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It's been one hell of a month.
Not there yet, but keeping my head up.

The past month of recovery I've literally moved down an entire weight class.
Between the meds and not lifting, I lost a lot. It sucks to lose a year's worth of hard work in the gym in a month.
But I'll get back there.
Brightside- having a strong foundation of heath and fitness sets you up for success for when shit hits the fan. Even though I'm losing weight rapidly, I'm maintaining a lot of muscle. And it will bounce back. I'm also able to transition into exercising sooner because of my health.
Life gets crazy sometimes, set yourself up for success when it happens.

People seem to be surprised when I say I don't regret it.
I got my eye socket broken. My vision is shot, it "should" return to normal.
Can't lift heavy for the foreseeable future, probably can't ever fight again.
I don't regret it.
Because it was NEVER about winning or losing.
It was about doing something I set my mind to. About stepping into a terrifying situation free of fear. Knowing what I was capable of. And I did that. And I'm at peace with it.
Recovery is hard. My face hurts.
But I smile knowing I did exactly what I set out to do. #infinitystrong

Surgeon- you may lift up to ten pounds till you're healed
Me- up to ten pounds I shall lift

Making light of serious situations since 1993 ✌

Mind over matter.
Keeping my mind above it. #infinitystrong

Sportsmanship is everything!
You can be the best out there, but if you can't shake hands with your opponents when all is said and done, your attitude is just all wrong.
I'm thankful i had the chance to shake her hand, smile, and trade some encouraging words after our fight. She was one hell of a competitor.

Alright sports fans.
Surgery first thing in the morning tomorrow! Getting a metal plate under my left eye to repair the orbital bust. They said my vision should go totally back to normal. So that's good news!
Send some prayers my way tomorrow morning as the surgery gets underway.
Much love to you all 👊

I would rather fight and lose than never fight at all.
Everyone who saw me watched me go down hard. But shit, I went down swinging.
Surgery to come for this eye of mine. I'll keep y'all posted. #infinitystrong

I got a good heart, but Lord help this mouth of mine

Alright alright alright 👊

Feeling lean. Feeling mean.
Ready to rock it out.

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