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Rebecca Rivera  • Dance teacher + devoted dog mom • Probably (definitely) running late • Enjoys mac+cheese but also green juice (#balance)


Throwback to the Major's Inn Gala last summer because I'm missing @knfdancer14 😘

You have to truly love something if you're going to build a life around it.
Early mornings + late nights
Tears, both from joy and stress
It's all worth it if it's your purpose in this world✨

Lately, everytime I look in the mirror I've been seeing more and more of my true self. It feels pretty great✨
The world has enough copies in it. Just be YOU😘

Dramatic lighting and flowers✨ 🌼HAPPY MONDAY🌼

Today: missing the sunshine, adventure and my girl @_abaja_

Raise your hand if you're also obsessed with your pupper🙋🏻

There's a plague sweeping the nation (and I'm not talking about the flu)
Let's talk about COMPARISON-ITIS😫
You know when you login to social media and you see *thaaat girl* at it again? And before you even blink you've found yourself down the deep dark hole of comparison? Yep. We're all been there. .
I have made a very conscious effort to UNFOLLOW all the people who make me feel like💩
And in turn, whenever I log onto my socials I feel like🦄
Follow people who lift you up, inspire you and shower you with positivity and love. Because who's really got time for that other stuff anyway?
And if you're a boss babe like me, it's time to unfollow your competitors. WHAT?! Yep. I said it. .
I know the story you're telling yourself. You need to watch what they're up to so you can stay competitive. But babe, you're telling yourself a big fat lie right there. It's okay though because we have ALL been there!! And it's never too late to shift lanes✨
I don't follow *any* of my competitors. Like, at all. And you know what? I'm doing just fine. Actually, I think I'm killing it, but that's just me💁🏻
When you keep your eyes focused on YOU + YOUR work, you allow yourself to be more of YOU. Not a clone of someone else, and not a victim of the ever prevalent comparison-itis. .
Be originally + authentically you, and the universe will reward you. I promise😘

You ever have a place that just calls to your heart? Lately, that's been San Diego for me. I've been seeing little signs everywhere telling me I need to get there. .
Last night, I found out my company's next getaway is in SAN DIEGO.🙌🏽😭💕
Universe, you've outdone yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!✨

My face when I login and see my team straight KILLING IT this month😍💃🏻 On our team we have: a couple stay at home mamas, a preschool teacher, a paralegal, a dance teacher (hi, that's me!)...just to name a few! If you put us together you'd think we'd have nothing in common🙈 Yet here we are, rocking this business together!

So if you've been watching a wondering if you could do this too, I'm here to remind you that the Internet doesn't care how big or small or fit or busy or crazy you are. If you WANT this...if you WORK for it...it's YOURS😘

Valentine's Day has me feeling liiiiiike let's climb a mountain + get hitched😍

But for real. Y'all know any nice mountains to get married on? Super serious. East coast preferred. Hook a sister up!!

What if it was yours? That life you imagine in your head...what if it was yours?

What kind of person would you have to be to have that kind of life?

What would you have to do to transform from the person you are now to that person?

Hop to it😘

One of my favorite days of the year...first time pointe fittings in Saratoga💕

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