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Vegan (2.9 yrs) 🌱  Let’s get #creative Small #model #dancer living in #Miami. *learning along the way* 4 da laughs @yungflesh61 Boyfriends account @elanpops 💓 $ #kid


I love you guys!
Te quiero comer el culo!

Are you free? Are you growing? Are you open?

Ur a bad bitch because U SAY SO!
Vegan Mexican Princess Leah eats Takis.... lots of ‘em. Acne all ovuurr my face, and def not in the best shape BUT ITS MY SHAPE AND ITS MY FACE AND I DO WAT I WANT because I luvvv myself and we’re all just going through things I AM HERE FOR YOU AND I AM HERE FOR IT okay? Love you all so so so v v v much. @yungflesh61 took this LUV HIM!

“If you want to grow, first you must plant the seed.” This lil baby won’t be wearing make up anymore unless made by maself

Don’t compromise your health. It’s all you have 💗💗

I appreciate all of the amazing feedback on my dancing videos! 🤗♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you guys, I hope I can keep creating and pursuing more in this dance world of ours
#bachata #sensual #sensualbachata #dancers #bachateros #bachatera #gwepaaa #latin #dancing #socialdancetv @gwepa @socialdancetv @billrojas_official #billrojasofficial #dance #salsaybachata @salsaybachataspain

Hopefully I will start shooting again starting next week. It’s been a while, and I’m starting to miss being more active on Instagram ♥️ Also going to have a vegan brunch soon! All information will be on my story ☺️
See you lil babies soon, LUV YA! Say hi to mom 4 me 👋🏼

Better yourself, B

We all have our imperfections, 🍩 (do not) let that stop you from loving yourself. You can either better yourself or accept yourself. DO IT WITH LOVE BECAUSE I HAVE ENOUGH LOVE TO GIVE YOU ♥️ no excuses!!!!!!!

almost used rubix cubes to sensor my nipples since people wanna make breasts so complicated

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