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The obstacles in our path ARE the path.

Missing these beautiful babes. From students to mentee’s to friends. These girls are something else. I could not be more proud of you three and where you are today!! You are all wonderful #yogateachers , mentors , humans and friends. Thank you for teaching me, for trusting me, and for waiting so patiently for me that one time when it was Mexican night and I was late and you were hungry #truefriends #squad #mygirls #missingyou🧘🏼‍♀️

Make time for yourself... every single day.
Whether it’s just 5 minutes offline, or 5 hours on the mat.
Whatever it is that helps you look IN, RE • SET, and FILL it. Every other part of your life will benefit if you take care of yourself. IT’S PROVEN. So make yourself a priority... (because if you don’t, no one else will) AND it doesn’t make you selfish.
It makes you human.
Think about it... 💭 Have you done something for yourself today?
You can’t give from an empty cup.
You can’t fly (safely) without knowing how to land.
You can’t meet someone where they are if you haven’t met yourself first.
So...If you need me, you know where I’ll be ✌🏼#yoga #fillupthatcup

It’s been a while since things felt steady. The road taught me so many things. It gave me time with so many amazing people, allowed me to forget about time for a while, and reminded me that there are certain people in your life that no matter how much time you spend apart, the connection you share is stronger than steel.
Today was big. I got to practice with the amazing @jthompers77 @moksha_yoga_london .. I smashed Day 4 of @patrickbeach ‘s #fullbodystrengthchallenge AND I taught for the first time in months @shangrila_yoga . I was feeling so inspired that I finished my night right here ...with a self practice at home, on my own turf, in the basement of the house I grew up in. And although I have one less parent living in it (with Howie gone to LTC), and there are a whole lot of memories scattered everywhere (and boxes), I recognize that yet again, it’s important for me to be here right now (or I wouldn’t be here).
Even though I’m physically at home, I’m far from my comfort zone. So here’s what I have to say after reflecting on all of this:
It’s up to YOU to make decisions that will move you towards the things that you love, by choosing to do the things you love, MORE. Crazy right? It’s simple (HA). This process invites more of what you love into your life, and then BOOM doors will start to open.
If you’re making decisions from your heart, things WILL align because there simply is no other way. Just remember to be patient in the process, it won’t always happen right away (in fact it never will). #patienceiago .
I’ll wrap this one up (cheers if you’re still with me 👊🏼)... I’ve absolutely loved being on the move, and I thrive off everything that comes with my gypsy life, but truth is I’ve been craving a little stability... (just for a second).
So after a whirlwind start to 2018... I did what I love most. The thing that gives me both freedom and stability. I got on my mat, in the basement of my family home...I moved, I breathed and I found stillness. I don’t know what could be steadier than that🌀.

Boundaries are so tough!
AMMM I RIGHT?? Especially when it comes to creating them for OURSELVES.
But the funny thing is... Once we get CLEAR about what is important to us, it’s easier to act according to our priorities...with less guilt, with less judgement & with less fear 💪🏼
Tonight was the much anticipated launch of the #girltribecitytour and it happened right here at @moksha_yoga_london, where my own personal yoga journey all began 💛. I’m feeling beyond inspired after an evening of soulful collaboration alongside these two brilliant and magical ✨ mommas! The room was full of powerful, humble and authentic women, and it was an honour and a privilege to share space with each and every one of them.
SO, what was this event even all about!? CREATING (and honouring) HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. We explored the concept of identifying our core values, creating and staying true to our own unique boundaries, how to be transparent through the process, how to stay true to these boundaries AND how to allow ourselves to be flexible with these boundaries through the ever changing flow of life. We also looked at making heart centred decisions with whole body YES and NO’s (my new favourite thing thanks to and how to RESPECT ourselves enough to leave our ‘guilt’ behind!
Now, you might be thinking, “I think know my boundaries... so why am I still stretched, irritated, and exhausted?” CHECK IN with yourself, often. Are you able to honestly and effectively communicate your boundaries, both to yourself and others?
Are the boundaries you have set in the past still relevant in the present, or have things shifted, if so are you flexible... do you need to re-evaluate your boundaries?
REMEMBER, it is YOUR responsibility to communicate your boundaries to others.
We can’t expect our friends, family, coworkers or partners to know what we do or do not need if we don’t tell them. And I know it isn’t always easy, and it is often partnered with fear or guilt... but it is such an important piece of the puzzle.
Give yourself permission to take care of YOU.... Permission to channel your energy into what’s important to you, RIGHT NOW (continued)...

