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Bec Stewart  MY HAPPINESS PROJECT Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer | ClickPro @becstewart_photography


I’m always his favourite. Unless Grandma’s in the room!

She whispered to me with her big pleading eyes “Can we pretend to go to bed and when the boys are asleep watch a movie thats not Zootopia? Just the girls? Pleeeaase?? ”

First he stole an ice-cream from the freezer before dinner. Then he snuck his dinner in to the lounge and decorated the floor and walls with his spaghetti. But just look at that face. He must have the meanest Mum!

I’d heard about that rough and tumble kind of play that happens between brothers. Today it happened. #bringbackmybaby!

A few weeks ago, she watched a local wildlife organisation rescue a baby joey in the reserve near our home. When Carla from @warriors4wildlife said that they need support to keep doing what they do, she donated some of her own money and is organising a school fundraiser to help them. It was her idea to draw a chalkboard for a poster and sell donuts to raise money. We're really proud of her and can't wait to see how she goes with it! 🍩

He said "I'm a superhero who will protect the friendly snakes with my light stick!! I said "Well I'm a mum with a lightsaber who can battle and take your photo at the same time!!"

There’s just something about this Bear. 🐻

Who would sew 103 Pom poms on to socks? Me. Silly, silly me! #crazysockday

"Please look after my baby Slater while I'm at school Mum, I want him to be alive when I get home". #ithinksheneedsapet

Tonight they went to bed convinced they're magicians. 🎩✨

On the holidays, she wrote him an instruction book on how to be better at hide and seek. It included rules about being quiet and not giggling while the seeker tries to find you. I don’t think he read it!

Yesterday, that gap became even bigger!

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