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Beer Farts  A beery journey on Lego legs. Utter nonsense but at least the beers have head 🍺

In Oslo, skinny dipping is very much frowned upon. One dirty old Norwegian gets around this by using a rubber ring to cover his junk and still able to give them a good dunking while staying afloat.
Gimme citrus fruits but more than anything give me juicy pink grapefruit! This saison is so sharp and refreshing.

Hawaii may have beautiful beaches but steer clear of the beaches where the local crocs practice their voodoo. They like to sacrifice a human to the beer gods.
Coconut, chocolate and coffee. Must be Hawaiian I guess. Pretty damn tasty though.

Ragnaröck were a Scandinavian rock band that failed to conquer the charts in their homeland of Norway (and just about everywhere else) but became somewhat of an enigma throughout Belgium with hits such as 'Pass meg øl' and 'Smakk ølen min opp'. Dug this out from deep in within my Belgian stash. Citrus fruits, honey, peach and funk. Smakk ølen min opp!

In Norway, it's a true sign of strength if you get your tattoos inked using an extremely sharp and ridiculously large dagger.
I was lucky enough to try this awesome IPA fresh from the tank at the brewery last week and this can was tasting almost as fresh. Full of pineapple, mango and freshly cut grass. Tropically refreshing.

Heavy one last night. Anders may have drank a few too many. He swears he saw three tigers at one point.
Need something big to kick me into action and this is that. Caramel, banana, spices and brown sugar. On a blind test I wouldn't have known this wasn't Belgian.

For most an equinox occurs twice a year. However, for those in certain rainy climates it is called an Ekuanot due to the fact that it is as likely to happen as any sunny day.
If I'm being honest, for me the IPAs were the style I was often disappointed with from CW. This has totally changed my opinion. Lemon, pineapple, orange zest, pine and melon. Well rounded and balanced. Spot on.

Tie-dye tees are so unique. You can make them yourself and then nobody will have a tee that is even like it. Oh crap.....
This is my favourite from Belleville. Great combo of caramel, berries, orange and spicy rye. Thanks to the guys there for sending me this.

Every morning David would work out in his garden to maintain his stoutly look.
Dark chocolate, espresso, sweet caramel, oats and dark berries. Absolutely solid stout.

The Mango Halcyon was neither a bird nor a human. Or maybe it was both? Either way, it did have a beak and orange feathers which got their colour from a 100% mango diet.
Why would you take a perfectly good IPA and chuck a whole load of ripe mango juice in? To make it even better!

So I went to a 'Pink & Blue Party' over the weekend. I didn't realise the girls were meant to dress in pink and the guys in blue. I'm not down with these gender colour stereotypes at all. Pink makes my eyes pop.
Decided to hang on to a few V13s. Tried one 'fresh' then one not so fresh (4 weeks old) and not one that's just ancient (7 weeks old). I personally preferred the older ones. The tropical fruit and pine flavours have held up well along with that hint of Petit Filous and oaty body. Most importantly it just felt more balanced and well rounded after a few weeks. Maybe that's just me though. I'm sure it's about to die a dramatic death. Drink fresh...ish.

On his journey to becoming the Guardian of Peace, Luke constantly had to be reminded what kind of sword fights he should be practicing.
Fresh and ripe tangerine and grapefruit with a tropical, floral finish. Packed with flavour but I'd love to try a filtered version of this. Reckon it would sharpen it up a little. Just saying.

In west Brooklyn born and raised
In the brewery was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the brew school
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started making bad beer in my neighborhood
I got in one little beer fight and my mom got scared
She said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.
Tropical and tart, this sour is a delight. Lots of lime, lemon and sweet berries. A perfectly executed sour.

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