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bee_oms  Life in transit

She was afraid of most of the animals but we couldn't tear her away from the polar bear the exhibit.


Papa took leave today so off to the zoo we go! Thank u papa!

Tasha vs pelican

I've never liked giving the girls anything else apart from water. If u want ur kids to drink water n prefer water over sweet drinks, make it a habit. It helps that I love to drink water too! ( actually I hate the taste of fruit juice, except fresh soursop n we have a juicer so husband makes his own fresh juices)


@sariharyatiomar @ryanstarr 3rd installment!!! Once I'm done I'll lend it to u guys. If u guys haven't already read it.

I loved dolls but I wasn't allowed any as a child so I was annoyed when T didn't enjoy playing with dolls, she preferred dinosaurs( actually mom told me that I was just as keen on dinos as T is , that's most likely coz I wasn't allowed dolls).
N this one came along n plays with dolls! Yay! Justifies me hoarding them dolls. 😂😂😂😂

Salmon cream pasta for these 2. T loves pasta n salmon n M hasn't been eating rice well since last week so change tactics n feed her noodles. Lots of black pepper, garlic n ❤️.

Almost 3 hours without the kiddos.
I'll take it!!

Thanks for the surprise!

My late grandma used to say, kalau Nak masak, jangan lokek barang.

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