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Bec Stewart  MY HAPPINESS PROJECT Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer | ClickPro @becstewart_photography

Me: "You're a dinosaur today! Should we make lunch?" 🦖 "No thanks, my dinosaur only eats Mummy's!!" Me: "Oh good. That means I won't have to cook anything!”

We’ve had my nephew staying with us for a few days and my sister told me that he’d sleep through the day. He didn’t! #thatfacethough 💛

I was walking past the girls room this morning and saw these two in bed after asking them to get up about 15 times! Already running late for swimming lessons, I was going to get cross but then I saw that hand. #swimmingcanwait

Ok, so maybe I’m just a little bit excited about my third online workshop with @thebloomforum starting on the 5th of March!  Register by following the link in my bio! You’ll see what we will be covering over the three week course plus read some reviews from past students - I would LOVE to have you there!

Him: "Want me to clean the window Mum?" Me: "Yes please!" Him: "OK". Sprays the window once, looks bored. "And the sky too? ...and the kookaburra? ...and the moon?" Me: "You're not going to clean the windows are you?"

The girls surprised us with a family disco tonight to celebrate the end of what were apparently the ‘Best School Holidays EVER!’ They pulled out every party decoration they could find, set up pin the tail on the donkey (enough tails for 4 turns each!), covered the floor with confetti, made 20 party bags from the snacks I had put aside for school lunchboxes, filled a bucket with wrapped books and toys for a lucky dip and if all that wasn’t enough, they even had a hairdressing salon set up in case our hair fell out while we were dancing! They went to bed with smiles on their faces and I cleaned up thinking how wonderful it will be to have them both back at school on Thursday. 😉

Only two more sleeps until my little gymnast can finally stop asking me on repeat how many sleeps there are until gymnastics starts! 🎉

Two year olds. Enough said.

He was wandering around with this headband on so naturally I went in for a kiss. It was a trap!

I remember being so nervous walking in to my first mothers group 9 years ago but it’s a good thing I did because now our kids are surrounded by the most wonderful little friends they get to grow up with. #theyhavealottothankmefor! #kangaroospotting


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