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Chris Becker  The proof is in the pudding, and the truth is in the light.


Rich Jacobs shot this quick pic on an excursion to BAMPFA to see Alicia McCarthy and Ruby Neri’s talk and art work. Go check out the show if you’re in the area! Hi Mom and Dad. PS My girlfriend Alicia got me this leather jacket. I love it!

Andrew McKinley captured in the wild today.

ROCK ON everyone! Hope you’re having a great Friday night. #smelltheglove

Welcome to Target, how may I help you? #selfiesaturday #targetlife #iwokeuplikethis

The salvia divinorum is really kicking in this morning.

The shit needs to go.

Christmas came early thanks to @rtgonzalez Stoked!!!

Handrail vs Ben Gore vs himself. Only one will roll away. #castingspells #mindgames

Ridin' dirty in Oakland today

#tbt to mellow dog bowl times with @iris_skateboards @lunatheactionpig and Billy the guest hound.

@davewarnke captured in the wild