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Bee  Proudly made in Minnesota. Other 1/2 of my BFF @missnicowl. Obsessed with my gym. Beagle Mama. Meat free. Cruelty free.

Had a killer back + lats workout this morning. #5weeksout

You bet your ass I trained today. #6weeksout

I got together with my coach last week for a check-in and some posing practice. I learned a lot during our short meeting. We’re right on track at 8.2% body fat and 113 pounds. #7weeksout

Year after year I watch this girl get stronger, and find ways to better her life. We celebrated her 34th birthday this weekend which means I’ve spent 29 of those birthdays with her, celebrating my favorite person on earth. I hope you had the weekend you wished for, Nicole. 2018 still doesn’t even know. I love you so much! Whatever is next for both of us is because we’ve manifested the positivity. ❤️

@kasbomusic tonight! Kicking off @missnicowl’s birthday weekend correct. 🖤💚

Guess who’s building the cutest summer wardrobe ever thanks to @honeybum ☀️

(Homies: So sorry in advance for all the progress photos you’ll be seeing until May. This ride is so important to me and I’d love to share it with anyone who’d like to follow.) My first few tries at some figure posing. I have such a long way to go but the shoulders are in, babes. 🙏🏽

Say hello to the next @nanbfederation Novice Figure competitor! I’ve hit so many of my personal fitness goals in the last 2 years and I’m so excited to bring it to the next level. I’ll be competing on May 26th at Mr./Ms Natural Minnesota. #9weeksout and feeling mentally and physically prepared to do everything it takes to rock my next set of goals.

So remember that challenge at the gym I’ve been obsessing over since January? I FUCKING WON IT. Since I joined my gym I’ve always said “I’ll always do the accountability challenges but I’ll never win one.” Y’all I DID IT. I truly put my mind and body to work for 9 weeks straight. Again, this was NEVER about the money. I didn’t even prepare myself to win anything but the $100 I put down on myself. The money I won is simply a bonus. I tell you what though, I need this positivity in my life so bad right now. This redeeming feeling on my life is working wonders for me. It’s time to sprint to my next finish line. I have more things to share with everyone but that news will come on Saturday. 🖤 Go get your goalz, babes.

AND FINALLY THE BEST PART ABOUT THE LAST 9 WEEKS: it wasn’t for anyone or anything but me.

Also this moment is indescribable. I earned this donut hard.

First of all, I DID IT. I did it. I challenged my mind, and my body more than I ever have and the results are more extreme and amazing than I could ever, ever fathom. Here are my successes:
Body fat 1/10: 14.5%
Body fat 2/10: 11.5%
Body fat 3/10: 8.5%
Muscle mass 1/10: 58.2lbs
Muscle mass 2/10: 58.2
Muscle mass 3/10: 58.4
Weight 1/10: 121.8
Weight 2/10: 118.4
Weight 3/10: 114.8
Now the weight portion I’m not so concerned with because I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight, more than maintain where I was. I wanted to gain some muscle but I realize that was very difficult given the caloric/carb deficit during our prep. You need more calories and carbs to gain muscle, so I know that portion wasn’t going to be quite as strong for me. HOWEVER, the success is what you make of it and I WIN. I win for me. I win for my mind, and I win for knowing I could do it. I win for making the right choices. I win for surrounding myself with the most positive gym energy/atmosphere on the planet, and support from each and every one of gym-mates, trainers, coaches and owners @fxb_andover
I cheated nominally throughout this challenge because I’m human, and perfection isn’t possible and that’s ok. I eliminated alcohol completely, have been off dairy since early 2017, eliminated fruit, and for the most part kept away from sugar, while incorporating dense green veggies, the right carbs, and the correct scheduled eating that our bodies like.
The amount of will power and discipline this challenge taught me is above all the most powerful thing I was able to grasp, and manipulate. I thought I was at my peak months ago, honestly, but unlocking true, REAL will power has changed me. This challenge has changed me. My mind is stronger, my body is stronger, and I am incalculably thankful for all of this.

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