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BECKY LAMB • GOLD COAST  💁🏼 MAX|Aus/NZ 💻 Blogger 🎤 Supercars Pitlane Reporter 🏎 Motorsport Host 🤰🏼 Twins born Oct '17 💼 @Model_Essentials @MAX_Models ❤ @FabianCoulthard


The best 💕
Our birth photos are online, just signup to grab the password for protected content 😘 search ‘23.10.2017 : #coulthardandco

There’s so much to say but words can never express those moments perfectly. I’ve always loved birth photos, and I now have my own. One of those decisions I made lightly and am so grateful I did! These are so amazing! The very moment our lives all changed are here. I am SO PROUD! This was the BEST day 💖💙 ‘23.10.2017 : #CoulthardAndCo
For privacy, I’ve locked the content to the post, but you can gain that code by signing up to my newsletter (I’m not a spammer, just notify my readers when I’ve posted something 😘 and hey, if you don’t like getting those emails you can also unsubscribe after 💁🏼‍♀️). Get on my site, grab the password and take a look. It’s worth it! #birthphotography #twinbirth

When I look back on all these memories, all I remember is LOVE. A smile comes to my face, tears well in my eyes and my heart fills with LOVE. So. Much. LOVE! You’re my best friend, the most doting daddy to our twinnies and a cracking boyfriend (still, no ring 😂💍 But for the record, I’ll say yes. A thousand times over - You just gotta ask 😂😂). Truly, my most favourite human. I couldn’t be me without you. ❤️ #coulthardandco

You can call me CC. Chef Carter 😂

When twinning is life ✌🏼 #TwinningIsWinning
These babies are so lucky. Not only will they never be short of a friend, but they’ll always be guided by their special mama’s. Six months ago we were all about to start this crazy twinning adventure alone, so we started a little Facebook chat together... little did we know what it would turn into! EVERY day our phones light up with chat. We talk about babies everything - feeding, nappies, families, milestones, queries, problems, solutions, bottles, sleeping, schedules, bedding, blankets, pillows, health, fitness and absolutely everything else. I can with 100% certainty say that these baby mama’s are the entire reason I’ve made it this far without going insane or enduring post-natal depression. SUPPORT is so important, and they’re here for me as much as I am for them. These babies are so lucky, but their mama’s are just as lucky too 💕
Baby Mama’s (clockwise from Carter and Mackenzie): @two_peel_peas 💙💙
@codyleenicholson 💙💙
@stephjonesss 💙💙
@emmarobo 💖💖 @gab_jayne 💙💖

I’m absolutely 100% uninterested in comparing women’s bodies post-baby (babies) and inflicting anything negative towards myself or others. Not to say that the self-loathing hasn’t happened when my body has changed the way I’d like it or as quickly, but that’s my issue - not one for me to spill into social media. Whatever.
Anyways, this was me three years ago. Fit, healthy, happy. I’ve still got the same body, just slightly less fit and a little worn out at the moment. But that’s ok, she’ll work it all out as usual and I’ll be a different version of this again one day.
The amount of times when people told me ‘oh you’ll bounce back!’ Or ‘give it time, you’ve just had twins!’ - please, shut up 🤐 I never listened to a word either of you said. For the record, I haven’t bounced back at all. Three months later and I haven’t bounced anything except my monster breastfeeding boobs together in my maternity bra. 😂 I’m a few kilos shy of my pre-baby weight and I’m eating rabbit food and drinking water all day and night #givemeaburger seriously though, some things have helped and I’ve blogged a little about it online (link in bio or search SRC on my blog). I’ll go into more detail on a follow up post soon, but for now this is my story. Three months post, I’m almost there, but I don’t overly care too much. I might try for some sit-ups next week but right now my hands are full with twin mum lyfe ✌🏼 #CoulthardAndCo

Them new hair feels 💕✨
Go see my girl @misslorianne at @stefan_helensvale - no ragrets. Not even one letter. 💁🏼‍♀️ #StefanHair

B L O G ‘Double Prams : What’s Best?’ 📲
Sometimes it’s hard to know which pram or stroller will suit you and your new little addition(s) 👶🏼👶🏼. Some of the questions I asked myself: ‘Will it for through a normal doorway? Will I feel like I’m driving a bus? How can I find a stylish AND practical pram for us?’
Well, I’ve teamed up with @babyandtoddlertown and compiled a list of the best double and twin prams for you! Link in bio ✨
What pram or stroller did you decide was best? #CoulthardAndCo

When the tribe is 12 weeks old.. my mini-panda and tiny-tiger are (almost) all smiles 😍 #CoulthardAndCo

Dinner time with my little princess 👸💕 This little one loves tummy time, is giving us cheeky squawks of delight and even pokes her tongue out to copy you. (How’s that little double chin? 😜 probably not the most flattering angle for her.. soz Kenzi!) Poor little Carter has been awake almost all day but surprisingly hasn’t had one meltdown or tantrum. He’s just been taking it all in his stride. Just like his dad. Sah-yuper cute! We’re doing great over here! #coulthardandco

Tastes like a treat but keeps me sweet. The monthly regular Comfortis PLUS keeps my little puppers in check and free from fleas, worms and deadly heartworm! 👌 #ComfortisPLUS #spon

Carter. Every man looks his best while wearing a suit. 😎👔
Morning spent on his new @papoose_playmats 🙌🏼

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