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Site Sample 1 - Sherbrooke Forest @biolab_studio #monashinterior #monashada #madainterior

Science & Space Final Folio #madainterior #monashada

Diffraction Experiment #monashada #madainterior and @av.interiorarch @tikah.ia

GUN, 1981-82 – Andy Warhol
This artwork was influenced by Warhol’s own experience as he was shot and seriously injured in his own life. The gun portrayed in a still life like way was similar to the gun he was shot with. The artwork also commented on the role of guns in American culture and the ambiguity of violence in popular culture and media. #madainterior #monashada

HAMMER AND SICKLE, 1976 – Andy Warhol
Warhol became influenced after a trip to Italy where he found that the hammer and sickle, the symbol of power for Communist Russia, was the most common graffiti. He then used these symbols of power and tension between the East and the West to create a still life image depicting a hammer and sickle bought at a local hardware store. #madainterior #monashada

SCREEN TESTS, 1964 – Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol made around 500 Screen Tests in two years, which he created with a stationary Bolex Camera with a 100-foot long roll of black and white film. He then later projected these silent movies in slow motion, making them longer and creating a dreamlike quality. #madainterior #monashada

TOILET, 1961 – Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol became influenced by the Pop Art movement and so began a series of paintings based on advertisements from vintage newspapers and product catalogues. This painting was created by using projection to project the images on a grand scale and then trace around the image. #madainterior #monashada

SHADOWS, 1978 – Andy Warhol
An artwork by Andy Warhol taking the idea of using shadows cast from art objects influenced by Marcel Duchamp. Warhol was interested by the illusory quality of shadows and their metaphysical implications. #madainterior #monashada

Totem Tribe Ritual #MADAinterior

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