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Nabilah Khan Baharuddin  We came out of nothingness scattering stars like dust -My Family r the best parts of me i find my strength in them @bangsarshoppingcentre@thepapilion

With my number 2 ... it's not a special occasion it's not her bday but i took a trip down memory lane today and the one constant person who was always there no matter what .. no matter how hard things were .. no matter how much she'd have to give up for me and everyone else .. no matter how painful ... or difficult .. or trying ... she's always been right by side helping me get through it all .. in a heartbeat .. and it's not just me .. that's just who she is .. it's in her nature and character to put everyone above herself no matter what it takes ... she's the kind of person most people will never come across or have the privilege to have in their lives ... yes I annoy her yes she spends most of the time yelling at me and lecturing me and gets annoyed by me .. but she's also the one person who's never lied to me and she's always been loyal and by my side no matter what coz blood is thicker than water and lord knows how grateful I am that SHE is blood and that we are FAMILY ... so when I say I'm the luckiest girl in the world .. she's one of the reasons why @lulu666 #StillTheLuckiestGirlInTheWorld

🙄 my minions #DreNKhan #dreamoodies

Dan cintaku hanyalah untukmu #DreNKhan

' Our Grandshaykh says we must be awakened for everything coming contrary to our liking and be ready to tolerate it. This is the real station of faith '

My daddy and my babies all ready for another escapade #TheDuchessEscapades #dreamoodies #dreamoodie5

❤️ #DreNKhan

When hubby and baby decide to make u feel better while ur sick 😍❤️ #StillTheLuckiestGirlInTheWorld #StillTheLuckiestGirlInTheWorldTTNK

For those I love I will sacrifice ..

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