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Someone asked me yesterday what made me pursue my own studio instead of a professional career in dance. Today of all days: the perfect day to share that story.
When I was 5 years old, I had my solo rehearsal right after school. My mom had to take Steven to PT, so she couldn’t pick me up right away. My dance teacher let me “help” with the “little kids” (truly they were only a years younger than me) while I waited. I loved every minute. I never stopped loving it.
Growing up dancing in Sidney, NY, I had to create my own opportunities. Nothing was handed to me. I had to fight for more classes, performances and workshops. My mom and I both worked at the studio to offset the costs. I spent 7 days of the week in 2 different studios either training or assisting, and I never for a minute regretted that. I knew what I wanted, and I was hungry for it.
After leaving Sidney for NYC, then Potsdam, teaching is what I missed the most. Dancing on the big stages of the world sounded amazing, but helping to provide the kids from my hometown with the opportunities I only could have dreamed of, and helping THEM get to those big stages was IT.

Now, I devote every day of my life to furthering this art form in my little enhancing creating pathways and opportunities to the world outside. That is my purpose.
Today, I’m reminded how much I love this art form, but also my community. My home.
Winding and difficult as this path has been, I know it was meant to bring me here. Today I’m smiling a little more as I celebrate 3 years of unapologetically pursuing my purpose. Here’s to dance, Sidney, and the next 30 years✨ #studiobseason3

You know you’re old and can’t hang when 3 days later you’re still recovering🙈 #ineedasalad #andanap

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When you buy a new chair but your pup claims it as her own🐾 #lifewithleia


It’s #tbt so I have an excuse for posting yet another wedding picture💁🏻

Salty because I still haven’t seen a moose🤷🏻‍♀️ Sunnies by @abellaeyewear (use the code ‘beckysadventures’ for 30% off and we can twin!)

Forever, the Joe to my administration✨

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Happy Father’s Day to the guy who gave me my animated facial expressions, sense of humor, skin tone and determination (some people call it being stubborn, but we prefer the term determined). Love you, daddio!

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