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Becky Daul✨  Entrepreneur🌸 Full Time Student 📚 Full Time Nanny 👶🏼 Wine Lover🍷 Coffee Fanatic ☕️Email:beckiedaul@yahoo.com

Staahhppp!!! 😭❤️ These two boys making my heart melt...Pretty such Rocky was suppose to be for me, but he clearly likes Isaac better. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Things I’m thankful for: 1) This adorable face. 2) That I already had this stain remover available at the apartment when he got here yesterday. 😅 Luckily this stain remover doesn’t contain any caustic chemicals that would hurt this sweet little guy AND it neutralizes odors so he doesn’t come back to the same spots while he is still being potty trained. 🙏🏼 PLUS doesn’t contain any bleaching agents. Can’t even tell a puppy has been here! Another Shop Club WIN!!!! 😎✅ #furbaby #sidebiz #naughtyboy

To start out the billions of photos I’ll be sharing of our little Rocky. ❤️

When your boyfriend is the best and brings you an early Christmas present. 😍🎄 #newmom #rockybalboa #mybaby

I’m a 21 year old senior in college still getting gifts from St. Nick....I’m not complaining. Just rubbing it everyone else’s face who didn’t get one! 😆❤️

So I’m INCREDIBLY picky on body wash and lotions! I can’t use any with artificial scents and colors because I break out in a rash when I do. 🤢 Dove soap and body lotion has always been an enemy to my skin as well. 😡 And I’ve always had to break the bank just to buy organic soap bars and body scrub to ensure I don’t break out.....I got this bottle for $3.50!!!! I’ve been using it for a week and have yet to experience any hives. The scent is pear raspberry and smells AMAZING! 😍😆 I’m so happy that I switched to this shop club to save me money and save my body from harsh and unhealthy chemicals in my products! 🤩
#notjustcleaningproducts #savingmoney #itsmydayjob

Save up to move into a new apartment. ✅
Graduate with substantial amount in savings.✅
Focus less on work. ✅
Spend more time doing things that I love. ✅

I’m excited for the new company that I started to refer people too. I see big things and big opportunities that can come from it. I’m so excited to start knocking out goals and for where I can go from here!!

Doing her morning makeup routine. 😍😂 What a little cutie! Some princess lipstick and scrubbing her face with the soft make up brush. Too funny!

Homemade Hot Toddy😍 These are my jam this winter. Making me miss my Wisconsin home a little extra tonight!

Making some Empanadas using leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner!😆 Little did I know though, the pastry sheet I used involved more of a mess than I thought it would. 😬 Used the Tough and Tender wipes from my shop club to clean up the mess. Only used ONE sheet. These wipes don’t contain any toxic chemicals so didn’t leave a bleach smell or residue like other cleaning wipes do. Was able to get right back to making food on the table afterward! 😋 Excited to use these with all the holiday cooking I have coming up! 🎄❤️ #notjustcleaningsupplies #isuredolovethemthough #notmlm #sidebiz #shopclub

Who is looking forward to cyber Monday?? I love my shopping club because I save money EVERYDAY shopping from home in my Pjs😆 Fits with my needs much more than going to the grocery store. 😬😏

When you get a package from your shop club filled with tons of healthy and cheap cleaning supplies that you feel compelled to take out the Biodegradable Disinfectant Wipes and start wiping down all the counters in your apartment. 😆😅 I have a feeling this shopping club will definitely help boost the overall cleanliness of my home.😬 #sidebiz #bossbabe #cleaning #healthychoice

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