The @girltribe city tour kicks off tonight, right here in my hometown of LONDON Ontario. Join me, & @girltribe from 630-8pm @moksha_yoga_london DOWNTOWN for an evening of community, discussion, empowerment, meditation and connection.
Your $5 donation goes towards Girls Matter (an incredible project)
Blankets and pillows will be provided for seating (and chairs if needed!).
I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about this event! I hope to see you there 💛
#jointhemovement #girltribe #jointhetribe #badasswomen #communitygathering #mokshayoga #girltribecitytour #mokshayogalondon #londonontarion #boundaries #create #freedom #ELEVATE

MOM ... through every day and every storm, every adventure and every argument, every tear and every giggle...I love you. Thanks for being both my teammate and my mate. I’m so grateful for the time we have recently had to travel and explore, TOGETHER 👭. Although you sometimes kick yourself for giving your kids wings, it’s the best gift you could have ever given us 🦋. So thank you for my wings and for standing by me while I use them. The road hasn’t always been easy, but I’m proud of you for how you’ve shown up to walk it.
I have an even stronger appreciation for the work that goes into #motherhood lately, as I see some of my friends starting their own journeys as Mommas. So to all the momma’s out there... happy Mother’s Day! You’re all warriors and heroes in my books.
Here’s a few selfies from our North American adventure...the silver lining of the recent shifts we have had at home... there’s always a silver lining. You just have to be open to it, and willing to receive it 💛
#iloveyoumom #mothersday #mom #mum #momma #gratefulforyou

We walked (and laughed) in style today and although I walked for this little man, I also walked for the thousands and thousands of people who are affected by this unfair and unforgiving disease.
Use your brains folks .... My advice? Use your brains more than your phones.
Take photos, they do come in handy... but also take things in through your eyes and your hearts.
If you love someone, tell them... often. Even better? Show them. Because even if/when the mind starts to go, the heart still feels. And this is the power of connection. This is the power of love.
Thanks to my friends near and far for your unconditional support and to @jennbegley @jovanivanovich and @hjco for being by my side today.
#teamhowie #alzheimersawareness #makememoriesmatter

THIS guy.
My lunch date AND my hero.
95 and still smashing it.
Always teaching me about life.
And making me feel proud about how I live mine.
How lucky am I?
#zeidy #likegrandfatherlikegranddaughter #fullheart

Driving across Saskatchewan was one of the most peaceful experiences of my life.
There were no cars for miles.
The land was raw 🌾.
This part of the drive was so beautifully profound for me because of how simple and still it was.
I knew it was going to be long, but it didn’t feel that way. I don’t know how many times I caught myself taking a deep breath, because I couldn’t emotionally handle the way in which the road and the sky collided... it was like nothing else in the world existed.
It was so fucking beautiful.
The Praries helped me rediscover and renew a sense of clarity in my mind. Something that had been a little lost amongst my own personal clutter and fear. I was clearly craving S P A C E & N A T U R E 🌿 & the open road. But I was also terrified of what I would find at the end of the road... I was fearful about what I was coming back to, or what I wasn’t coming back to.
I was totally in my own way about the ‘perceived’ future, before the future even existed.
Sound familiar?
This is such a problem.
Here’s the thing.
The future DOES NOT exist in the present... so can you give more attention to what’s happening NOW and less attention to the ‘story’ of your future?
Can you ”concentrate on the task at hand”? And let yourself let all the other shit go?
I know, it takes courage to get out of your own way...But really, what is life without courage?
Mine would certainly be boring AF.

Back in one of my favourite places. Wearing one of my favourite shirts.
Doing one of my favourite things.
Being interrupted by one of my favourite animals.

s t i l l n e s s 🌿

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