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If you need me, I’ll be over here drinking enough water to float a ship. ⚓️🤣 Just kidding. But seriously, have you ever challenged yourself to actually drink the water your body needs? Here’s an easy way to figure it out:
1️⃣ Take your body weight in pounds
2️⃣ divide that number by 2
3️⃣ aim to drink that many ounces
I hereby challenge you to do it today! If you wanna take that challenge alongside me drop a 💧emoji in a comment and I’ll follow up with you later to hold you accountable!
Okay enough chit chatting, it may be a holiday week here in the US but my team is launching something that will change so many people’s lives and I’m so excited! I’ve gotta make sure it’s ready to go by Black Friday!!!! If you are a client or coach of mine you are going to be able to have access to it FOR FREE! #wholovesya 💋 Want the details? You’ve gotta be a customer of mine or at the very least have made me your free coach. Message me if you wanna find out how to do that so you can be in the know! 👯💌 #betterbecka

About last night... 🕯✨🌒
I am the kind of person who will forget to eat till 2pm because she’s taking care of everyone and everything else nonstop. Then i get super hangry and crabby and stressed and resentful and start snapping at my family and really it’s my own damn fault for not prioritizing my own basic self care. Anyone else guilty? ✋🏻 I think as moms (and especially as work-from-home-moms) we put ourselves last and push till we break because we want to make sure everything that needs to get done gets done but honestly, that doesn’t help anyone. If we are exhausted and snappy and stretched thin, we aren’t good moms or wives or friends or workers. Prioritizing self care isn’t selfish. In fact, it’s a gift to your job and to your family because it helps you bring them your best self.
I had the most wonderful bath last night with candles and crystals and herbs and a delicious (no dye) bath bomb from @rockymountainrinse. They were kind enough to send this tired newborn Mama a box of goodies and I’m so grateful because it was exactly what i needed! I breathed deeply and got caught up on my abundance class I’m doing with @galadarling and it was just wonderful. More baths are definitely on my to-do list! What’s your favorite self-care ritual? ✨ #BetterBecka

How do you handle “trusting the process”? Ever since I was a kid I’ve hated having to trust in anything but myself. In college when we would get our class syllabus and it would say “group project” I’d groan because i hated my grade being dependent on someone else showing up. I wanted to control, i didn’t want to trust.
I watch it happen all the time in my challenge groups and with my coaches, they commit to a plan or program and give it their all for like two days and if they don’t see immediate traction or results they get frustrated and many throw in the towel. And i tell them “trust the process” which is all fun and games until I’m the one getting that advice! Haha! In our test group i was having a rough day and didn’t plan my meals right and ended up with a headache and cranky and the scale didn’t move and i was starting down that mental road of, “This isn’t going to work. Things like this always work for everyone else and not for me and this is just going to be another example of that.” And in the test group i was told to “trust the process” and i immediately got out my mantras and found some to stop that negative line of thinking in its tracks! ✋🏻 When it comes to changing your lifestyle (especially nutrition-heavy programs) the mental game is usually a bigger challenge than the physical! You’ve GOT to keep your mind positive. You’ve got to know that not ever day will be a progress day and that’s okay. I got my head right and woke up ready to tackle the day! ✨ Then i decided to celebrate by making these pancakes! You’re going to love this recipe from @ilanamuhlsteinrd when this program launches!
Are you someone who is naturally good at “trusting the process” or are you like me and you want to control all the things? ✨ #bodypositivity #postpartumjourney

I’m not sure what’s fuller after that brunch with @amberhumphries and her fam- my stomach or my heart.
We had three kids, one baby, four adults, and lots of fun catching up face to face (since most the time i only get to see her online). There’s something special that happens when you are building businesses side by side that are non-traditional with other women like this, it’s like a whole new level of friendship opens up to where you might only see each other in person a few times a year but you immediately feel comfortable. (Yoga pants on, pretenses gone, lol!) Sharing your deepest goals and encouraging each other on the daily (even though we’re separated by miles) is a friendship builder like no other. Wanna get close to someone? Let them see you struggle and encourage you through it! But you’ve gotta open yourself up to it and be willing to try. Thats the scariest part. It’s so worth it though! I’m so thankful for the strong, creative, brilliant, determined women that this business has brought into my life! 👯🖤 #bffgoals
PS. First time eating at a restaurant on the test group nutrition plan and it was super simple and not at all stressful to find something yummy that was on plan! In case you were wondering. 🙌🏻

