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SWIMMING LESSONS! Oh my gosh we have been having SO much fun at @jumpswimschools ! These two little ‘ducklings’ have been enjoying the water since only two months old, but they are really starting to get their kicking legs going and dive under the water like little pro’s. Carter actually dives his head in - sooooo cute! Kenni also loves to drink the water 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 oh dear! Well, at least we have plenty to learn! 😂 It’s been so much fun learning in a smaller class and having Miss Olivia’s full attention. It is very cool to see how clever these two really are, being so young! #CoulthardAndCo #JumpSwimSchools

I couldn’t think of a better partnership than @BiozetAttack and @ToughMudderAus ... I mean, the entire day was filled with mud and dirt and the best way to remove it was just throwing it all in the wash with a cap full of the good stuff 😜 The warped wall was my favourite obstacle, along with the block ness monster 🙈. The hill? Not so much... but we made it! Crossing that finish line was the best feeling! I am only just losing the bruises from that day. So much fun!
Take a look at my blog post about my day, just search ‘Biozet Attack’ on my blog. Link in bio. #BiozetAttackBrigade #CoulthardAndCo

I’ve often thought about posting or not posting this photo, but I’ve never been able to let this one go. It’s incredible, isn’t it - a woman’s body? I’m in such awe of my bodies capabilities to grow multiple humans at a time, and continue to feed and nurture for time after. I mean, wow. It IS actually crazy to imagine that I grew two humans in this body AND fed them to grow after also... #MindBlown I’m only human but this seems a little crazy to me!
It was taken some time ago, as my breastfeeding journey lasted for three months. I’m not a hero in any other way other than my babies were fed - and that’s the best type of baby there is: A fed one. Regardless of how any other baby is/was fed, this was our journey and it pretty freaking cool actually.
I’ve written a blog post too, with some info on our journey and of my favourite and most useful items too. If you’re thinking of or about to start breastfeeding, I suggest taking a look and giving me your feedback (just search ‘Breastfeeding’ in the search panel). What did you use and why? Was there anything else you’d suggest or what did or didn’t work for you?
Also, while we are here, let’s #NormaliseBreastFeeding Women go through enough without having to feel uncomfortable about it. Supporting each other is the ONLY way we will ever make it a ‘normal’ practice in our society (how is it even a ‘thing’ anyway!). A special thanks to @babyandtoddlertown as they helped with all my choices. #CoulthardAndCo

Honestly, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in my life! These two LOVED bobbing around and being pampered yesterday at @mybabybubblespa - absolutely hilarious! Check my stories for more 😂😂 #CoulthardAndCo #babyspa

Tough Mudder was such a crazy experience I’ll never forget. I was lucky when @BiozetAttack asked me to come along and participate, but even more so when they offered for my friends to come a long too. Being only 6 months postpartum, I was (very obviously) nervous that my fitness levels weren’t up to scratch, and that I wouldn’t be good enough for my team, but I was actually (pleasantly) surprised by how little fitness was required as opposed to a simple attitude adjustment... well, kinda! I’ve been going to a private gym for four months, only twice a week, so I’m actually quite strong, but haven’t had much cardio other than one run since having the twins. I was nervous about not wanting to let my team down, but where they were great at some things, I was better at others - and that’s what the whole day was about, teamwork! It’s good to have friends, it’s even better to have great ones. Thanks @BiozetAttack for a brilliant day and to allow my friends to enjoy this mega milestone with me was even better. #BiozetAttackBrigade
I’ve also written a blog post about my day, just search ‘Biozet Attack’ on my blog. Link in bio. 💥 #BeckyLamb

Even my TWINS are feeling the LOVE ❤️ LOVE PLATES from @personalisedplatesqld are back for good! From today, these are available, but first in, best dressed. Maybe we should look at getting Mackenzie ‘I ❤️ Kenni’ plates 😂😘 link is in bio, so check it out! #PPQPlates #ILovePlates #CoulthardAndCo

Teething is heeeeeere!!!! 😩🤪 We spent a good hour with our little guy last night as his two front teeth are about to come through. It’s so hard to watch your little person in so much pain and agony, just cry and cry 💔😢 I’ve been on the hunt for easy, convenient and natural teething helpers and these @bubsaustralia Rusks are a hit (and so was the box.. 🤦🏼‍♀️)! All organic and lactose free too. I was given this great advice by a friend, ‘food is the best babysitter!’ Ummm yep! It sure is. They’re a healthy and helpful distraction to keep those hands busy and that frustrating pain away, at the table, in the pram and on the road. Deeeeelish! #CoulthardAndCo #BubsPartner

Just waiting for a babysitter so @fabiancoulthard can take me on a looooooong overdue wine (or three 😜) 🍷
‘I don’t need another wine’ - said no mother ever. 😂 #HandItOver
Dressed by @my.second.closet #CoulthardAndCo

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us over concern for our sweet little guy. I literally cannot get back to each and every one of you to say thank you. It truly means so much! We have an appointment booked for an allergy specialist (thanks for all your recommendations too!) and will be very careful about our diet moving forward. He is still a little sensitive, but these babies are pretty resilient and you probably wouldn’t even know anything had happened with how happy he is. It was actually amazing in the emergency department when there were so many distractions and other babies crying, he never woke to any except Kenni’s little cries. Twins are so incredible together!! Their bond is amazing to watch. I love watching them together as they’re now interacting so much and squealing and talking to each other. The best! Little man, Carter 💙😍 oh how we love that cheeky grin and cute giggle you have! No egg for you today, buddy!! And incredibly Mackenzie has zero issues with any allergy so far.. it amazes me how they have had almost the same life experience every day together and yet they are such different little people... twins hey? Keeping us on our toes!
PS. TWO LITTLE TOOTHY PEGS!!!! 😱😱😱😱 #CoulthardAndCo

When your boyfriend goes to the extra effort to match his onesie to his favourite race car... 😂 #dedicated #FamilyPortrait how lucky are we to have a family with a guy so dedicated to us, as you. We love you @fabiancoulthard ❤️
Thanks for having us in Darwin @shellvpowerracingteam @edgephotographics @supercarschampionship
Dressed by @my.second.closet 👗
#VASC #CoulthardAndCo

🚑 🏥 🤒 This was us, last night, and not in a good way. Our typical Family Friday nights in of pizza and bottle of red went swiftly out the door when this little guy had a terrifying allergic reaction. It all happened so quickly - one minute he is enjoying his dinner, the next it’s a full body rash, red everywhere, bumps and lumps, itchy red eyes, swelling all over and spots all over his head, face and body. We don’t know wether it was dairy or eggs, but we do know we won’t be having any of these for a little while!! It’s absolutely terrifying being so helpless to this poor little human in your arms. Who do I call? Is it going to get worse? How long until the ambulance arrives (not very long!) and how long will we be in hospital for?? After a severe allergic reaction, we’ve been told to steer clear of these foods until he is is 12 months, as that’s when the guts change in bacteria and this little body might be strong enough to handle it. We have tried so many foods (and have a dairy formula and have eaten eggs before too!) and we mostly enjoy every meal (if it doesn’t end up on the floor or in our hair..!) but this one was not a great experience. PLEASE look out for the signs of allergies and be alert if your baby has those symptoms after trying a new food. Also ensure you only try one new food at a time, so you can pinpoint exactly what it is that the body has reacted to. Thank you to the amazing 000, paramedics and emergency hospital staff, you were all SO kind, gentle and patient with our little family and we are so grateful. I held my babies extra tight and for extra long today. We are so lucky to have health and love in abundance ❤️💕 #CoulthardAndCo

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