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Chris Becker  The proof is in the pudding, and the truth is in the light.

Still Inzany after all these tours

Ollie and @mcpartyland make out at the @needlesandpens opening day back in 2002.

Excavating old systems allowed me to find this photo of my old man Ollie. Thanks for the IT consult! @dwharden

Hello from Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Whatta ya want from me, it’s the weekend

#flashbackfriday to 1983 when I copied this dragon right out of the Players Handbook or more likely the Monster Manual. This post goes out to my friend @sebwiers who introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks bud!

Oh hell yes! More like amateur-pack 20 though. Thanks for the hook up Patrick Farrell.

Merry Christmas to the folks back home!

There’s something incredibly incongruous about cabers and palm trees. #scottishgames

Saw this as a reminder to GET OUT THERE AND ADVENTURE!!!

Today’s score: The Fugs self titled 8-track on ESP! #8trackmind

This post goes out to Chuck and Robbie who look like they’re having a blast this weekend. #lagunaseca stadium seat cushion captured in the wild. @wiredchuck @strngwys the design would make a good t-shirt.