When i was in high school I’d hop on the scale every morning, and i let it dictate what i allowed myself to eat that day. I’d subsist on the meat and lettuce from the inside of a sub and Diet Coke. 🙈 I’d do three hours of volleyball practice and eat a granola bar, maybe. Id push the food around my dinner plate. All to appease this tiny machine. In college, I’d hop on the scale and it’s power had grown to not just dictating my food allowances but also my ability to even show up for life. If it said anything different than my imagined perfect number I’d crumple into a pile of self loathing on my bed and refuse to go out with my friends. Social anxiety would cripple me. i was convinced people would be able to tell. It held power over me for years. As an adult I’ve tried to win this war by locking the scale away. Maybe if i place it in solitary confinement it will lose its power. And i step on it and tell myself “that can’t be right” (maybe my tank top weights three pounds?) And i tell myself it’s bogus and pointless and i lock it back up again. And i denied reality.
Part of my participation in the nutrition test group requires tracking my stats so the dietitians can monitor how my body responds. When i first heard it, i felt a twinge inside. I knew that the Universe was giving me another opportunity to (finally) pass this test and move on to the next level in my life. And instead of stepping on the scale with dread i stepped on it with a clear mind and open heart knowing that it is just a feedback loop and nothing more. I’m worthy by default. And so are you. You are worthy of love and belonging just because you are here. Im so honored to be entrusted with this challenge because i want to level up and show you that its possible for you too! Keep following. Im doing this for you! ❤️👯✨ #betterbecka #bodypositivemovement

Thanks for the incredible outpouring of love and #girlifeelya’s on that last post. Putting it out there was so scary but since i did, I’ve felt so much freedom! Like i don’t have to hide anymore and I’ve spoken with so many of you who are going through something similar and it just reminds me so much of how we all NEED each other and to share our stories! Speaking of which....i have BIG NEWS! 🎉
Yesterday I got the green light to share that I was invited to be an official test group participant for a brand new nutrition-based program that is coming out in early 2018! I’ll be getting to work one on one with a registered dietician for the next few weeks and my “job” will be to follow her program to a T so that I can show people what it can do and be able to share my own transformation and experience with all of you. But that’s not even the coolest part... ☺️
I was on a call last night with the RD who designed this program and she was telling us the basics of how it’s going to work and already I feel so FREE. (And nervous, but mostly free, ha!) I’m not allowed to share the specifics (i had to sign an NDA) but I can say that i think this is going to be incredible for people who struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, yo yo dieting, and people who don’t like to workout (like me, ahem, hahaha!). In fact, working out is extra credit on this plan so you’ll probably see my posts shift a bit to more about food and joy-seeking while i go through this experience! I’m so excited. This came at such a perfect time for me and this is such an honor. out of over 400,000 people, only about 50 were selected! 😳 I feel so blessed that i was trusted to take this challenge on and guess what? I’m doing it for YOU! I keep thinking of all of you who reached out to me after my last post and I’m dedicating all my efforts here to you! Because if this really works, i want you to feel confident that if i could do it, you could do it too!!! So, please send me a bit of love and light and good luck wishes. I’ll share as much as I’m legally allowed and most of my thoughts and meals will be up in my IG story so check there if you are interested!
I’m so excited! ✨#BetterBecka

I originally planned on just sharing the photo on the right with a band across it blocking most of me out for privacy. But then i decided that the shame i feel will only grow if it is left in the shadows. By shining light on the fact that I’m just human and that i struggled the last few months to keep my nutrition under control as we transitioned our family into our new life, hopefully i can free someone else out there who feels like hiding. @brenebrown says that “shame is the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging” and i’ve been feeling like I’m unworthy of belonging as an influential and successful wellness grammer because i gained some weight. i realized this the other day. I’m done with shame though. i want to take away its power.
Dr. Brown goes on to say that shame can not survive empathy. It depends on us buying into the belief that we are alone. And i know from talking to thousands of people who are on wellness journeys the last few years that that feeling that “I’m embarrassed because I’m the only person struggling with this” is one that is almost universal. So how do i help if i perpetuate it by hiding my photo until my “after”?
So here is a few pages of my story. I took new “mile marker” photos recently (you can see one on the far right here) because I’m starting a new nutrition plan this week and i want to chronicle my progress! I’m not calling it a “before” photo because as you can see, I’m a long way from my “before” and even though i might not be where i want to be, I’m a long ways from who i was before! 🦋
I hope you know that you are so worth loving. No matter where you are in your story right now. And I’m sure that whatever you’re feeling, someone else could say “girl, i feel ya!” Let’s all take a second to pull back the curtain and let someone see us as we really are today. 🖤
#gratefulforthejourney #bodypositve

