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Paige Sandgren  ☄️NugStrong Fitness, LLC ▪️Live Lean Rx 📊 ▪️CPT & Nutritionist ▪️NQ WPD & Elite Raw PL ▪️Team #BEyondlimITz ▪️HDPhysiques Athlete ❤️@wgoley

I’m not Brazilian but I’m trying to build legs like @julesfit10 anyway. 😅 Full leg muscle bellies will always be my favorite look! 😍 But for now, it’s time to uncover some leg veins... #dontstopworkingforyourgoals #beyondlimitz #hdphysiquesmodel #npc #ifbb #womensphysique @hdphysiques @byltfit

#TBT last fall! No, I won’t stay freaky lean year-round. That’s not always healthy and definitely not a good idea for your metabolism. Take care of yo self 1st ❤️ @hdphysiques HEY JOE, check out those eyelids! 👀😂 @jhartyhart_ifbbpro #ididit #hdphysiques #premiumphysiques #notoriousBIGblinker #nugtheblinkingthug #jkimasofty #especially4burritos

Pop quiz: what kind of speciation occurs when a species is separated by geographical changes and they begin to develop different traits as a result? DON’T GOOGLE IT, CHEATERS! Thought of this bc my tattoo also changes right where my traps pop up. Lol kinda lame joke, but science still rocks. 🗻🧐🤣🤓 #flexfriday #scienceandstriations #hdphysiques (don’t forget to check out my clip store!) #premiumphysiques #npc #wpd #jrnats2018 #readytoROCK #okimdone 😅 coach: @byltfit sponsored by: @hdphysiques

I was flatter than a flapjack tonight but at least I was veiny 😂🥞 & I GET SO MANY CARBS IN THE MORNING! OFF TO SLEEP! ... after I do some sprints with the pup so she’ll sleep too. 🙄🐎 #hdphysiques @hdphysiques #premiumphysiques #beyondlimitz #checkthatpecvein #supersayian

And two days later God said, “let there be lines!” 😂😂🙏🏼 #Repost @byltfit
@beefnuggette Two days apart and after manipulating carbs. Our 1st real drop in kcals. Total body fat is around 8% as of last weeks dexa scan.
4 weeks and 1 day out. Exciting times! 💪🏼🙏🏼💃🏼#byltfit #BEyondlimITz #wpd #womensphysique #Jrnationals2018 #npc #ifbb #quadsgymchicago #quadsgym #nutrition

🐎 4.5 more weeks to get these meat hawks shredded and keep their size. It’s funny to me how many “huge” & striated legs you see on IG, but then you see them in person and they’re much smaller than you thought. @byltfit and I are aiming to break that stereotype this year 😏🙏🏼 #crankin #builtbysquatsandburritos #dreamingoftacotuesday #hdphysiques @hdphysiques (new clips comin’ soon!!)

Delt pump brought to you by #MetalMonday and glucose. 🤓🤘🏼🎸 #5weeksout

I think the grain train is finally boarding? 😳👽🖖🏼 Video: @wgoley // Sponsor: @hdphysiques // Coach: @byltfit // Posing: @thekatester0123 👊🏼 #5weeksout #hdphysiques #holysantaclausshit

The quest for muscle isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Suck it up and strap in!! 😤 // 📸 by @diegosbod

Thanks for the mid-lift front double snapshot the other day, @diegosbod. 🙌🏼 #biceptual #eyesalwaysclosed // Shameless plug: Tank top from @liveleanrx_chicago 😉

#5weeksout and feeling like a Ninja Turtle Nugz. (Shoutout to coach @byltfit 😜 Legs are coming in... I don’t look like a string bean this year... and we prepared my metabolism in the off-season so I’m not starving right now.) 👊🏼 👉🏼👉🏼 Two of my go-to back exercises: Machine in the 1st video is actually designed for rear delts, but I alternate and squeeze with my traps/rhomboids by dropping elbows a bit. Second video is just supinated grip on the rope end... mimicking the lat pullover machine but I get a better contraction. 🙆🏼‍♀️ ________________________________ There’s about to be some wicked footage on my @hdphysiques clip store over these next few weeks! Stay tuned :) #hdphysiques #premiumphysiques #sponsoredathlete #npc #womensphysique #keepingitfeminine #healthfirst #andthenshredz #roadtojrnationals 🎥 by: @wgoley

People will always judge you, criticize you, & make assumptions if you look better than they do. It all comes down to comparison. The human brain wants the easiest answer. And I know - it’s hard not to compare yourself to others in a sport that is based on stage comparisons... we’re all guilty of it at some point. But please don’t let your mind wander to conclusions and gossip to others with those thoughts. “Well I don’t look like so and so but I THINK I work just as hard, if not harder, than they do. Must be a ton of drugs... MUST be.” Or “I’ve been training since I was 14 and I’m a dude and I don’t look like that...” 🤦🏼‍♀️ Well, guess what buddy? You don’t have that person’s parents, or follow the same diet and training plan with the same intensity & consistency, and because your genetics differ so much, you probably won’t even respond the same way if you tried. So since you can’t change the truth... how about we stop all the gym lobby gossip and focus on bettering ourselves in our own way at our respective points in life... just a thought. 👌🏼☕️🐸 #TeamNoTricepStuffing @byltfit

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