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B⃟E⃟C⃟K⃟A⃟ R⃟O⃟B⃟I⃟N⃟S⃟O⃟N⃟  lifestyle + wellness coach + boss mama ➕ transformation from the inside out ➕ lake life + adoption + sisterhood + goals 🦄 📍Central Florida

Monday's... amiright?✌🏻🐚🌊 // Find a career that sets your soul on fire and you'll never work a day in your life.

Welcome reception time! Can't wait to see everyone! Let's see if my hair lasts more than five minutes 😂💯 #successclub2017 #beachbody

We're here!!!!!! Can't wait to get my booty on a pool chair and something icy in my hand! 🙌🏻
( to get insider access to what these trips are like and behind the scenes scoop! Lots of snapshots in my story too!)

I've been meditating on manifesting abundance recently. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I'll take it. 😂✨🙌🏻🦄 #enroutetopuntacana

Fair warning! Lots of beautiful, tropical vacation photos forthcoming! 😂🙌🏻 While I'm gone, I'll be sharing live updates in a private group for anyone who wants a behind the scenes look! I know there's a ton of curiosity about coaching, what coaches do, how we get to travel for free, and what these trips are like! Click the link in my profile and it's the top post on my blog. I'm opening up 10 more spots in my May mentorship so if you wanna come learn more about what I do, see what the coaching community is like, ask me anything, and get a behind the scenes peek into what it's like to get to go on these free trips, join in and come take a look! 🔜(or go directly to

"She left the old story behind her and stepped into a new once upon a time." // T-minus 12 hours till we are en route to the Dominican Republic for an all expense paid vacation with our coach friends thanks to Beachbody! I can't wait to be in relax mode, but first I've got a suitcase to pack and some details to finalize! So glad I stopped waiting for someone else to come save me and started re-writing my own damn fairy tale! 🐚🐬☀️

Hold the vision. Trust the process.
Hold the vision. Trust the process.
(Repeat until you believe it.)

Eek!!!!! Picked up something special in a little blue box for a very special coach on my team! Before I was a coach I had never owned anything from Tiffany's! Now I not only have gotten it gifted to me, I get to pay it forward to the people who joined in with me! This is a tradition I LOVE and there is nothing I get more excited about than getting to go pick up this special gift to celebrate one of my coaches rising to the top 2% of the company!!! 💁🏼 No big deal. Just another Arrow Girl becoming one of the best in the company! 🦄💕🙌🏻👌🏼💃🏼 #thetiffanysfairy #arrowtribe #whynotyou
(My next new coach mentorship starts May 1st... and if you wanna dip your toes and learn more about coaching first I'll be doing a whole thing live from Punta Cana next week that you can watch and ask questions at. Drop an emoji below 👇🏻 and I'll DM you the link)

He saw a picture of the Starbucks unicorn drink and wanted one. I told him I could make him something even better. 🦄👊🏻💕
(Two batches: 1st batch: vanilla shakeology + dragon fruit and strawberries 2nd batch: vanilla shakeology and @bluechaitea powder or just use blueberries. Topped with coconut whip and some sprinkles) #unicornfrappuccino

If you need me, I'll just be over here being even more blonde. 💁🏼 #blondish (@hairbykateek)

Apparently, I now live in a Thomas Kinkaid painting. 😂 Anyone else know who that painter was? He painted these crazy landscapes where when you turned the lights in the room down, the sunsets in the paintings looked like they started to radiate light and glow. It was pretty cool. Anyways, it looked like one of his paintings out here tonight and that made me smile ✌🏻#extraordinaryinmyordinary

Coffee + Adoption Stories. // Today we officially let our attorney know that we want to move forward and start showing our profile! We leave for the Dominican Republic in a few days and when we get back it will be full steam ahead! I have no idea how quickly (or slowly) everything will move but I'm so excited to find out who our daughter will be! We also officially have a middle name picked out! Any guesses? Send me all your happy adoption stories in the mean time because I love hearing them! #robinsonspartyof4

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