I know there's work to be done (my team is about to launch the biggest and most community-serving thing we’ve ever done! 🙌🏻 Stay tuned!), but on Fridays, it just seems wrong not to take a quick break to enjoy the fresh air with some gal pals from #wonderlandadventures. All I need is a lake and my @bogayoga and I'm in the middle of my own mid-day vacay! (Except it was so windy 🌬 today that it felt more like my own personal shoulder training session than a vacation! Ha! #feeltheburn) Extra grateful for a career that encourages these types of field trips and gives me the flexibility to make my own schedule. (Seriously why are you not coaching yet too?! Application link in my bio and I’ll train ya!) 🏹 What do you do to take those mini mental vacations?
📷: @amandasmerge

I’ve been struggling to shut up the negative voices in my head this week you guys. 💆🏼Yeah coaches struggle- we’re just people. Nothing fancy. (That’s why you could do it too!) Words like “failure”, “gross”, “embarrassment” are floating through my mind. If you watched my stories the other day you heard me get really vulnerable about how i lost 70 pounds from home and then let 20 of those little bad boys creep back on. It’s such a weird feeling because I have the tools. i know they work. i know what to do. And yet, i still got complacent. i let myself focus on other people instead of on myself, i let my life’s stresses overwhelm me, and i veered off track.
i heard this quote that was a total 💡 moment: “KNOWLEDGE ISN’T POWER, EXECUTION IS POWER”. And there it is. 🙌🏻 It’s not enough for us to know the steps. We have to walk them. And this is true in so many challenges we take on whether it’s building a business or getting healthy or getting out of debt or whatever! 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️
Why am i sharing this? i usually like to keep my feed inspiring but i think it’s important to see the journey 👣 and not just the victory. 🏆 Because I’m about to go H.A.M. and you’re gonna see the victory soon but I want you to know that it didn’t happen because i was lucky or because i was perfect or because i had some sort of upper hand that you don’t have access to. 🚫 i want you know see the struggle so you can feel less alone and know that the victory is real. Luckily, it’s my job to continuously stay healthy and to pick myself up when i fall. 💛 i mean, how crazy is that? Maybe you should try it. Maybe if your job was on the line you’d finally drop the limiting beliefs and excuses and you’d make shit happen too. Just a thought. 🤔💁🏼 look, I’m not here to baby you. You’ve got it inside you too. Maybe you just need that extra pressure. I know I would have given up in month two of my journey had I not have signed up as a coach from the start. Talk about accountability! 👯❤️ K, I’m done for now. Thanks for listening. I hope you’ll cheer me on! Time for me to go crank some jams and be #betterbecka
On repeat today:
“One Shot” - by Eminem 🎧

I'm HOME! (Well, technically I was home yesterday morning super early because I took a redeye from Vegas but I take Sundays off from social media so I couldn't tell you that till now! 🙃) What a whirwind trip! I spent yesterday having some quality family time and now I'm trying to organize all my thoughts and ideas and excitement from the trip! Getting to spend face time with all the company's top leaders and my best friends is so soul-filling! This year was unlike any of the past years I've attended and the vibe was so cool. 💛 It really felt like everyone was locking arms and running together toward really big things! 4 years into this coaching thing and I'm not sure I've ever felt this excited about an upcoming year. ✨ Seriously, if you've been wondering about this, you need to DM me right now so we can talk, there's a way for you to join no matter what pace you might want to take! 🏹 I digress...
I knew that I needed to get my thoughts organized so I decided to make a November goals list an share it with you for accountability! It's up on my coaching blog (link in profile) if you wanna see what I'm committing to this month! 📖 One of my goals is to finish reading "Eleven Rings" by Phil Jackson. I heard his interview with Oprah on her podcast, Super Soul Sessions, and it was so interesting that I just had to go get the book! If you're in need of a good podcast go check that one out! 😘

It’s easy to see the beauty of life moving through seasons outside our windows. But it isn’t always so simple when we see those patterns occurring in our own lives. Maybe right now is not your springtime, but there’s so much beauty in believing that it’s just on the other side! Trust the fall. 🍂
I’m still here in it, are you? What do you need to let die so you can start to bloom again?

Someone pleeeaassseeee open one of these near my house so I can be your number one customer! 😆🙏🏻

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