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If you zoom zoom ZOOM the picture, its actually sandals/flip flop/selipar. Another amazing art piece displayed at Potato Head Beach Club Bali.
This is the reality of marine pollution!
Everything we throw away, it comes back to us.

This art piece was created with all the plastic waste kutip along the beach in bali. Save the earth please.
At first, i thought it was a glamping site. Right before you enter the potato head beach club (after 2 strict security check), you wont miss this.

Bali, you were a trip ❤️. (and i’ve a full bag of jagung bakar cheetos that would last until god knows when).
Till then, arrivederci!!!

Bali, this is not goodbye, it’s more like see you later (it took me 13 years later to revisit). Could never get enough of Bali.

Are we eating for 3 or for 10 here? *burRRrrppP* scussseee moi.

So, initially this trip was supposed to be girls trip only, long story cut short the other gals couldn’t make it. So we decided to drag our husbands along and it turn out to be an awesome one. I owe it to hot hoochi mama @hotseleina for the arrangement.

Hai, mermaid here 🧜🏼‍♀️ i dont bite, i promise.
Nak kawan ngan saya tak?
While @hotseleina busy stuffing her luggage with all the rattan bag

You will always have that one silly friend who would do anything to spoil a good picture, that’s me! “Taaaaaaaaaak naaaaaak baaaaaliiik!”
“Bali, you got vacancy for me?”

Best investment ever.
Cotton Candy gelato.

So we decided to grab some coffee before the flight, but the coffee machine kaput and the kitchen was still not ready to prep food. This was at 8.30am.
Oh well, next time lah.
#whaleandco #whaleandcobali

In Bali 🌴 🌊 .
Si masseuse @ldelioncourt shiok semacam urut kaki laki ko @hotseleina

You say po-TAY-to,
I say po-TAAA-TOW,
When the 🥔-heads spend their last night in the magical island of Bali!

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