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Kyle Jennermann  #BecomingFilipino. Sharing happiness and adventure in the Philippines with the world... One day at a time. SMILE. :)

And so I reached the “Highest Point” of Highway in the #Philippines at Kilometre 53 of the Halsema Highway!
At least it was until a few months ago... turns out there is a new point somewhere in Kalinga?

Anyways, doesn’t matter! What matters is appreciating this moment! Here I am, after five years and 74,000 kilometres on a scooter... Looking out over Mt. Timbak in #Benguet from 2255 meters up! It is beautiful here. Everything... The mountains, the air, the trees, and the people. People ask me if I am ever afraid... Never. The only thing I am afraid of is not living my life to its fullest. To not pushing myself to my “Highest” aspirations!
Today, at the highest point... I am inspired.


Power On!

#BecomingFilipino *** Who else has stopped here for a view and picture?! 🙂

I will tell you what I am not afraid of in the #Philippines... The Mountains. Wow, somehow I ended up on the 9th highest peak in the country over looking fields full of vegetables! 2717 meters up... here I am, Mt. Timbak! Made new friends along the way! Igorots have been nothing but friendly, kind, and welcoming! AMAZING #BENGUET #LUZON. Power On! #BecomingFilipino

Good News... IT WORKED! Sunflower 🌻 Vibes made the sun☀️ shine bright for me this morning in #Benguet! Can you spot Mt. Pulag in the background? It is the highest peak in #Luzon. What an incredible feeling to listen to birds chirping, to breathe in clean air, and to watch the power of the sun rise over misty mountains! I AM SO OVERWHELMED! The beauty of the Cordilleras! #BecomingFilipino #Sunrise

Waiting for the sun ☀️ to come up this morning in the mountains of #Benguet. I figured it would be good vibes to immerse in sunflowers 🌻 to inspire the sun! :) #BecomingFilipino #Luzon #Philippines

The “must take picture” when in #Baguio Public Market. Yup, strawberries galore here!! Now who wants some?! Are you a sugary jam or straight up fruit kind of person?! #Benguet #BecomingFilipino #PhilippinesFruits

Did you know there are MANY languages up here in #Benguet?! This morning I had a little practice session while taking breakfast in the #Baguio market. Let’s just say... Ibaloi is NOT EASY :) #BecomingFilipino

Somewhere down there in this busy mountain city, you can find me chilling out in the park. Burnham Park is #Baguio City’s green oasis in the middle of a sprawling and busy environment. It is surreal seeing all these buildings packed together amongst mountain backdrops. I have to admit though... the vibes were wonderful in the park on a Sunday morning. Anyone else love mornings in busy city parks?! #BecomingFilipino #Benguet

11pm and I find myself sitting near the park in #Baguio City eating grilled bangus... HUH!? WHY WOULD YOU ORDER BANGUS IN THE MOUNTAINS KULAS?! Honestly, I don't know why... maybe it is just because I am cold, and am having a tough time making decisions! But to be fair... Baguio is near Pangasinan, the Bangus Capital of the #Philippines. Anyways, I am so happy to have sabaw right now. I just drove here from Quezon City.
Feels great to be up in the mountains! Tomorrow morning... let the real adventures begin!
For now... Mountain Bangus and Sabaw... With Sayote Tops Salad :) Baguio, feels great to have made it here.
Power On!
#BecomingFilipino #Kapoy

Final moments before heading out on my massive #BecomingFilipino solo adventure north! Just looking over "Jeprox" my Kuya scooter, and putting on a new shirt for extra #SuperApir power!!! This afternoon... the adventure begins! Oh, and yes, the shirt I am wearing will be available online soon. In case you want one? Power On! #Philippines

Two achievements unlocked today... 1) Played a round of golf at #Manila Golf and Country Club. 2) Made my mom happy seeing me take a break from the regular adventures and connecting again with how much I love sports! Which is why I am posting this now (she will see it). #BecomingFilipino adventures begin tomorrow... today, I had fun! Thanks Caloy for inviting me!! Last day in the big city... bring on the #Philippines!!! :)

Remember. In the #Philippines you might find yourself with “Tuumany” choices for fresh seafood! It is okay to take your time and select what you like best. As @kumardjack is doing here in this moment. Oh! But just like Ate. is saying with her shirt... Don’t like the selection? Just power on... fast forward to the next isda! Because there are plenty here in this country, and they are affordable and delicious! And one more thing... Sorry for that terrible attempt at placing “tuna” as a substitute for “too many”. Just trying some lame humor because it made me smile. Power On! #BecomingFilipino #TunaPaMore

Straight from a meeting to meet my Kuya... Welcome to #Manila "Jeprox". If you see me around the big city the next few days with my Kuya motor... do say hello!! Adventures begin soon, but big city meetings and hangouts first! Power On! #BecomingFilipino #Philippines

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