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enjoying the shit out of Rachel's birthday weekend/photo shoot #yourbodyyourchoice

Woke up humbled and filled with positivity... Marching with some badass women will do that to a girl ❤ @bontemps71 @rlaws3 @nicalli211 @seramey #stillirise #day1 #womensmarch


Thank you. #Repost @cherrybombemag
To all of you who dreamed of the ultimate glass ceiling being shattered, we are with you. Cry, eat, drink, hang out with your friends, do what it takes to get through today. Thank you to Hillary Clinton for her noble efforts. We hope she takes a long vacation with a nice comfy pair of sweatpants, a giant bottle of rosé, and some supportive girlfriends.

so excited for this couple!

happy birthday to this floor model!

No new friends.

happy birthday @kahnjoey!
Love, all your sister wives 😘

more nights like these, please👌

running away to where it's still summer (the coldest winter in San Francisco and all that)

this week was amazing and my heart is so full of love. what a life ❤ #green #MexicOMG #bestdayever