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Bedros Keuilian  CEO Fit Body Boot Camp - Top 15 Franchises💪🏼 - Guinness World Record Holder - Empire Podcast🎙 YOUTUBE VIDEO ⤵️


Do you want to build a big business? Are you ready to lead from the front?🤔

Poor leadership, indecision, bad communication and being emotionally reactive destroys businesses and empires. 👊🏼

It’s one thing to say we have 600 plus Fit Body Boot Camp locations worldwide.

It’s another thing to see the impact that ONE #FBBC gym is making in its community.

#impact #fitbodybootcamp #detroit #changinglives #fbbcstrong

When we aren't living our purpose, we fall into a depression.

There's a higher rate of mood altering drug prescriptions today because people are seeking shallow approval through "likes" on social media instead of pursuing their passion. 🤔

Money gives us financial freedom and opportunities, but when the going gets tough, your purpose is what's going to drive you to keep pushing forward.➡️💯


Tune into today at 12 PM PST for a new episode of the #empirepodcastshow with @realcraigballantyne and I! 👏🏼👊🏼

Learn how to become a master salesman and the badass I know you are! 🦄💥

Everyone wants to be rich, fit, famous, successful and happy right fucking now.

What have you done to deserve it?

You’re looking for the shortcut to “having it all” and you’ll try anything to get it fast and easy.

But here’s the #truth for you. It don’t work that way.

While you’re constantly starting, stopping, searching and restarting the next “quick and easy” scheme, I’m playing the long game and I’m in it to win it.

There is no shortcut to wealth, fitness, fame or happiness.

There is no substitution for hard work over a long period of time and taking your lumps along the way.

Either way a decade is going to go by. You’re going to spend a decade jumping from one stupid “quick and easy” scheme to the next while I spend a decade building yet another empire.

Here’s a message that few will share with you...

Stop being lazy.

Stop being allergic to hard work.

Stop looking for the shortcuts.

Stop giving up like a little bitch.

Take control of your situation, #ManUp and do the fucking work.

If you want to win. Play the long game.

#ShareThisMessage 🙏🏼

You gotta have that bounce•back•ability in your #entrepreneur life baby girl! 💯💥

🎵 G-Easy, no limit 🎵

I’ve got two words for people who want to have more success in their life:

If you can meet these 5 pillars, then you have truly manned up. And ironically, this mentality bleeds into your health, your finances, and your relationships so that you can become the best version of yourself.💯
Constantly set the bar higher for yourself, and set those same expectations for your team members.⬆️
Manning up is a work in progress. It’s an ongoing feat, and the moment you stop manning up is the moment you drive off your path.🙏

Your business failures teach you the biggest lessons when it comes to building your empire.💯

Common sense is sometimes tossed out the window in our efforts to succeed. In fact, that's what happened to me. Common sense is not so common.

One of my biggest failures - when I wasted my time and money on the wrong kind of marketing for my online platform. Full video link in bio! ⤴️⤴️⤴️

The ONLY difference between greatness and mediocrity is discipline.

Personal discipline

Work discipline

Emotional discipline

Anyone who’s ever built an empire, amassed wealth or dominated an industry has been disciplined as fuck.

The ONLY thing stopping you from getting where you want to be is your lack of self disciple.

#dothework #empire #success #successtips #entrepreneur #ceo #ceolife #discipline #focus #dominate #noexcuses

Christmas exploded at the Keuilian house 😂

Oh, and Vlad dropped by with a gift of his own 😳(swipe left to see)

I remember when we first came to the United States and I was six years old the first few Christmases were rough.

I promised myself that when I grow up I’d help as many kids as I could have a better Christmas.

Last week we took two busses of @fitbodybootcampofficial HQ team members, franchise owners and their clients to Target as we bought $250K in toys for the Marine Corps Toys For Tots.

It felt damn good to do that and I’m so thankful to everyone who helped make this happen. #gratitude to our HQ team, to our #FBBC owners, their clients and all of our friends who helped with money, time and by getting the word out.

Much #love 🙏🏼

I see so many people who think it’s okay to talk shit about others out of jealousy.

They’re quick to discredit someone else’s success and hard work because they haven’t “made it” yet.

Listen, I don’t know anyone who’s gotten positive results in their life by being a negative asshole.

Instead, try being happy for others who make it and then ask them to show you how.

#SuccessLeavesClues #Success #CEO #Entrepreneur #BeHappy

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