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Chris Becker  The proof is in the pudding, and the truth is in the light.

Original Hosono #trashcapture from a few days back. I missed out on the reissues so I was super stoked to find this tucked away in a pile of free classical records on the curb. Pulled a couple shaded dogs out of that pile as well. Not mint but definitely playable. Woosh. #vinyladdict

Some people’s work days are more difficult than others.

Rooted in the lower third

This multi image post goes out to my friend Stephanie who could use some cheering up today. Hey Steph, YOU ARE RAD!

Hello from San Francisco!@laydbug and I got fancy this weekend. Happy 25th Anniversary to WIRED.

This is not a single bird flying solo, but rather a flock flying in formation.

Captured in the wild at the Rockridge curbs this morning. #thankyouskateboarding is this your doing Quiggle? @emptyqueue_

I love this pic of Luna too much to not cross post it from her account to mine.

A brief moment of stillness. Nate Young on stage with Wolf Eyes. Last of photos of photos for #tbt yeah buddy!

More #tbt from when Wolf Eyes was on tour with Sonic Youth. Captured just before Aaron fell to the floor shredding his face off.

Still Inzany after all these tours

Ollie and @mcpartyland make out at the @needlesandpens opening day back in 2002.

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