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B⃟E⃟C⃟K⃟A⃟ R⃟O⃟B⃟I⃟N⃟S⃟O⃟N⃟  Passion-centered business mentor & professional accountability partner ✌🏻 ____ I love road trips, hot coffee, and yoga. Ice cream is my love language.

Took Little Man out for a bit to the antique market to burn some energy and he found a beanie baby snake that he just couldn't live without (see it under his arm?) Now I' so nostalgic because I used to collect them and had like a million! Did anyone else collect beanie babies and wait outside the Hallmark stores for the special releases!? 😂🖐🏼 Afterward, I let him pick where he wanted to go and he picked ice cream. Kid after my own heart, that one. 😜

If you need me, I'll be over here launching the most comprehensive coach community ever for my team! (in my PJ's... this job is the best!) Goodness I'm excited. I took everything I learned in the last four years and turned it into a treasure trove of tools and resources for my tribe. Helping people launch passion-centered businesses is my favorite. 👩🏼‍💻

What if.... you thought about your body like a temple. What if your mat was holy ground. What if each movement was music, each breath was incense, and each thought was a prayer? What if you worshipped yourself instead of punishing yourself? How would your relationship to fitness transform?
I'm probably not the coach for you if you just wanna look hot in your vacation pictures or if all you care about is moving the scale five notches to the left. But if you're tired of the struggle and the self hate and the constant feelings of never being good enough and you want to trade all that in for transformation from the inside out, then I might just be the coach for you. 🐛🦋🔮
Pictured: my late night yoga/pilates inspired workout that fits in the space beside my bed. because I WANTED to, not because I had to get a workout in for the day.

I feel the fire! I just re-wrote my entire challenge group script with a D E E P self love mindset focus and I'm so exciting to launch it in my August challenge group!
People ask me where I find the motivation to keep going. Honestly, I don't always feel motivated. No one does. But working on my mindset has been clutch. I used to have an all or nothing mindset where if I fell off track, I threw in the towel (I just ate a cookie so I guess I better eat 15 more because I just ruined my mealplan anyway) 🙈 I would end up self-sabotaging every time and yo-yo'ed for years! .
Then I would look in the mirror and hate myself and I'd rip myself apart in my own head. My inner mean girl would let loose on me. I watch it happen with my own challengers now and it breaks my heart. So I decided to dig deep and put together the most experiential group I possibly could! I want you to finish the month with me feeling like you've turned over a new leaf! And looking in the mirror and noticing your beauty instead of your perceived flaws. 🙌🏻
We get started soon and we'll end just before Labor Day ❤️And you are cordially invited! I've got a few workout options for you that you'll do from the comfort of your home and really simple mealplans that anyone can follow (even picky eaters!) I'd love to talk to you about it if you're curious!
PS: An info blast is going out to all my challengers today about a pioneers group for the new workout that just launched called Shift Shop. I'll be leading a select group of badasses through three weeks of it starting MONDAY! If you want me to send you the info too let me know! I can sneak 3 or 4 more people into it! 😈

What a whirlwind week! You might have noticed I got quiet there at the end. Well, I got sick the day we got back (even after washing my hands like crazy and taking extra vitamins. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Travel, man.) and our Little Man needed extra quality time. And then, when my sweet husband agreed to take him out of the house for a bit so I could finally work, my laptop wouldn't turn on. 😳 #SOS
I sat down, full of excitement and fire and new ideas and sat staring at an unresponsive black screen. I tried everything. Nothing was bringing it back to life.
Off to the Apple Store my laptop went... and home came this shiny new space gray beauty! I had been needing a new laptop but with the adoption wait I hadn't wanted to fork out the cash for it while mine was still running. I run my entire business off my laptop though so it's pretty imperative for me to have one in working condition.
Am I thrilled with the surprise expense? No not really. I hate spending money on fixing things. It's a pet peeve of mine. But I'm so very thankful for a career that has grown in such a way that things like these don't break or derail us anymore.
And this fresh laptop is giving me all the F R E S H S T A R T vibes! I am launching an entirely new training resource for my team and completely revamping my accountability groups for August and beyond! I'm also hanging this sign on my office door because I've got some big moves I'm making and I lost a whole day yesterday with this whole debacle! 🙈
Learning how to turn lemons into lemonade isn't easy. It's always about perspective. I'm choosing to look at this as a huge blessing in disguise! What if you thought about those disruptions in your life as opportunities instead of frustrations? What would shift in your outlook? But enough chit chatting! I've got a kid free hour and I intend to maximize it! Just after I go refill this coffee... ☕️ #goalsandgrit

I skipped going to a giant Superworkout today with all the super trainers (I've been a few times now in past years) and decided instead to stream my own workout from our #vrbo instead. When my favorite streaming workout catalog added an entire yoga studio on demand, it changed my travel wellness game because I will get really creative coming up with excuses to not do cardio workouts when traveling 😜 but it's pretty hard to say no to a yummy morning yoga flow 🤸🏼‍♀️

If you become the combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with then these ladies make me more brilliant, beautiful, dedicated, and kind. 🖤 Love my business besties and so grateful to do another Summit together. ✌🏻

We are in full party prep mode at the historic #vrbo (built in 1915!) we rented! My friends and I are hosting the leaders of all five of our teams to a mermaid themed Splash Bash before opening ceremonies here beside our bonkers indoor pool! Being part of a team is such a blessing! My vision for our coach community has always been to build a team of strong-hearted people who truly care about each other and who also are driven and passionate about growing businesses with impact. And four years in, I can say that our team is growing in exactly the way my heart wanted us to! I am so blown away by them daily and I can't wait to see who else jumps in with us and joins our rising tide! Hello dream job! Coach Summit officially starts tonight! 💙

Sometimes I wonder how many years before I'll not feel like an imposter at these fancy recognition parties. Like who let this girl in here?! Do you deal with imposter syndrome? Maybe in a few more years I'll feel like I belong. Till then I'll just keep enjoying the excuse to dress up 😉 #EliteNight #BeachbodyGivesMeWings

Summit doesn't even actually start till tomorrow and already I feel like we've done so much!
✔️ Had a bowling competition
✔️ Ate lunch with friends
✔️ Checked into the convention
✔️ Planned a party for our leaders
✔️ Shopped at the Beachbody Core for goodies
✔️ Worked out twice
✔️ Did some power hours on our laptops
✔️ Got our makeup done
Next up is a quick change for a Masquerade Ball tonight, then we head to the convention center for the VIP Elite welcome and then it's time to put our masks on for the party! Beachbody knows how to keep a girl busy 😜

What's it like to find your people? 🏹 Sometimes it feels like you've known each other for a few lifetimes even though you just met. Sometimes it's that instant acceptance and comfortability with new friends that lets you laugh till you cry and not even feel embarrassed about it. And sometimes it's realizing that you have basically the same exact tattoo. 😂 I love my tribe and I just cannot wait till everyone is here in Nola with me! #coachlife #arrowtribe 👯

Reunited!!!! Our favorite Canadians are here early too!!! @morgan_rieger has become one of my favorite friends and I met her because of coaching. We actually started coaching at the same time in 2013 and she was my very friend friend I made on the first Beachbody trip I went on! We've built our businesses side by side for the last 4 years and have been "success partners" for about 3 of those years. It has been the most incredible thing to grow so close even though we live so far away and get to watch each other hit milestones and tackle challenges. It's so funny how one seemingly small decision can change the course of your whole life. Even if you aren't a coach, if you are building your dreams you should find a success partner who is running the same speed as you and who has similar goals so you can encourage each other along the way! 💕

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