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Nabilah Khan Baharuddin  We came out of nothingness scattering stars like dust-My Family r d best parts of me i find my strength in them@bangsarshoppingcentre@thepapilion@brdb

Gelak apa tu Micah? 😂dre, micah, the echoes in this house of ur laughter is magical and music to my ears I love you both so much baby mommy sayangs.... smile and laugh everyday babies and don’t ever stop #drenkhan #stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk #lilomicah #lilomicahboo #lilomicahnkhan

Someone’s a little eager to start school 🙄 #lilomicah

Someone’s sleepy #lilomicah

No special lenses or filters or special filters for these photos while touring the campaign of #tbw2019 #terengganubikeweek2019 Felt like a countryside ride in Europe during autumn #Perlis #Penang #Kedah #eastcostmc #ecmc all that beauty we spend so much money on experiences but we forget the hidden gems our country has to offer n they don’t come at a high price ... just a love for home in its abundance Alhamdulillah #blessed #stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk

For the third and final surprise of the day from the ch to mr chew’s and to everyone who magically appeared from johor to Kuantan I love you !! Even if I was suspicious I promise seeing everyone I didn’t expect showing up definitely surprised me !!!! #stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk

Thank you so much everyone for an amazing brunch !! Spending an afternoon catching up, reminiscing, laughing .. I couldn’t ask for better friends or a better kickstart to my bday !!#stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk

He’s just not having it atm ! Someone’s in a mood ! 🙄😒 #lilomicah

15 years and 2 babies later let’s try jumping again 🙄🤔

Spending the afternoon with hubs ❤️ #stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk #ttnk61116

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