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wig? snatched. gone to mars.  welcome to the trash zone

drew more,, cookies,, since you guys seemed to like the others I drew !
#cookierun #cookierunovenbreak #sodacookie #herbcookie #strawberrycookie #cherrycookie

am I relatable yet
aka I was listening to Matilda and a song really resonated with me fsldkdk when you’re little, you think that as you get older you’ll get braver. but me? I’m more scared than I ever have been tbh
I *really* don’t like calling this a vent but I guess it is?

hndhdnndnf,,,, cookie,,,,
#cookierun #cookierunovenbreak

some long overdue fanart because heck, these boys made my late elementary school years. every video made me so happy and, in a weird way, brought my best friend and I closer together. although I don’t visit their channels as much as I used to, they continue to make me laugh and smile to this day and I appreciate them so so much :,) -
that got really sappy OOPS
also, unrelated but happy Father’s Day to those of you who celebrate !
also, @cosmic_soosh ;-)

I thought I didn’t have anything to post for Garrett’s birthday but then I remembered this thing I animated months ago and never finished so WHY NOT POST IT HFJSJDJS
also I miss the spooky boy videos I hope drew is doing okay
#garrettwatts #shanedawson #drewmonson #idkhowwwtotagthis #spookyboys #shanedawsonandfriends #shaneandfriends #animation

here’s a repost of the screenshot redraw since I don’t really need the spoiler warning anymore sORRY-
#stevenuniverse #asinglepalerose #stevenuniversepearl

owo what’s this?? very unfinished character designs?? only two of them though because I’m not proud of the other ones-
Anyway I have thrown piper and chloe in the trash and replaced them i am sorry-
I thought it would be more reasonable to have a whole organization fighting monsters together instead of two teenagers ndjdjfj

boop random sketches of ocs, myself and also characters from other things-
first two are new, others are old
#ocs #ddlc #monika #chiakinanami #danganronpa #ahatintime

be more chill? on my account? in the year 2018? preposterous
#bemorechill #brookelohst #bmc

finally, here it be- that animatic of Vex and Cupid!! from a few months ago, with that one song, from that one show.
I lost motivation, as always, so it’s unfinished, but I’m decently proud of how it came out

got bored, animated a pearl
#stevenuniverse #stevenuniversepearl

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