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B⃟E⃟C⃟K⃟A⃟ R⃟O⃟B⃟I⃟N⃟S⃟O⃟N⃟  BIG DREAMER • BIGGER DOER From frazzled photog to full time wellness entrepreneur. A story of self love, auto-immune, & big goals! Story for BTS 👆🏼

My notes and I are ready to go! #nerdalert Who's joining me for my free webinar tonight about going #paleo the stress-free and balanced way? Last call to catch me live! I'd love to see you there! Just click the link in my profile to join our event on FB where I'll be broadcasting live in just a few minutes! There might be door prizes! 😜 Come join right now! 📲PS. Ringlights... am I right?! ❤️

Low energy, foggy headed, bloated, struggling to see progress... those were a few of the struggles I had before I decided to go paleo for the first time. I know that there's no one size fits all answer but for me, this helped a ton. I know that the thought of it can feel overwhelming at first... what will I eat, what is paleo, what's not paleo, how do I know what to eat... I had all the same questions but I found a few guides and simple tools for keeping my nutrition balanced and saw amazing results from it! Tonight I'm going live via a private FB event to share my story and the systems I used in hopes of helping you navigate this for yourself! The webinar is free and open to anyone! Just click the link in my profile to rsvp and attend! See ya tonight!!!

TOMORROW!!! 💻 I'll be going live Sunday evening for a free webinar on why and how I like to "go paleo" to help with my auto-immune AND exactly the system I use to help make it less complicated to figure out what to eat and more balanced (aka... not all bacon and burgers 😂) Click the link in my profile to RSVP! Hope to see ya there!!!

Here's to all my Saturday-morning-kid-sports-classes-hustling moms out there. You're the real heroes getting everyone up and out (almost) on time when all you really wanna do is sleep in and sip coffee. 😜 We are headed to a parkour class this morning since little man got too big for gymnastics class. Wish us luck!

File this under "Things That Don't Suck" 😜☀️🙌🏻 Spending time paddling around the lake and doing some #piyo on my paddleboard is of my favorite non-workout workouts. You know, the things that you enjoy so much it doesn't even feel like a workout? I'm not supposed to do workouts that get me super sweaty while my eyebrows heal so that's a good reason for me to break out my board! (And try this whole multiple photos thing! Do you like it?) Not gonna lie though, I am missing my weights and pushing myself in my workouts. Excited to get back to it soon! Till then... ✌🏻

"To live a life of excellence you will have to take risks. If it feels perfectly safe, you are probably underachieving. To leave your mark on the world, you will have to stand someplace you've never been willing to stand before." -Debbie Ford

When I used to work as a full time photographer I would always hit this energy slump between 2-4pm. Anyone else? That afternoon slump struggle is real! I'd go brew a new pot of coffee and sip on it all afternoon. Goodness ya'll, I drank so much coffee back then! I still love coffee but now I drink it for the enjoyment, not as an energy crutch. Because I replaced my afternoon cup with superfoods and protein and it's so much better. I don't feel foggy all afternoon. My blood sugar doesn't spike and crash. I don't get shaky from all the caffeine. Plus... it's cheaper than Starbucks and... chocolate!!! I'd call that an upgrade. ✌🏻

Someone asked me why I chose Beachbody instead of makeup, nails, wraps, skincare, or leggings...
Im just gonna leave this right here. 😜🙌🏻❤️
I chose it because skincare and wraps would help my outside but I needed to learn to take care of the inside. Because leggings never get tight. They would have enabled me to stay the same. Because makeup and nails would have been a bandaid. They would have made me feel better on the outside for a minute but what I needed was a change FROM THE INSIDE OUT.
Was it harder to have to work on the deeper issues I had with food, self love, and self discipline? Yeah. Did it require me to dig deeper? Yup. Did it make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in my life? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Yes times a million!!!! ❤️
Click the link in my profile to see a blog post about a few special open spots in my March mentoring!

Shout out to all the girls out there working hard to love yourself in a world that constantly tells you not to. It's tough out there. You're doing great. ❤️

I used to live my life so afraid. So closed off. Thinking there was only one right way to do things. Feeling like I had to constantly protect what was mine afraid of everyone else's thoughts and intentions. I was told that way of thinking was better. That the people who taught me those things would always have my back. But in fact, it was super isolating. It cultivated deep anxieties and made me live in fear of stepping out of line. When my intuition said "yes" I shut it down with a sharp "no!" And when things in my life went off course those past teachers abandoned me completely. In the decade since I've learned that living in fear is the real bondage. That when you have more than enough you should build a bigger table, not a higher fence. That you can't cage people to force them to love you. And to trust... yourself most of all and the little voice inside guiding you! Following that intuition has led me to places both messy and beautiful and I wouldn't have it any other way! ✌🏻#becomingbecka

In this divisive political climate, sometimes it's hard to take a stand. But I think we can all rally around this one ✌🏻Happy weekend! What are your plans? Mine are listed on my shirt. 😜

ON THE BLOG📍I tried a bunch of chia pudding recipes and came up with the three best ever of all time, amen. (Brownie Batter, Creamy Caramel, and French Toast!) head to the blog for the recipes and please tell me your favorites too! I'm on a chia pudding kick!