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In the last 4 months he has gone from barely being confident enough to swim more than 3 ft from the shallow end steps, to doing cannonballs in the deep end and asking about free diving. @ucfnate ordered us all these crazy cool snorkels that let you breathe normally and don't fill up with water if you do go under and we all think they are the coolest. I feel like we HAVE to take a trip down to the keys now to snorkel on the reefs this summer. Nate has been asking to do that for a while. Maybe this whole thing was a giant ploy. Well played sir. Well played. 🐠

One step closer to being a mermaid 🐚 or maybe a unicorn 🦄... a mermaid unicorn? Why not.

Impromptu trip to the beach today. Little man has decided that he is no longer terrified of the ocean so that's fun. And slightly terrifying. Didn't eat our body weight in cheddar popcorn so that's a win. Wore a two piece for the first time in a year. #NSV ✌🏻🐚

I've never looked like an athlete. Even at my best shape playing team spots for 5 hours a day in high school I still didn't have muscle definition. My thighs were still thick. I still struggled with my weight. There's a script that runs through my mind that says, "You'll never look fit."
I am lucky because I don't get many "haters" online. I have a super supportive group of friends and followers for which I am eternally grateful but I get bullied every day. By the worst hater of all. My own damn limiting beliefs.
They reared up in this workout. It is hard. I had to stop a bunch of times. And this is one of the shorter workouts from the program! "You're out of shape. Why did you think you could compete on this level?" My mind says to me as I slap one of the targets on the ground and hear @chrisdowningfitness cheer me on from the computer screen.
"Your genetics won't let you ever look like an athlete" my mind continues, "you have an auto immune disease, you'll always be fat and slow and have to modify, you'll never be able to get past it. You are limited, just stop trying so hard. It doesn't matter." My mind goes for the death blow and as tears start to well up mid set I hear Chris shout from the screen, "Every time you hit that marker I want you to say what it's for! Say it! Say "I will be the fittest of my life" and I slap it as hard as I can.
A tear hits the ground next to a drop of sweat. "I will be stronger." *slap!* I move to the other marker, "I will prove my limiting beliefs wrong!" *slap!* 30 more seconds Chris says. "I am not my circumstances! I am my actions!" *slap* My muscles start to burn out as I inch back and forth between the markers, "I will be the fittest and strongest of my life!" TIME! I collapse on the pool deck. My brain finally silent, realizing it couldn't get me to quit. No time for rest it's on to the next move. But when I get up I feel lighter.
Shift Shop launches in July. I'm using this month to get ready. If you join my June challenge group that starts next week you'll get Shift Shop for free when it launches and you can spent June getting your mind and body ready alongside me. 🔥

How I looked for the majority of my workout yesterday getting to try out one of the workouts from Shift Shop which comes out in July. It was challenging and humbling and there were lots of limiting beliefs running through my mind. Trying to sort out my thoughts to share. I might have cried. I've got a video coming soon where I'll share more. Stay tuned. ✌🏻

Man, tire swings have sure come a long way in the last 20 years! When is it my turn, kid? 🍃

Summeerrrrr! (In my best Olaf voice) ⛄️

SUMMER!!!! 👊🏻 When we moved into our house last year it was October. We worked and saved and fought for our vision of having a home on the water and then we moved in right as it got too chilly to swim. 🙈Murphy's law right? Well, yesterday was the last day of school so we are now officially on summer break and ready to enjoy he heck out of our first full summer in #thelittlestonelakehouse 🙌🏻🌴This photo is quite literally my vision from three years ago manifest. 😍 Bring on the memories!!!!!

You know how in Clueless, Cher is all, "I don't rely on mirrors, so I always take polaroids." 😂 Well I don't rely on scales, so I always take progress selfies. 😜
I am almost one month into removing inflammatory foods, cutting sugar and all grains, and upping my healthy fats and I'm feeling like I might have found my soulmate nutrition plan. I have so much more energy, I fall asleep quicker, I wake up feeling happy and alert, my skin stopped breaking out, my sex drive came back, I haven't had one migraine, I'm leaning out, and I feel full and satisfied all day. ✌🏻️ I mean if that isn't the holy grail I don't know what is. I'm excited to finish this month strong and continue tweaking and adjusting to make the most of this lifestyle but so far, I'm digging it!

New moon in Gemini which is all about self reflection and creating new thought pathways. #damnthatsaccurate And lots of other planetary things happening that make us feel all the feelings. Lots of internal junk. I especially loved this insight from @thevoluptuouswitch:
"We want the world to soften our struggle. But it usually doesn't! Not because the world is bad, but because we came here with work to do. We could literally talk about nothing but bad things and technically never be lying, but it doesn't make it useful or purposeful either! Create a new neural pathway by responding to any struggle with LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Today starts and ends with you." 🌑

Needed to get some veggies in today so BIG SALADS it is for dinner! Buffalo bacon (vegan) ranch with avocado and grass-fed cheddar. 👌🏻

That moment when... 😳🙌🏻😍🦄✌🏼️💁🏻
When the co-president of the billion dollar company you are partnered with calls just to ask you about your team, your rockstar coaches, and commend you on the way you're leading from the front... ❤️❤️
This company ya'll. NOTHING better.

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