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BECKY LAMB • GOLD COAST  ✖️ ✖️ Blogger ✖️ MC • HOST ✖️ Motorsport Reporter ✖️ Mama of Twins born Oct '17 ✖️ @FabianCoulthard #CoulthardAndCo

It’s the final day of #GC600! I definitely miss wearing this onesie... It was much easier than deciding what to wear every day 😂 #VASC #CoulthardAndCo

Oh Em, how was this a year ago?? @emilyskyefit 🤷🏼‍♀️🤰🏼🤰🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼
I was 35+1 and Em was 32 weeks pregnant here. Clearly, there was only one of us with twins... 👯 🤰🏼🙋🏼‍♀️
I remember we had all the feels - The physical ones and the mental ones. It was truly hard to believe it was all real! Being pregnant with you Em was the best - it was so much easier having someone to share moments and feelings with.
I remember before Fabian saw this photo he said to me ‘oh you’re not that big!’ and then he retracted his statement fairly quickly 😂
Can you believe I’ll have a pair of TODDLERS in three days time? #SendHelp Where has the time gone? Little Kenni, Carter and Mia are already buddies, it’s so sweet to see them growing and learning together too 💕

New hair YES 🙌🏼🙌🏼 AND new SALON woohoo! The new @stefan_coomera is now open (and it’s soooooo beautiful!) ✨
I mentioned in my stories about my extensions and YES that is my real hair length. It’s JUST AS LONG as the tapes as tapes are really easy for me to look after and actually help me to grow my hair longer and longer. I just use @stefanhair extensions to give this mop a bit more volume. My hair is also very hard to style or curl as it drops to dead straight in about two seconds flat so the extensions keep them natural and hold enough bounce for the week (yes, week! I actually don’t get too greasy and helloooooo dry shampoo for when she does)! Since being pregnant and having the twins I’ve really tried to simplify my hair routine and the extensions have actually really helped! I only have to style once and the hair stays curled without any product. Love love. So good.
Anyways, I love the colours and the volume all day every day. Thank you @misslorianne for always working your magic ahhh you’re the 💕💕💕 #HairByStefan #StefanHair #StefanCoomera #CoulthardAndCo

Good morning Kenni! 💕😍 I’m so happy you rip all the bows out of your hair. Your natural bowl cut is sooooooo lovely 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂 #CoulthardAndCo

Happy Bathurst Day to this guy, @fabiancoulthard GOOD LUCK today my love!
#HotTip Try to keep those eyes open today bud 😉
Sorry we can’t physically be there to support you, (it’s killing us here!) but we’re with you every metaphorical lap of the day! I’m sure @tonydalberto is looking after you juuuuust fine 😂
What ever happens today, we are so proud of you. You’ll always be a winner on our podium. #FabPack #Bathurst1000 #VASC #CoulthardAndCo

I look forward to Thursday’s because of you, Balou ❤️ #Balouska

I feel like this says a lot about my future..! 🤓 #11Months #twins #CoulthardAndCo

Sometimes I think the universe knows what you need more than you do.. and that was definitely a good night out with some great company and a good bottle of red (and pasta.. yum!) 🍷🍝 Thank you @priscillaaustralia & @atqpac for having @paigeeelovell and I. Paige also has twins and knows only too well of the daily life of loving slavery we have for our little bubbas 😆 she also enjoyed that bottle of wine with me probably too well, hey Paige.. 🤓
Sometimes we have to remind ourselves as mums that we deserve that time away, a night out or just some good fun with girlfriends. Dinner and a show was exactly what the doctor ordered! The show was SO GOOD. So much colour and amazing costumes, which I guess is to be expected for a show like this.

That’s just the beginning for me, I’m off to the hometown of Newcastle to celebrate my Nan’s 80th birthday.. Fab is on daddy daycare for the weekend so I’m going to enjoy this time for me, which honestly feels so foreign and almost selfish, but I’m determined to push through and make the most of it. Wish me luck! ❤️ #CoulthardAndCo #PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert

We PASSED! My two little ducklings at @jumpswimschools have now graduated to DUCKS! How clever! We:
✔️ Accept water and am comfortable with water around my face ✔️ Can float on our back with support
✔️ Can hold my breath for up to five seconds (😱)
✔️Have basic mobility skills (kicking and splashing like crazy!) Thank you miss Alicia at @jumpswimschoolsmiami for teaching these two a thing of two in the water 💦
#JumpSwimSchools #CoulthardAndCo

It’s official. @HelloFreshAu are now a full-time part of the family! I’ve been getting their deliveries on a Monday and enjoying them every night for dinner.. and sometimes there is so much food, there’s even enough for lunch the next day! SO CONVENIENT. Also handy when neither of us has organised anything to cook and it’s as easy as deciding on which dish to have for dinner, grabbing it out of the pre-packed recyclable bags and having the right proportions for a tasty meal. The freshness and quality of meats and veges has also impressed me. It didn’t take me long to be convinced, that’s for sure! Try yours out and get 40% off the first box with the code BECKY40. Have you tried HelloFresh? What’s your favourite recipe? This one is the Panko-Crusted Chicken with Lemon Sauce. Check my stories for more too! SO YUM. #HelloFreshAu #CoulthardAndCo

My boys 😍 #CoulthardAndCo

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