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B E C K A R O B I N S O N πŸ¦‹  β‡Έ 70lbs lost from home β‡Ή Helping women to TRANSFORM their lives from the inside out since 2013! β‡Ί Mama to 2 β‡Ό Building a sisterhood ⇻ Lets connect ↓


Dear friend, I wish I could help you see that you don't have to feel alone. That all those thoughts that dance in your head about what you might one day be or could one day do are absolutely possible. That the little voices of doubt that won't shut up in your head are wrong. They are trying to keep you powerless. They are trying to keep you small. They know the incredible impact you could have on the world and they want to keep you chained down. Imagine all that you could do if you freed up the headspace you currently give to your worry, anxiety, and self doubt. If you stopped constantly worrying about that roll of belly fat and instead started to worry about how to change the world around you? Imagine if you started to see yourself as the Universe does... as radiant light, not scarred skin and an imperfect nose. You are so much more than the limits you see. You have so much more to accomplish in life than losing those 5 pounds. You are brilliant and creative and passionate and a well of stories that can help others if you'd allow yourself to be tapped into. Let a little bit of your light out today. You might be surprised by how beautiful it is. 🌈✨

PROGRESS | I've seen so much progress recently you guys. And it's not because of some magical new workout program or diet, it's because I've been taking the time each morning to get my mind in the right place. ❀️ You are invited to join me for my October "Scary Happy" accountability group. I'll be walking you through the Daily Mantra book I've been using every day and loving so much. We'll be focused on fueling our body well and moving a little bit most days of the week. This is going to be my last fitness challenge of the year as I'll be focused on nutrition and emotional support in November and December. So if you wanna work out with me before January, now is your time! Also if you've been feeling negative, worried, and stressed, this is the group for you! If you are new to working with me and you get started with me by ordering your kit I'll even gift you a copy of the book you've seen me posting so much about in my story! πŸ’• Drop an emoji below if you want me to reach out to you or DM me and let's get you plugged in!

Mondays call for extra pretty smoothie bowls. 🌸

#thegoodlist | peppermint mocha creamer, clean laundry, Christmas stuff popping up in shops, Florida breezes that feel like fall, and serious health progress in the last four weeks!
I'm giving away five copies of the Daily Mantras book I've been using. Head to my story to read how to get one!

Happier than a bird with a French Fry 🐦🍟 (dang it, now I want French fries!) today because I get to share in an intimate group on FB about my story of going from a frazzled, overweight, lonely, artist and woman who had lost herself to completely changing careers, losing 70 pounds, building financial freedom for my family, and finding myself again. πŸ›πŸ¦‹ If you wanna come join me click on the link in my profile and then click on the top button! Feel free to pop in all afternoon open house style or come and join me live tonight! πŸ‘―

Missing our pretty little RV. Our next trip isn't scheduled until December but I'm already dreaming of crisp air, brown leaves, and steamy coffee on cold mornings. Any guesses where we are headed? πŸ‚

A few of my local coaches met up with me today to do a crazy timed circuit workout led by @thekickinkid and I don't mean to brag, but we ran the leaderboard coming in 1st through 4th place! I posted the workout in my IG story if you wanna try it! #notcompetitiveatall #arrowgirlstothefront! #youcansweatwithus πŸ†πŸΉ

"She's got that whole earth-goddess, warrior princess, save the world vibe" 🐯 At least that's what I keep telling myself to get through this sleepless newborn phase. Gonna press play on my workout so I can keep up with my inspiring September challengers. Goodness I'm grateful for this community. And for pre-workout. πŸ™ˆ #sendcoffee #thistooshallpass

New Moon vibes 🌚
a ritual you can do to help you focus on the positive things you want to accomplish is on my personal blog today. link in profile. #theuniversehasyourback

It might still be 90 degrees outside but tomorrow is the first official day of fall so... πŸŽƒπŸ‚ #thelittlestonelakehouse

"I'll leave you with this: there will be times when standing alone feels too hard, too scary, and we'll doubt our ability to make it through the uncertainty. Someone somewhere will say, 'Don't do it. You don't have what it takes to survive the wilderness.' This is when you reach deep into your wild heart, and remind yourself, "I AM THE WILDERNESS." β€’ BrenΓ© Brown @brenebrown

Sassy people online be like... "I prefer to actually EAT my food, not drink it" when they are hesitant to try my killer smoothie recipes and I'm over here like, "Yeah I'd totally rather eat a bowl of fruit and vegetables instead of this strawberry #dolewhip milkshake tasting smoothie too." πŸ™„ #milkshakesorgtfo #drinkyourvitamins

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