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Becky Lewis  With tha good hair.

On a roll today. "Garbage" Cauliflower Rice Bowl Fiesta.

Obsessed. 5 days in a row of Cold Matcha Latte for breakfast @nomnompaleo

Pep rally for Guatamala Boot Camp today with Coach Ben! There's still time to make it -- Right after 2nd service at the I street property. @tnclife


Carry me human

Not only is this guy off-the-charts hilarious, but I love that he is using his God-given talents to further the kingdom. Enjoyed the show @johnbcrist! #freedomfest2017 #tomakehimfamous


Strawberries go in the fruit bowl.
#alwayspink #allpinkstarburst

Favorite part of our trips to LR. Dare I say, best burger in Arkansas?

#poll #feltnerswhattaburger #ogwhattaburger

One time, you intentionally cool-kidded me for 3 days before finding the courage to talk to me.

One time, we blindly pointed to a map and planned an impromptu trip to go see a country concert.

One time, we had a cab driver drive us all over the Southern tip of Taiwan because we wanted to see all the things.

One time, I quit my job after we got married and you had to support our family.

One time, we went on a 2 mile hike, which turned into 6 miles, because we got lost.

One time, we saw a house on Zillow and said "Hey, that's a cool house, let's buy it." And we did.

One time, we poured all of our energy and hope into something so big only to find out it failed.

Today, we reflect on 5 years worth of "one times", good and less than good, because all of them collectively molded us into the couple we are today. While we are far from perfect and often struggle, today we celebrate.
We celebrate togetherness. In joyous times, we laugh and dance together. In sorrowful times, we cry and grieve together. We celebrate love. In trying times, when we cannot stand each other for another minute and ceremoniously stomp into the next room, it is through love that we find patience and forgiveness. It is through love that we set aside our own afflictions to serve those in need, our church, our community. We celebrate our heavenly Father. In heartbroken times, when we have neither laughs, dances, or cries left within us, He provides strength. In solemn times, when we seriously question our faith, He remains. Lastly, we celebrate the future. Chapters 1-5 have been pretty awesome, but can you imagine what the other pages hold? I am grateful that our faithful and loving God has an amazing story, written just for us, with many more "one times". So cheers to the next 5, Happy Anniversary.

Excited about the planter he just built.

It's electric! #cbchihuly #shotbypixel

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