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Beer Farts  A beery journey on Lego legs. Utter nonsense but at least the beers have head 🍺

In Seville they have oranges that are as large as a family pizza. Once sliced they even look a little like pizza. The oranges are so popular that most of the local takeaways deliver these instead of pizza too.
Need to keep my Vit-C up today to wade off any bugs so this orange sour counts right? Juicy and zesty orange marmalade spread on digestive biscuits. I already feel better.

Before George became a Saint for slaying the dragon, he went by the name Huck. This was because of his ability to chuck a spear such long distances to kill. What the legend fails to mention is that this was also how he actually killed the dragon.
Celebrating the one patron saint that isn't celebrated with this lovely DIPA. Sweet, piney, tropical and smooth.

Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on orange zest and then drive like a bastard from West Norwood to Gipsy Hill....with the music at top volume and at least a pint of Day Tripper.
I'm always keen for a good day trip especially if it's even better than the last. This time around the orange zest has been added at the dry hopping stage rather than in the kettle along with a variation in hops. A lighter, crisper body than the first version still bursting with tropical passion fruit, citrus, pine and tangy orange zest.

After their first night in Pine Valley, Arlene remembered (despite the risk of waking up with a raccoon in your bed) why she should never go to sleep with the windows up on the caravan. Her husband's beer farts were potent.
Drop me into a forest of pine and please don't even attempt to rescue me. I can die happy here. Dank, delicious and perfectly balanced. Thanks so much @bottleshop_bermondsey for getting this to our shores while it is still fresh. It's insanely good.

Pilot's suit ✔️
Dodgy pilot's hat ✔️
Badass aviators ✔️
Fake pilot's licence I made last night ✔️
Tall boys ✔️
Now to find me a plane....
A new Hells, oh wait I mean Helles from these guys. Citrus fruits with a little grass and caramel sweetness with a clean, crispness.

It only seems appropriate today to lounge around in my robe while sipping tea and eating biscuits. I'm so sophisticated.
Happy National Tea Day. If you're going to drink a beer today than make sure it's one brewed with tea like this delight.

Back in the land that gave birth to punks.
So happy one of my favourite brewery bars is back and better than ever.
Flue Faker tasting great. Unfiltered Hells tasting great. It's just like old times.

No fat cats.
No investment bankers.
No venture capitalists.
No overbearing parent company.
Just loads of people that who care passionately about craft beer.
Two hundred million you say?......Scratch that. We're rich! Rich! Beyond our wildest dreams! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Loving the latest lager in the Brewdog range. Swear I've had something very similar before though.

In 1994 a crazy man that said he was an alchemist gave me a new beer to try. It was hazy. It was fruity. It was really good. But it came with its side effects. Ever since that day I have had hops growing out of my head. I look a little weird but it's not all bad. I always have fresh hops in my home brew.
If you imagine unicorns massaging pugs while they cry tears of joy into a river of candy that flows through heaven and is captured into a're probably a crazy person. This in awesome though. All the juicy tropical fruit and pine you could want. Mango. Pineapple. Grapefruit. Orange. Now chew your face off. Incredibly smooth and deceivingly easy. Love it.

When Maharaja Faarti visited England he fell in love with the local ales so much that he filled his ship to the brim with barrels of the stuff to take home with him. Once home he made his servants build his throne out of the empty barrels and changed his name to Maharaja Beeri.
A very traditional Pale brewed using a new English hop giving this light tropical aromas with plenty of orange zest on a rich malt and marmalade body. I'd be interested to try this in cask.

Enjoying a few (questionably earned) afterwork brews while reading the latest and best ever edition of Ferment 🤔
Times be good

Blue sky.
Blue sea.
Blue tee.
Blue lid.
Blue undies?
Digging out another fine bottle from the 2015 Rainbow Project; the cloudberry and seaweed gose. Tart, sour and salty. Really well balanced, refreshing combo and still tasting great.

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