prosβ €
βœ” No chores in the hiveβ €
βœ” Live off the labor of female workersβ €
βœ” Get credit for ensuring future #honeybee generationsβ €
β €
Consβ €
βœ– Not exactly #mcm material (see first two pros)β €
βœ– Die immediately after matingβ €
βœ– Get kicked out of the hive before winterβ €
β €
Learn more about the life of drones, queens and workers on our website (πŸ”— in bio).

Speak up for bees by November 13! πŸ“’ Sulfoxaflor exposure has been shown to reduce both the size of #bumblebee colonies and the number of offspring produced by 54 percent. Now the maker of this harmful #pesticide wants to expand its use to millions of acres of commercial crops and residential plants that bees forage. 🌱 Follow the link in our bio to the @epagov docket where you can leave a comment opposing the expansion of sulfoxaflor β€” deadline is 11/13. 🚫 Our voices are powerful!β €
β €
#savethebees #weneedbees #protectthebees #protectpollinators #pollinators #useyourvoice #beethechange #chemicalfree #pesticidefree

This month, we're especially thankful for YOU β€” our #beesponsible community. πŸ™ Together, through our collective actions and voices, we're making a difference for #bees. Help us continue spreading the word by tagging a friend you think would like to learn more about these amazing #pollinators! 🐝❀

When you think about it, #honey and #wine have a lot in common. 🍯🍷 Honey flavor, color and aroma is determined by what floral source the bees forage β€” giving each honey varietal its own distinct sweetness. 🌻 Similarly, wine takes on the characteristics of the grape and overall terroir where it's produced. πŸ‡ In both cases, #nature plays a role in the authentic flavor experiences we enjoy. Pretty amazing, right?β €
β €
Of course, one area where honey and wine differ would be the effects of consumption. We've never experienced a honey hangover! πŸ˜‰β €
β €

πŸ’₯ Pop quiz! πŸ’₯ How much do you know about this sweet treat from the bees? 🍯 Tell us which of the following is FALSE!β €
A. Honey rarely goes bad.β €
B. Bees make all the wax to seal their honey.β €
C. Drones don't make honey.β €
D. Flower nectar determines honey flavor.β €
E. Raw honey is less likely to crystallize. β €
β €
#honeyfacts #beefacts #rawhoney #honeybees

🐝 Bee Thankful Sale πŸβ €
Get 33% off all 12 oz. jars of Bee Harmony Honey, from November 7-14 only! 🍯 Promo code: BEETHANKFULβ €
β €
Because we're grateful for everything bees do for us, including pollinating 1/3 of our food. πŸ™ Follow the #linkinbio to stock up at and take advantage of this sweet deal.β €
β €
#beeharmonyhoney #rawhoney #honeylovers #nobeesnofood #thankabee #beethankful #givethanks #thanksgiving #bethankful #sweetdeal #happynovember

"Always stand on principle... even if you stand alone." β€” John Adamsβ €
β €
A reminder that, just like in a #honeybee colony, our individual actions can collectively add up to something big and wonderful. πŸ’›β €
β €
Oh, and go #vote if you haven't already! πŸ‘β˜‘

Lucky for us, #honeybees are overachievers. πŸ… They make and hoard more #honey than they need for the winter (up to 100 pounds of excess for a strong colony). That's why we're able to enjoy part of their sweet surplus! πŸ―πŸ˜‹πŸ™ Learn all the steps in the honey-making process via the #linkinbio. β €
β €
#preparingforwinter #naturalsweetness #honeycomb #honeybee #beecolony

Peek-a-bee! πŸ‘€ Comment with a 🐝 once you spot the fuzzy forager in this picture. (We'll share the answer in our stories later!)

For those of us setting the clocks back an hour this weekend, it technically means Sunday is a 25-hour day. πŸ•‘ If you need an idea for how to spend that extra hour, what about perusing our website? πŸ˜‰ You can do all sorts of cool #beesponsible things:
🐝 Learn why #bees are so important
🍯 Discover how nectar becomes #honey
🌸 Plan your #garden for next spring
πŸ“£ Advocate for #beefriendly legislature
🎁 Get a head start on #holidayshopping

Are you a fan of the time change? πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž?

Bees pollinate nearly 1/3 of the food we eat and nearly 1/6 of the world's flowering plant species β€” something to keep in mind as we head into this month of giving thanks. πŸ™

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