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B⃟E⃟C⃟K⃟A⃟ R⃟O⃟B⃟I⃟N⃟S⃟O⃟N⃟  BIG DREAMER • BIGGER DOER From frazzled photog to full time wellness entrepreneur. A story of self love, auto-immune, & big goals! April challenge 👇🏻

My husband told me that every time he tells someone that I'm shy they laugh and don't believe him. So I thought I'd share some things about me you might not know if you only know me on social media and not in real life. 😜
1️⃣ I'm super introverted which makes me quiet and shy in big groups of people. I LOVE small groups of people and deep conversations.
2️⃣ I simultaneously love exploring new places and also being a complete homebody. Haha.
3️⃣ I hate conflict and will most the times smile and swallow my emotions to keep the peace (except with my husband! 😂)
4️⃣ Most people assume I'm a social butterfly because over the years I've learned how to "turn it on" when I need to 😜 (shhh! Don't tell my secret!)
5️⃣ I love junk food like pizza, Doritos, and ice cream and if I could find a way to live off of them and still be healthy I would
6️⃣ I'm crazy driven. Like work till 4am driven. Always have been.
7️⃣ I LOVE musicals.
8️⃣ I'm super short. I'm barely 5'2
9️⃣ I'm actually pretty private with my life. Contrary to what it might feel like on social media. Haha.
🔟 I'm very sensitive and I get my feelings hurt easily. Running my career on social media has helped me develop a thicker skin but I still struggle to let mean comments roll off my back.
So there you go! Some things you might not know about me. Now tell me something in a comment that I might not know about you! 💕

"How does one become a butterfly?" She asked pensively. "You must want to fly SO much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar." - Barbara Stanny // Yesterday we took to the springs. Today it's back to work helping people change their lives. Happy Monday! 🐛🦋

Vacation bloat in full effect. Sending out a missing persons report on my abs! 😂 This is what happens when a #hashimotos girl drinks wine and rum and eats lots of sugar and gf bread at Disney. When will I ever learn? 🙈🙄 I've got a month till our Dominican Republic vacation and it's now officially go time. 🌴👙 Nothing between then and now except a month of mastering my nutrition and workouts. I'll be sharing here for anyone who wants to follow along. 👀 Been working on my mindset recently too. 💭 I've noticed that when I am not constantly making forward progress I start to get really down on myself but there's lessons in enjoying each step of the path. Unlocking some 💩 that's stuck in my thoughts in my personal development which is such a big part of getting to our goals. If you aren't working on your mindset I highly suggest you start with a book called The Slight Edge. 📚 Changed my life! This is a big year in my life and I am constantly battling wanting to be at every finish line instead of still in the journey. Anyone feel me? ✋🏻 So here's my accountability post that I'm working this month on mastering my mindset, dialing in my nutrition, and focusing on being here now instead of having my head up in the clouds of future plans. Patience is not one of my natural strengths. I got my food back on track starting yesterday so this is day 2/30. ✔️ Pushing play on #piyo sweat out in the sun and making a recovery smoothie right after. Let's do the damn thing. 👊🏻✨

I did it y'all . 🍍🍦 I made homemade Dole Whip. And it's amazing. @ucfnate and little man both said it tastes just like what we had at the park. Just 5 ingredients. Nailed it on the first try! If you want me to post the recipe on my blog drop an emoji comment below or trouble tap this post so I know you're interested. Excuse me while I shovel this into my face before it melts 😜#dolewhip

Resort fitness center + streaming Piyo off my phone + 20 minutes = goals maintained. Didn't even use data because there's free wifi in here. No need to overcomplicate things. No need to kill yourself arbitrarily on a treadmill. ✌🏻

My travel non-negotiable. 🙌🏻 When I travel I don't blend my smoothies I just shake them up. It's so easy you guys. People ask me about it assuming it's hard to take shakeology with them but it's so simple! I just bring my packets and my shaker cup and then look for a little coffee shop or cafe where I can get ice water and maybe some almond or coconut milk. Then I shake shake shake. I fill my cup half with water and then half with ice and then add a little bit of almond milk if I can find it. The ice helps mix it all up so you don't even need the shaker ball things. Meals when traveling can be tricky so at least I know I am getting one solid nutrition choice a day. Off to the Magic Kingdom! ✌🏻

Vacation day 2... I missed my workout window in the morning so I'm going to have to fit it in later but I did get to wake up, go out onto our patio, and watch the giraffes! I brought an art kit so little man and I could sketch what we see 🦁

File this under "things that I don't hate" . Breaking in my new bathing suit (see it in my story) and resolving to do a cleanse in April before our Caribbean vacation. Isn't it funny how the Universe tests you? Like my biggest battle has been my own mind and the way I talk to myself about myself. I said that I wanted to get more confident and teach others how to do the same. Then the Universe decided to lead me into a profession where I'm basically by the pool at least a few times a year in a bathing suit with all my peers. Haha. What better way to force me to walk my talk right?! 😜🏝

DIsney staycation going down in 3...2...1.... (any must see must do recommendations for us???)

Afternoon snack 👌🏼
Chocolate dipped banana and caramel smoothie. OMG you guys. Totally hit the spot for something decadent and summery. ☀️🍌Head to my story for the recipe! It's already 85 here in Central Florida so don't be surprised if you see me start adding coconut to everything soon. 😂🏝 #summeriscoming

It's spring break over here so we decided to have a picnic in the backyard because the weather has been amazing! ☀️We ate fruit and subs (by the way- I discovered today the Publix has gluten free wraps for subs! Game changer!!!) and watched a bunch of bees popping around the wildflowers in our backyard. I've been researching bee keeping and bee friendly flowers and gardens and just feeling more and more in love with nature recently. Maybe it's because it's the first week of spring! For now I'm off to go take a few phone calls with some of my coaches and then do some Piyo out by the pool. I might as well work on my tan while I work on my peaches. 🍑😜🙌🏻

We got crafty this morning making a birthday present for Mimaw! This was Bubs' idea and I'm a little obsessed with how it turned out. To see it in her garden check out my IG story. 🌱

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