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What are your favorite go to eyeshadow brands / palettes!? Comment below!!
Here's the @smashboxcosmetics cover shot "metallic" eyeshadow palette!
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From grease 😓 glam 🤗!
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Did you see this video yet!?
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(I broke down my fave products to combat the heat & humidity during the summer + show you the best makeup for oily skin!)
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Bee is for bronzed ☀️
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Have you seen my new video yet!?
This is my before and after screen shot from my new video: How to fake tan at home! using @tanceuticals !!
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Be your own motivation 💪🏻🙂

- Left = before....150lbs (2012)
- Right = current....110lbs (2017)

I had rapidly gained weight due to unhealthy choices in my lifestyle - plus I was simply uneducated when it came to diet & exercise.
I remember the day I began making my changes, back in 2013...I felt out of control, self conscious, & uncomfortable....But motivated to commit to making these changes for the better.
One day I woke up and decided I wanted to be a better version of myself - I wanted to be comfortable & more confident. I wanted to prove to myself that I could look & feel the way that I wanted.

I finallyyyy started filming the next few topics in my fitness/lifestyle series, on YouTube.
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These videos will start going live in the next couple weeks! Please comment any questions you have or anything you want me to go more in detail about, in these upcoming videos all about my weight loss journey!

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Thank you again @tartecosmetics for the magical dream vacation in paradise....
but for also finallyyyy giving me an acceptable reason to wear this bomb AF body chain!
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Press play for a quickie - This is my recent go to flawless face makeup routine...
- @toofaced hangover face primer all over to hydrate
- @esteeedit pore vanishing stick to prime T-Zone, to blur pores & textured skin, this also soaks excess oil.
- @lorealmakeup true match lumi foundation.
- @itcosmetics dual foundation concealer brush & @purcosmetics blend sponge.
- @maybelline age rewind under eye concealer to hide dark circles and brighten the highlight areas.
- @maccosmetics pro long wear concealer on redness & imperfections.
- @rcmamakeup no color powder to bake & set.
- @royallangnickel brushes
- @anastasiabeverlyhills brow stencil.
- @elfcosmetics brow brush & cream brow color.
- @benefitcosmetics hoola bronzer to contour.
- @luxiebeauty contour brush.
- @beccacosmetics #jaclynhill #beccaxjaclynhill palette blush & champagne pop highlighter.
- @tanceuticals dark self tanning mousse.
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💉 👄 Lip filler, laugh line filler & Botox...
I get a lot of the same questions on this topic from those interested, so I wanted to answer them all here for you! 🙂
Lip injections are injectable dermal filler, that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid - a natural substance found in the body.
Fillers can improve the appearance of your lips by adding Shape, Structure & Volume.
There's several fillers on the market. I use 1ml Juvederm Ultra Plus & 1ml vollure.
Filler can be used in the lips, cheekbones/cheeks, lines above lips, around nose & chin, aka: laugh lines.
The effects typically last 6, up to 18 months.
Results vary. your body will break down the product over time naturally on its own.
(My routine fill is every 4 months.)
They begin by using a numbing cream for 15-30 min. (This is what is first wiped & removed in the video). But it honestly feels like a needle getting shoved into your lips multiple times lol It's tolerable & quick. Feels like stinging pressure...achieving desired results make it worth it. Most fillers contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic.
Typical side effects include minimal bleeding, bruising & swelling to the area treated.
💉 How much will this cost me?
Cost depends on many factors, such as the area treated, amount needed and type or product used to achieve desired outcome. A consultation is best.
There is a big difference between Botox and fillers. "Botox" is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It is used cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. I get 22ml of Botox, 3x a year in my forehead to help reduce & prevent wrinkles.
The effects of a Botox injection are temporary. results vary but typically last 4 months.
Each little quick injection feels like a small prick.
Honestly quiet painless.
I go to mercy hospital in Baltimore MD.
I see @megfoxfilltox Meg fox.
You can set up an appointment with her by calling 410-332-9700
tell them I sent you!! Xo

Life advice...Do whatever makes you happy.
It's no secret that Full lips, are certainly something that makes me happy.
I was born with what I like to call LLS....aka: little lip syndrome lol
It was something I was personally self conscious about & I would shy away from wearing lip color, as I did not want to draw attention to them...
• Top photo = 2013 (no filler, just my natural lips.)
• Bottom photo = 2017 (routine filler, currently using one syringe of juvederm ultra plus XC.)
Fuller lips was something I had wanted for years - so while on my weight loss journey, I decided once I reached my goal of 120 lbs, I would reward myself with it. #workonyouforyou #beyourownmotivation
I started getting lip filler back in 2014, & It has since become part of my routine. I used myself as my own motivation. l worked hard & reached my goal weight...and then treat myself to my goal lips.
#treatYoself #winWin
I am thrilled with my results, and so much more confident with my fuller pout...especially when wearing makeup/lip color!
I see Meg Fox, @megfoxfilltox at mercy hospital in Baltimore, MD. Call 410-332-9700 to set up an appointment! & Tell them I sent you!!

⛅️☕️🙂...Press play!
Heres a quick lil mini tut, for an easy "fake awake" morning routine!
• Face...
@tartecosmetics maracuja oil to prep & hydrate.
@itcosmetics CC cream.
@narsissist Creamy radiant concealer.
@pixibeauty Strobe & Sculpt - highlight & contour palette.
@coverfx setting powder.
• Eyes...
@patchology 5 min. Under eye patches.
@lagirlcosmetics Brow kit.

#tarte Lifted mascara.
• Lips...
#tartecosmetics Clear lip quench.
• Tools...
@luxiebeauty @morphebrushes @beautyblender @love_amika dry shampoo @sephora #sephora @ultabeauty #ultabeauty #ulta

The calories, the clothes, the cosmetics.... #TreatYoSelf #feels

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