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Beer Farts  A beery journey on Lego legs. Utter nonsense but at least the beers have head and my Lego isn't from China

My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to cycle to my local green to have a listen to whatever the local crazy has chosen to shout about this week. I often have a bet with my myself on whether or not he'll be wearing any pants.
One of my favourites from CTB so very happy when this returned. As fresh and tropical as ever with a super clean finish. A perfect hybrid of Pale and lager.

Lumberjacks in Michigan start every morning with a breakfast of pancakes covered in blueberries and maple syrup. When they're feeling cheeky they'll even add a dollop of cream.
This is no doubt full of all kinds of unnatural adjuncts but it's tastes so damn good I don't even care. Sweet blueberries with rich maple syrup with hints of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. I know it's wrong but it's just too good.

They live amongst us...and their disguises are getting worse.
Always have to bring a bottle of Viven back whenever in Belgium. Bold flavours of orange, grapefruit and pine with caramel and a spicy citrus and herb bitterness.

On a Friday, apparently two evils can make a Gose.
Floral and sour with crazy herbs, smokiness, citrus fruit and saltiness. Oh yes Friday. Oh yes.

Some dogs are now being bred to sniff out the perfect orange. Some breweries are even using these specially bred dogs to choose the oranges they use to put in their brews. True story.
Always nice to have a bomb of orange and the beer still be balanced. All that orange with hints of grapefruit and pine sit so well with the sweet caramel.

It wasn't just ale that the sea merchants would return home with. Some became a little obsessed with bees, filling their boats with honey and mead. The bee costumes were only to celebrate huge hauls however.
Ok, technically not beer but it does at least contain hops and is delicious on a bloody hot day. Citrus fruit, tarragon and a slightly salty finish blend well with the sweetness of the honey. No longer the medieval drink it once was.

The only way those lumberjacks can keep up with the beavers is by drinking peanut butter lattes all day. The problem now is stopping the damn beavers from getting their paws on the lattes too.
When it comes to uniquely flavoured beers, to me nobody does it better than @belchingbeaver.
Not only has this all the flavours of a delicious peanut butter latte but it's pale too. Mind games.

Every morning I pack my bag ready to head into the fields. I pack it with nothing but what I need for the day. 4 bottles of Bruin....and maybe some snacks if I'm feeling greedy.
Dusting off some old school Belgian bottles today. Full of dark berries, cocoa, brown sugar and nut.

What a scorcher of a day. One of those days you just need to take your clothes off. I'm glad I had plenty of beers too hand to keep me quenched. I was even kind enough to spray a few passersby that looked like they needed cooling down.
Need something refreshing today and this is just that. Floral and piney with hints of lemon and toasted malts. Summer sessions!

There's no need for tents when camping in Norway. Those guys just jump into a hollow tree trunk with their beers and meat.
I did a terrible thing and didn't drink this the second I got it home. The horror! Still packed full of citrus fruit, pine a little spice and toffee, toffee, toffee. Held up well. Almost like it was meant to.

Some strange fellows in Vancouver have taken to using cans of beer as bait while fishing, in the hope of catching a mermaid. They say the beer acts as some kind of lucky charm. If they don't get lucky with a catch, they still get lucky with a cold beer.
Floral and tropical with a doughy bread sweetness and citrus bitterness. A pretty all round solid Pale.

In 1995 a London businessman got himself lost in West Berkshire. He had to stop at a local farm called Maggs to ask for directions. Feeling sorry for the businessman farmer Maggs gave him some of his homebrew to calm him down. The businessman immediately declared the beer 'Maggs' Magnificent Mild'. .
A truly traditional mild, dark fruits, coffee and chocolate. Very smooth and malty.

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