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Beer Farts  A beery journey on Lego legs. Utter nonsense but at least the beers have head 🍺


I have a tremendous idea. If I just fill half of this barrel with some green slosh and then the other half with some other green slosh, I should create the perfect buzz.
Piney and tropical with grainy oats and a hop burn that coats the tongue. Left this a while as I'd heard it was very 'green' and it certainly is, still.
Thanks so much @poppyeliza for sending me this. Way too kind a gesture.

Every weekend the Deya lads go for a ramble through the hills of Gloucester. It can be tiring work though, so they always make sure they pack a juice and oat blend to keep them energised and more importantly, buzzed.
It's finally here. Oh wag, it's finally here. A juicy, tropical haze of pineapple, tangerine and papaya balanced with oatmilk wholeness and a sherbet tingle. I just want to drink this forever.

During the summer months, Santa spends a bit of time in Belgium where he pretends to be a monk so that he can get away with having beer for breakfast.
Bread, lemons, honey and spice. Seems like a pretty legit breakfast to me.

While I wasn't able to make it down to the awesomeness that is Field Day, I have at least been able to enjoy the beer. Funny enough it's full of citrus fruits too. Tangy and refreshing lemon, orange and grapefruit (no cat fur though). Perfect for this ridiculous heat.

Being adopted and brought up by a family of owls, Hitachino was never able to accept that he was really a chicken. He couldn't cluck, peck and was never going to be in anyone's chicken fried rice.
Pure booze this, with flavours of caramel, dried fruits and a little earthy spice.

That's not chocolate drops Manfred is using instead of pucks....
Too hot for stouts? Never. A really rich chocolate aroma that doesn't quite carry into the taste but still smooth and sweet.

It's after 8pm and so being as sophisticated as I am, I shall be enjoying some mint chocolate for my dessert.
Mint and chocolate in a can. It's that simple. Serve it in a fancy glass like me and make yourself feel classy. Attire is optional.

Farmer Jack also known as Handsome Jack was not actually handsome at all. He was a charmer however, swooning the ladies with roses and beers.
Floral, citrusy and sweet with plenty of rose petals to funk things up. Smash this in the sun.

Brush and pump
Brush and pump
Brush and pump
Brush and pump
And swap
Brush and pump
Brush and pump
Brush and pump
Brush and pump
And pose.
It's not easy being a tart you know.
A sour tart with sharp lemon and grapefruit before a biscuity sweetness. It's a classic.

Jakob wasn't much of a fan of dancing. That was until he'd sunk a few Maß of Hefeweizen and then he'd be up doing the Schunkeln, vigorously swinging his sausage about.
No messing here, a clean and classic Hefe. Banana, mandarin, fruity bubblegum, melon and a little citrus spice to finish. I plan to smash a few of these in the sun over the weekend.

The highlight for Elisa and Fred on their vacation to Hanalei was bumping into some of the island's locals while canoeing.
They were on hand to guide them to the nearest watering hole.
Refreshingly easy drinking session IPA combining orange, passionfruit and guava. I feel like I'm on vacation. Thanks for the bottle @beermerchants

Hermes was the patron of land travel, heralds, commerce, weights and measures, rhetoric, guile, thieves, wrestling and beer. Often portrayed as a young woman in traveler's or herald's garb, Hermes was an attractive and picturesque deity, somewhat resembling her half brother, the god Apollo. Although, Hermes was always able to drink Apollo under the table.
A straightforward, no nonsense pilsner this. Light citrus fruits with a malty bread base.

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