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She's the only one who would stay still long enough for me to attempt a photo with my tripod jammed in against the wall and the bed head. Between the giggles and her telling me how I should do it - I'm glad I eventually got this in focus'ish photo with my little mini me.

It was a 'goodbye green walls' kind of day. So grateful for my Dad (and his little team of helpers!)

Me - "why the sad face?" Him - "we have to drop the girls to school today and I'm just home with you..."

He's obviously still getting used to the insane amount of love and attention (and noise!) that's showered on him when he visits Aunty Becs house...

The kids decorated my sisters spotless backyard with colourful chalk aeroplanes and 'I love you's' for their new cousin. Just what she wanted. 😋

Four in the frame. Good to also note that three out of the four are running away from me!

I love that his smile here matched my favourite mug. He was an absolute nightmare tonight though so I'm posting this to remind myself how sweet he can be!

When even the bird is wondering what she's doing sitting in the basket...

The girls insisted that I use most of my luggage allowance to take their skates and helmets to Tasmania for the weekend. I said no but of course, Dad said yes and packed them when I wasn't looking! Lucky though, because when we arrived, their cousin had skates too!

So this year is shaping up to be a pretty amazing one - I'm busy preparing for my first online workshop over at the @thebloomforum! Life is chaotic, crazy and colourful and I can’t wait to get started and talk about creating HAPPY photos!

I try not to double up the images that I share on here and @becstewart_photography but this has to be an exception. I'm finally an Aunty!!!!! 💛💛💛

I've tried everything but now I give up. He just refuses to keep shoes on.

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