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Jane Cullis, Emily Vucic  We aim to make science accessible by hosting talks by top scientists over a brew at ABC Beer Co. In NYC on the first Sunday of every month!

A few more shots from the last BWAS thanks to @dchuchuca

Dr. Sonali McDermid’s talk is available as a podcast!! Check it out!! (photo by @dchuchuca )

w/ @vooey & @scientistajane

Beer with a Scientist is tonight. We’re talking climate with Dr Sonali McDermid.7pm!

Some pics from last night’s BWAS! Thanks to Dr. Pe’er for giving us a glimpse into her fascinating and important work!

Next BWAS! Dana Pe’er is a world class computational biologist and the Chair of the Computational and Systems Biology Program at Sloan Kettering Institute. Her lab uses computational approaches to better understand how tumors and other genetic diseases interact as ecosystems. In the emerging era of big data, she is a pioneer in our movement toward the development of the best strategies to effectively consolidate and interpret large datasets in order to improve our healthcare.

Some pics from the last BWAS with Papa G

Papa G tonight in the East Village! 7:00 @ ABC Beer co.

What a great evening and talk by the lovely and lively Dr. Charles Liu!! Podcast of this is coming soon and you’re going to enjoy this one! Thanks to everyone who came out!!!

Next BWAS is going to be June10 and our sealer is Dr. Charles Liu, associate professor of Astrophysics at City University New York. #science #astrophysics #cuny #haydenplanetarium #cosmos #beer

N=1? Ants, bees, wasps. And we’re talking about yeast which, yes, we’re stoked on.

This Sunday on BWAS!!
May 2018
Jef Boeke, PhD
Dr. Boeke is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology and the Director of the Institute of Systems Genetics at New York University. Dr. Boeke's laboratory research focuses on mobile gene elements called retrotransposons that infest the genomes of all eukaryotes. His lab is particularly interested in their mechanism of movement, retrotransposition, and how they find their homes in host genomes.
Boeke Lab Website:

Will we make immortal designer babies? Yes. Last night’s BWAS with Dr. Kasthuri Kannan. The podcast is available at and coming soon to iTunes.

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