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Becky Dale

Tonight's golden hour commute

Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring!

Ladies' warmup

Storm Doris needs no filter

Lovely as ever, Edinburgh

Tweed whimsy

The sun’s been tint for weeks. Deid maybe.
Likely drooned. Water’s aaplace, teemin doon
gutters and branders, rinnin aff the slates,
floodin pavements. Fowk near droon

waitin for the bus. Fit an onding!
Weet skites up yer troosers, drips doon yer sark.
Fa wis it prayed for rain? Lord, eneuch’s eneuch.
Caa back the sun, or help’s build an ark! -Ken Morrice

I do believe I died and went to Scotland

Held outside Didcot on a frosty, sunny morning

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