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Brittany LaChapelle Nesmith  [Momma Bear]🐻 RN🏩 @steveokertattoos 🖤 Carnivore🥩 Let nothing disturb the harmony of your thoughts. 🤘🏼👽🐱☕️🐶🌻🌈⚾️🦖🏡🐞

Another day another BAE🧡🧡🧡#pumpkinpookie

Saturdaze are for meemaw playzzz 🌈🌈🌈#happyhangz

Side of the road Sunsets, hockey games, Chicago trips, Snapchat fun, cabin nights, and matching Disney days only begins to touch on all the amazing memories this man has given me. Two years today we have been fighting the world and all the bullshit it’s thrown our way, and boy ohhhhh boy sweet baby Jesus has there been some bullshit to test us to our cores. But at the end of the day this humble cutie is where it’s at, hand in hand we make it work and I go to bed with a smile errrry dayummmm day. AND BONUS, I get the cutest damn mini Oker to love on too❤️Happy two years babes🧀🌽🧀🌽#cheesycornday


Spent the day on the other side of Florida with the cutest 8 year old around. Happy official bornday love nugget🧡🧡🧡#hookyhobos

Tuesyay baes🧡🧡🧡#cuzzerbrubbers

Sure is Gr8 to celebr8 RyeWees 8th burrfday with the nerd herd. Love you Little Oker❤️ #gr8ful

My pride and joy💛🤣💛#pikapoo

My wittle Cub Scout❤️💙❤️💙#scoutmein

CONGRATS DANNY AND ELISHA🖤🖤🖤🖤Hands down the best wedding evaaaaa MOTHER FUCKER😂😂😂😂😂 #twistidwedding #gettwistid #thetrellisathub925

I sure have some handsome men in my life 💙💙💙#weekendwarriors

SaturYAY with the toothless wonder and supercreep🤓🤓🤓#bubbaboos

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