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Nabilah Khan Baharuddin  We came out of nothingness scattering stars like dust-My Family r d best parts of me i find my strength in them@bangsarshoppingcentre@thepapilion@brdb

Finally after all the hard work and recognition Iv been hearing rumours that my brother @omarkhanrugs is launching a new range here unlike any other he’s released before ...but of course true to his form and style he’ll keep us all on edge wondering what this collection is all about n I for one can’t b more excited ... #okhrugs #rugstar #youmatter #whatsonyourfloor #carveoutyourlife #rugsforlife #sonetimesitpicksyou #soproudofmybigbrother

Row row row ur boat gently down the stream #dreamoodies

Lovin the bikes lovin my husband on an original #SOA #sonsofanarchy bike even more ... #ineedmeoneofthose #jealousmuch

Apparently I also type insanely long sentences/paragraphs with very few punctuation marks if any at all 🤔 #ksiandaddybazirduithantaranakgisekolahmahalmahal #toallmyteachersfollowingmeoninstagramSORRY #atleastinoticeditwithoutbeingtold #notthatimadetheefforttofixitthough but hey we take the good with the bad n in this case let’s just ignore the colossal mistake and give me credit for admitting a mistake was made 😬 #bonduniversityforeverlearning

Orrrrrr she could be kinda crazy and obsessed 🙄🤔 #justplayingdevilsadvocate😂 even so .. that’s no reason to take a persons feelings for granted especially when it comes from a place of genuine love

All the little things that make me #stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk #ttnk61116

And ppl wonder y I’m fat ! Stop giving me food at 4am !!!! Ramadan is over @tbtmti !!!! But seriously though thanks for not shoving me off the bed and investing in earplugs to avoid my snoring #thatstrueloverighttherettnk #stilltheluckiestgirlintheworldttnk ##ttnk61116 ps play ur pranks make ur jokes laugh all u want at me but u wait .. when my pantang is over n I’m back on point revenge is sweet !!!! #ineedanewbestfriendtohelpteachthisonealesson

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