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Taking 5 minutes to resurface to my corner of the Internet after drowning in the Nutcracker bubble for, oh, a while. I might be pulling 13 hour days every day and living off caffeine, but I’m feeling v grateful, fulfilled and excited about this life I get to live. I hope you are, too✨

It’s a beautiful day for an adventure even if that adventure is just looking through your camera roll at pictures of past adventures on a work break🙈 happy Saturday!!

I heard something recently about crying. It’s the release of excess emotion of any kind - not limited to sadness. When you cry, you’re just overwhelmed with FEELING. Today I’m overwhelmed, but not in a bad way. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for waking up to encouraging texts from friends, spending a few minutes with my husband in the morning, the time for yoga class and coffee with a friend, puppy snuggles, getting to spend every day of my life living my passion & purpose, living in a world where love truly will (and does) overcome hate, and being part of such a beautiful community of women (both in “real life” and online who truly believe we are better when we compliment instead of compete. If you’re not feeling so hot today, I hope you can feel the warm and fuzzies I’m trying to send you through this screen. I believe in you.
And here’s some lazy improv just because it feels good. I hope you do something today just because it feels good.

Some creepy Halloween moves for ya🍂

Music by @lanadelrey
I do not own the music.

Sassy ballerina aka dance teacher who forgot it was still Halloween week and has to wear sunglasses because corneal abrasion

V stressed but also v grateful✨🎄👯‍♀️

In June I got married, with this girl by my side every step of the way. And last month she tied the knot...of course I had to be by her side! I love you so much @p.o.o.l.e.a and I am so happy that you and Alex got your happily ever after. Thank you for letting me be part of the most fun bridal party ever!💃🏻

Still running off a high from this hike✨
Fellow hikers - what’s your favorite hike you’ve ever done?

Your purpose is probably different than your paycheck.
If you didn’t already know, I am the founder of Tri County Ballet, a non-profit youth ballet company. A conversation with a friend last week got me thinking about it in a completely different way. She asked if making it a non-profit helped me make more money (I laughed, because it costs me thousands out of pocket annually) or it if brings me a lot of students (and then I laughed again because you don’t even have to be a student at my school - or any school - to participate). Putting on The Nutcracker is the single most stressful, time consuming, logistically complicated I do all year. And it *costs* me money. And all of my sanity.
So why do I do it? Because I care (way too much) about this little town and the kids that are in it. Because I love this beautiful art form and I want to help other people love it too. Because I know what a difference opportunities like this made in the person I became. Because in my heart I know this is what I’m meant to do. This is my purpose. Forget the paycheck.
I’m sharing this, fellow business owner friends, to confirm what you already know. It doesn’t have to always be the smart financial choice to be the right choice. Sometimes you need to follow your passion and do what you’re called to do, even when it doesn’t make sense. That’s why we do what we do. I say this with the fullest of hearts: Just go for it. I promise you won’t regret it✨

There is so much more of this world to explore, even in our own backyard✨

Where to next?

Today I did a thing and legally changed my last name and then Callahan made me cookies so I’d say it was a day of good choices all around🖤 (unless you’re the social security window lady, because she just seemed to be having an awful day)

True days off during Nutcracker season don’t usually exist. Or they didn’t, until today. This has been the most beautiful day of mountain frolicking with my two favorite creatures. I’m grateful everyday for my business, but also grateful for days when I can take a step away from it. We always praise the hustle, but let’s not forget to edify self care too. Get outside and breathe some air before it’s so cold that it hurts your face. See you Tuesday morning, work life✌🏽

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