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Beer Farts  A beery journey on Lego legs. Utter nonsense but at least the beers have head 🍺

Wiper and True were two identical twin pines. The only way you could tell them apart was that Wiper had a gammy left eye and True had a gammy right eye.
Pine!!! I love pine!! So much pine with a touch of orange and grapefruit. So, so easy drinking and so damn good. A stand out beer of 2017 so far.

There are stories of some hops getting a little lazy and letting grapefruit do the work for them. Nothing's confirmed but the hops are definitely chilled out.
Well this is a little deadly. Citrus and herbal hops washed down with tangy grapefruit juice to leave a lingering bitterness. Effortless.
Thanks for the can @tommclay

Oh, so that's what opening up a can of whoop ass feels like!
Happy this is back in the U.K. once more. Orange peel and peach with a buttery biscuit finish. Just so damn easy drinking.

Despite his best attempts, Eduardo Paolozzi couldn't hide his Italian roots. He tried fitting in with the Edinburgh locals by wearing tartan skirts and learning to play bagpipes but he didn't like the draught downstairs or the sound of a broken car horn. He just wanted to paint pretty ladies.
Arrived home to a box of these a few weeks back. No idea how they got my address but I'm not one to say no to free beer. A very light cereal, hay and citrus aroma with a sweet and slightly buttery flavour before a light bittersweet finish.

Been a tough one in London this week, for obvious reasons. Without going too deep, I'd like to stick two fingers up to those idiots that choose to inflict pain on innocent, good people. Instead of dwelling on the bad, let's remember what makes this city one of the greatest in the World. Drinking good cask ale with the old boys seems an appropriate place to start.

Tony was just annoyed because he couldn't do press-ups without looking ridiculous.
Thanks for sending me your latest cans @ubrewcc. This IPL is full of citrus and tropical aromas with a light malt body with a light bitterness.

Beers and busking, Gipsy style. So hipster right now. Sorry, I mean Hepcat.
Work perks 🍻

Sputnik wasn't actually a satellite at all. It was a small toy spaceship built and launched by a man from Leeds that had always dreamed of going into space.
Always happy to get my hands on some North Brewing cans and this is the first time trying their Pale. Nice bold flavours of pineapple, lime, pine and caramel. Perfect train beer.

During the summer months, some of Sweden could be mistaken for being in the tropics. Not just because of the glorious weather but because of the crazy locals that dress up as tropical fruit and sing folk songs.
Just completely tropical. Peach, passionfruit, pineapple, grapefruit and lemon make this so juicy and tart. Think you don't like beer? Try this!

As well as being an acclaimed scholar, in 1216 Michael Scot used his occultism skills to perfect the art of brewing beer with semi-skimmed milk.
Nothing too overcomplicated about this latest special. Nonetheless a solid, easy drinking Stout blending vanilla, sweet chocolate, coffee and oats. Very deceiving too.

Archie the Clown wouldn't just throw pies in people's faces. He'd found a way to squeeze a cake into a can so he could spray his unexpecting victims with liquid form chocolate mud cake.
Exactly what it says in the tin. Chocolate mud cake in a can. Malty chocolate milkshake, fudge, vanilla and a load more chocolate. Loved it. No mud though.

Every spring Craven Park would come into blossom, awakening all of the insects as well as the flowers. Almost overnight the park would go from being critterless to critterful.
Tart cranberries, cherries and lemon with ripe mango sweetness and rye spice hide the abv incredibly well. Pure juice.

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