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Beercierge  Established to elevate beer retail knowledge and standards, focusing on improved beer service thru work in tasting and practice, in action!

Smoked Beer. Beer from Bamberg, Germany. Beechwood Smoked Barley. Helles. Marzen. Weizen. Urbock. Levels of smoke range from a subtle whiff to liquid bacon. Explore with us.

Do you know how to differentiate a Munich Helles, Munich Dunkel and a Doppelbock? Can you put it into words for your friends and/or customers? If not, join us for a few sessions. We’ll discuss bready and doughy vs crackery, rich vs sweet, and other Lager aroma and flavor characteristics. Training is in session tonight at 6pm. Tickets are $10 and there are plenty of seats available. Ticket link in profile!

Yes, it’s kinda cool that they’re the only #TrappistBrewery in the US. Level that up with outstanding beers and you have our attention!
From left to right: Spencer Trappist Ale, a Trappist Single that walks a bit like a Belgian Blond, Spencer Holiday Ale, a Belgian Dark Strong Ale, with boisterous notes of dark fruit, and a sprinkle of winter spice, and Spencer Monk’s Reserve, and untraditional Belgian Dark Strong, that’s a little more bold than most, and super dry in the finish! .
See you Saturday, 12pm. Tickets at link in profile!

Four tickets remain to our epic event with F. Isaac from @spencerbrewery this SA, 12pm. $10 tickets, sampling four beers and stories of their beginnings and being the only #TrappistBrewery in the US! Link in profile ...hurry. .
Event is at The Society of Master Beercierge, 85 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA!

One of the best on the market, currently, from a tiny operation down in Oxford, CT.
Loaded with 2 Row Pale, British Pale, Crystal 150, Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt, Flakes Oats, Malted Oats, Munich Malt and Belgian Special B Malt. .
Nutty, chewy, light toffee, a whiff of caramel, chewy, round, and a touch creamy. .
If you’re drinking Brown Ales, down leave this one out. #BrownAle #GranolaBrown #BlackHogBrewing #LearnBeer #TheBeerYouKnow #Beercierge

The official Oktoberfest is a few months behind us now, but the style never fades away. Many breweries make these beers year round, for those malt-driven lager lovers. One question is: Marzen or Festbier ... do you know the difference? Train with us each week and get your beer knowledge situated! Sign up link in profile. #LearnBeer #Beercierge #TheBeerYouKnow

Who’s producing the best beer? MA or the Tri-State (NY-CT-NJ)? Join Andy Crouch and John Holl as they do some smack talking and bragging about their local beers. $20 tickets gets you in the judging seat! 6-8:30pm, Thursday, December 13th. Ticket link in bio.

How’s your understanding of mixed and spontaneous-fermentation in beer? Any knowledge or experience with blending young and old ales? We’ll spend a few moments deconstructing something from this realm, on November 19th - No Beer Training tomorrow! Join us next week for the last training of 2018! Link to sign up in Bio.

A light, pillow-y, uncooked bread, slightly dough-y, extra rounded, palatable easy drinking #Czech or #Bohemian-style Pilsner, with a flirting wiff of Saaz hops and a less than aggressive hop bitterness. One of the best we’ve seen from #NotchBrewing this far - #TheStandard! Wanna dig in an learn about lagers and/or Pilsners? We’d love to help. Click through to our webpage, sign up for an event and get your #RetailBeer #Education finally started.

Arbiter ... Zum Uerige is likely the most well-known in the US, which will now be available in cans. A classic brown ale from Düsseldorf, Germany, that’s lagered for some time, at cooler temperatures, to provide a clear, bright beer; crisp, with a pronounced hop bIte and balanced German Pilsner & Munich Malt.

Troegs Golden Thing made it into our Monday Night Beer Training Session this past week. Packed with tropical fruit, orange marmalade, and a touch of pine, from the bounty of hops stuffed into this Double-NE Style IPA. Some haze and a French baguette kinda body. For 8.2% abv, she’s sneaky and smooth, with ultimately low bitterness and a drier finish! Get yourself to our training sessions and you can get a handle on aroma, flavor and what your tasting, too. Sign up via link in profile.

Don’t put off what you can do on a Monday evening ...! Our sessions require attendance, a willingness to learn about beer styles and discussion with a group of like-minded people. You’ve wanted to join us, but haven’t executed?! The time is now and we’ve opened up additional seats each week. We’d love to see you tonight at 6pm. Tickets are $10. Link in profile!

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